Thursday, December 06, 2007

Another Letter to President Pork Pie

Dear President Pork Pie,

I watched your press conference Tuesday. I sat and listened to you lie out your ass concerning Iran. I just have to ask you, sir, DO YOU ACTUALLY THINK WE'RE ALL THAT FUCKING STUPID???!!!!!

Oh My GOD!!!! Where do I even start?!!! Alright! Let's start at the point when on the same day you were told that Mike McConnell came to you on August, and told you that he had some new information, but you didn't know what it was. Then the very next day, The White House states through Dana Perino that McConnell told you that the new information might cause the intelligence community to change it's assessments of Iran's nuclear program, and you still kept up the hawkish rhetoric, knowing the whole time it was patently false!

Your reasoning for the lie? "Nobody told me"!!!!!!!!!

Holy SHIT!!!!! You mean that after running on a platform of "bringing honesty back to The Presidency", someone actually has to tell you NOT TO LIE TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE! YAAAAAARRRGGGGHHHH!!!!!!!!

Do you even think about this shit before you say it? Do you ever actually listen to yourself ? Damn it, man Fox News can't even spin this shit and make it believable!

When Rupert Murdoch pretty much says "Well--Yep--I guess he lied about Iran!", you have royally and richly FUCKED UP!!!!!

And you know what the scary part is? You know what just blows my fucking mind? NOBODY SEEMS TO GIVE A FUCK EXCEPT TOM DEGAN, KEITH OLBERMANN, AND ME!!!!

Oh FUCK!!! It's like information overload! Bush lied again! Big hairy fucking deal! It's like leading the newscast off with, "The Atlantic Ocean is full of salt water!" It swerves right past "Duh" and skids into "Like no shit!" It's so much to be expected, nobody notices! We all know that when a microphone is in front of your face to expect comedy, fantasy, or a combination of the two!

Now you tell us that Iran has the knowledge to build an nuclear bomb? Guess what? I Googled "Method for constructing a nuclear bomb" Guess what? 24,500 hits!!!!! The fact that you're worried about "the terrists getting knowledge" that I can pull up on Google and get 24,500 hits is high comedy! The "Terrists" already have this knowledge! Any first year physics student has this knowledge! GIVE IT UP!!!

YOU'RE A FUCKING LIAR!!!!! I know it, The American People know it!!! THE WORLD AT LARGE KNOWS IT!!!
YOU, sir have the credibility of street hustler! You're busted!!

Why don't you do us, and the rest of the world a favor, and sit on your ass until next January, AND SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!!

Do you even get it? Do you know the whole world is laughing their asses off behind your back! SHUT THE FUCK UP ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

A Blight on America's Soul

"Look, every time you go out to that mailbox and get your disability check, it tells you you're sick.",James Blake Miller, The "Marlboro Marine".

Before we get into this any further, I just want to say a quick thank you to Los Angeles Times Photographer Luis Sinco. Thank God for you sir, and thank God for EVERY journalist, who stands up for what is right, no matter what "The Rules" say. If there were more more Luis Sincos in this world, then maybe, just maybe there would be fewer Blake Millers!

You took it upon yourself to reach out to a soul drowning in despair and pulled him, if not to shore, at least to the shallows.

Of all the people that had the power to help when your wife called you with those fateful words, "Your boy is on TV. He has PTSD. They kicked him out the Marines." You stood, and leaped into the fray like a true warrior. You picked Blake Miller up, threw him across your shoulders, and you carried him to the LZ. You would not leave him wounded and forgotten. Of all those who had the power to help, only you did!

No one in the hallowed halls of Congress would help! Better that Haliburton, and Blackwater should be obscenely funded than funds be alloted for our damaged soldiers be treated! Oh they listened politely enough, or sent aides to inform this wounded warrior they didn't have time to meet, but no one would take up his cause!

PTSD is a scarey thing! To be avoided at all costs! Thank him for his service. Hang some pretty medals on him for the "Photo Op", and kick him out the door!

How much better it is, to put our wounded in some vermin-ridden room in "Walter Reed" where "We the People" won't have to see what the REAL price of President Pork Pie's misadventure REALLY is! And for God's sake don't let the High School kids see them before the youthfull cannon fodder turn up at the recruiters office! But Blake Miller wasn't even to get that much!

To the Marine Corps, Miller was damaged goods. Easier to boot him out on a "Medical Under Honorable" than to make any attempt to fix what had been done to this young man's mind and soul, in the service of this country! SOOOO much easier to send him home with a $2500.00 a month disability check, as a band-aid for his bullet wound, and wait for the bottle to finish what the battle had started! A sad, sad story that would be repeated many times in many different towns in this country when one third of the bravest, and best, come home broken and bleeding from wounds nobody can see! Trapped by horrors in their own minds that all the whisky ever distilled, and all the drugs ever made will never erase!

Now, as we speak the Veterans Administration is trying to weasle out of the promises made to our soldiers! They're actually stating in open court that Veterans have no right to medical care, and furthermore have no right to expect any!!!!!

An attorney for The Veteran's Administration stated "The scope of VA's mandate only reaches only 'to the extent and in the amount provided in advance in appropriations Acts for these purposes' [and] creates no such expectations [that veterans are entitled to care]."!!

That's right kids! Your recruiters are all lying out their asses! Believe it!!!!

War is a terrible thing, and it's NEVER to be entered in the slack-assed, "Sic 'em, boys" fashion that President Pork Pie has! Based on lies and scraps of questionable intell we will pay the price for this war with our broken and damaged youth! Young people with thousand yard stares, and spirits shattered by experiences most of you can't even imagine!

And now The VA wants to cut them adrift to sink in a sea of despair. They deserve better!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Rest in peace, Robin. Rest in Peace.

Today I got an email from Montana Freeman. It was bad news. Robin Prosser, fellow medical marijuana activist, concert pianist, and brave soldier for over a quarter century against the agonizing pain of an immunosuppressive disease that cause her body to attack itself, finally gave up the fight.

Denied the medicine that would have treated her condition by the DEA whose Rocky Mountain Field Agent stated that the heartless act of seizing her medicine was "protecting people from their own state laws"! Until broken and racked by pain, she took her own life on October 18, 2007. (A day that truly deserves to live in infamy!). She was fifty years old at the time of her death.

In the last blog I ended with a quote from Samuel Adams that rings truer today than it did when Former President Adams spoke it over two hundred years ago! It should be put at the bottom of EVERY letter to EVERY Congressional Representative, and Senator sent!

The Religious Right isn't the only side that can drag up "The Founding Fathers" to throw weight to the argument! Only in our case it's THE TRUTH!!! Not some cooked up bullshit like the statement about all the "pastors" signing the "Declaration of Independence", when there was but one!

The fight for Medical Marijuana is not a new one for me. I've been fighting for it since my mother died of cancer in 1987. Seventy five percent of The American Public stands beside me on this issue, but the "Rethuglicans", and their strange ideology that declares them to be the moral compass of the nation, stand in the way of ANY sort of laws to protect the sick and dying from the jack-booted Brownshirts of The DEA!

It's WAY past time to bring this out in the open! MPP, NORML, and other organizations are doing one hell of a job of it, but they need more support from the American People! It's time to make medical marijuana a hot-button issue in this election, and to make sure the candidates know the American People are behind us on this! Drag out the facts, and let the SEE what is happening!

I call on EVERYBODY who goes to a political rally where John McCain is speaking, to make signs that say: "Robin Prosser. 1957-2007. Medical Marijuana Patient killed by DEA actions!"

McCain says he's never heard of an instance where a medical marijuana patient has been harmed in any way by The DEA! STICK ROBIN'S NAME IN HIS FACE!!!! LET HIS BULLSHIT BITE HIM ON THE ASS!!!!!

Don't stop with McCain, either! DRAG THIS ISSUE OUT INTO THE STREETS!!!!! PUT IT IN THE FOREFRONT!!!! Don't let ANY candidate sweep it under the rug! Ask EVERY candidate whether he or she will support a law to allow access to medical marijuana! DEMAND TO ANSWERED, AND DON'T TAKE SOME MEALLY-MOUTHED DOUBLE SPEAK!! YES OR NO!!! The worse they can do is drag you off! If they do, go quietly, and move on to the NEXT candidate! (That's what I do!) Make yourself a ROYAL pain in the ass! You've got a voice!! USE IT!!!!!! You only lose when you give up!! DON"T GIVE UP!!!! Get all the people around you that will stand with you, and STAND TOGETHER!!!!! If they have to bring out the "Brownshirts" to try and silence you, then you're getting close to winning!!! Sooner or later, they'll have to give this dumb shit up, and it might as well be now! We've got Congressional Representatives, and Senators on our side! It's time to get more!

Oh Yea! By the way!! Heath Shueler? I voted for you! I campained for you! I stood as one of your many supporters! I helped you get rid of "Chainsaw Charley Taylor" What did you do with all that support? You voted against allowing seriously sick people access to medical marijuana! Next election, I WON"T FORGET THAT!!!!

Friday, October 26, 2007

Big Brother is STILL Watching You!!

"As nightfall does not come at once, neither does oppression. In both instances, there is a twilight when everything remains seemingly unchanged. And it is in this twilight that we all must be most aware of the change that is in the air - no matter how slight - lest we become unwitting victims of the darkness"
--Justice William O Douglas.

I can't think of a better way to start this post than with the words of Justice Douglas. If we were ever in the twilight it's now!

President Pork Pie is aspiring to what can only be termed as the powers of a kingship! Seeking to go delving into any body's private matters with no judicial oversight, or for that matter any over sight of any kind! And now we are informed that these powers he seeks were not the result of 9/11 as even the most angry of his denouncers have accepted, but were in truth in the works months before! Even "The Patriot Act" was in the works long before 9/11 was even an issue!

The fact that 9/11 was known about in the planning stages by the government long before the first plane flew is a subject that has been proven. I will not go into it here. There are reams of conspiracy theories on the web concerning the World Trade Center. So many in fact that the water is so muddy now that we may never find the truth about who did what, and when. In fact, I seriously doubt that even if the truth was produced with incontrovertible evidence to support the facts, nobody would believe it! Disinformation, wild speculation hyperbole, and conjecture has done more to hide the truth than any shadowy government agency ever could! Whatever happened on 9/11/2001 happened! We cannot go back and fix it now! Nothing will bring back those 3000 souls. No act can ever undo the horror of that day.

Freedon however is being steadily gnawed away by President Pork Pie, and Darth Cheney! it isn't because of 9/11 that our civil rights are in peril! They've been eaten away by "The War on Drugs" for decades! Every time I hear some Brownshirt wannabee whining about how they need "more tools against the drug dealers" I want to PUKE!!!

Now don't get me wrong! I don't hate police officers! We couldn't sleep safe in our beds without them! It isn't the fault of the police! They have a shit job to do, and I wouldn't have it for all the gold in the country! I can understand their frustration! They've been given the job of bailing out the ocean with a bucket, and handed shit from every corner when they find that they can't do it! No wonder they go snakeshit every once in a while! You would to if you had to do what they do! It isn't the police that I'm pissed off about! It's the drug laws themselves! It's the ridiculous notion that we can fight a war against a concept, or a state of being! The police have the unenviable task of being the face of that law! Why the fuck is it completely legal to go to a grocery store, and score the hooch of your chosing (if you're 21), yet it's illegal to smoke a joint?

Every day muderers, theives, and rapists are turned out onto the streets to make more room in the prison system for people who have done nothing worse than cop a buzz, or help somebody else cop one! America has more people in prison per capita, than any other country in the world!

Every day children come to fear and hate police officers that children used to look up to because Mom and Dad burn a joint once in a while! D.A.R.E. has become one of the biggest joke in the nation! ("Hey dad! Guess what happened today in school today? Ten cops came and taught us how to make a bong!!!") Resource officers give the kids a great leg up on how to avoid the cops, and hide their stash!

The Patriot Act is just another brick in a grim and monstrous wall between the American People and the Constitution. It's a job started by "The War on Drugs" and getting a huge boost by "The War on Terror", and nobody seems to get it! As long as there's something as misguided as "The War on Drugs", WE DON"T HAVE ANY RIGHTS!! When the police can come and kick your door down because you smoke a green weed, WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOUR RIGHTS!!!

Right now, as we speak, terminally ill people are being denied the only substance that gives them any relief, because the DEA says "It sends the wrong message to the children" If this country has slid so far backwards that the sick and dying are left to die in agony because of an ideology that even it's most strident supporters admit has not one chance in hell of succeeding, then there is no wronger message that can be sent! If you can't keep drugs out of the prisons, then how the fuck can you keep them out of the schools!

And for the anti marijauna, anti hemp crowd out there that's scared that hemp will replace the pulpwood chipper, oil well, and cotton field as the source of fiber, plastic, and paper in this country, I will leave you with the words of Samuel Adams:

"If ye love wealth more than liberty, the tranquility of servitude greater than the animating contest for freedom, go home from us in peace. We seek not your council, nor your arms. Crouch down and lick the hand that feeds you; and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen." -- Samuel Adams

Friday, October 05, 2007

Help!! We're Being Fucked By an Elephant!!!!

Well! Yesterday, we all got a chance to see the new logo for the Republican Party Convention. It's a blue elephant with stars for eyes, and racing stripes, (no shit, people! RACING STRIPES!!!), standing on it's hind legs, with it's trunk raised.

Having been a carny at one time in my long ride on this spinning ball of mud, I happen to know that the only time an elephant stands on it's hind legs is when it's having sex, and even then, it's the male elephant that does the two legged two step.

The message here is clear, "We're gonna fuck ya blue! We're gonna fuck ya FAST! Were gonna fuck ya deep! And we got stars in our eyes!"

Now if any doubt as to who's going to get the big dick, let's take a look at the hearings held by The Senate Democratic Policy Committee in Washington last Friday, (just in time for the Friday news dump). The hearings were entitled "the Mistreatment of Iraq Contracting Whistle blowers". One of the more disturbing findings of this committee was that for every six dollars that went to the contractors in Iraq one was pinched! Pinched to the tune of TEN BILLION DOLLARS!!! It seems like this should be a newsworthy item, but like so many others, (inconvenient to President Pork Pie, and Darth Cheney), it was under-reported at best, or totally ignored by the MSM!

Oh and it just gets worse from here! It seems that Navy Veteran Donald Vance, (while working for contractor "The Shield Group Security Company") noticed that The Shield Group had a handy bit of enterprise going on! Seems like they were selling assault rifles, pistols, rocket launchers, and land mines to Iraqi insurgents, US military personnel, State Department personnel, and personnel from The Iraqi Embassy, and Ministry! Shield Group was "Weapons Are Us" of Baghdad!!!

Mr. Vance took a great deal of exception to this practice, and reported it to an FBI agent, while on a trip back home to Chicago. The agent set up a reporting system for Vance, and he weekly reported through emails, and telephone to the agent describing the illegal activities he had witnessed until he became increasingly uncomfortable at the facility, and resigned. His documentation was taken by the company, and he and a Mr. Ertyl contacted the Us Embassy, and a military rescue team rushed to the rescue on April 15. Did he get a pat on the back with a hail and hearty "Well done?" NO!!!!! Right before dawn on April 16, 2006 he was awoken, his wrists zip-tied, and made to wear goggles with duct tape over the lenses. He was then taken to Camp Cropper, and thrown into a cell in the infamous "Compound 5" where Saddam Husein had been held.

What followed was 97 days of intense questioning, sleep deprivation, and physical, and psychological torture! It wasn't until he was finally allowed to contact his fiance, and the story started to see the light of day that Vance, (and fellow American detainee Nathan Ertyl) were released. Ertyl had been declared, "An innocent civilian" on May 7 by the Camp Board, yet it was eighteen days before he was released.

Vance however would remain interred until July 20. This is how whistle blowers are treated by the US Military Tribunals that still say they are not a criminal court, so representation by an attorney is not allowed. Whistle blowers get this kind of treatment, but Blackwater, darling of the radical right-wing element in the United States gets Carde Blanche to do whatever they want, to whoever they want.

It's time for some shit to change, and we can't wait until the next election to change it! I just wrote every Congressman, and Senator in my district about this, and I suggest everybody that reads this do the same! Let 'em know we're pissed! Let 'em know we put 'em in there, and we will turn them out if they don't start doing the right thing!

Otherwise, I'd suggest a BIG jar of Vaseline!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

How Running Through The ORCHARD With A BENT SPEAR and an EMPTY QUIVER Can Put You In CHECKMATE at the PINNACLE

HOLY SHIT!!!! THREE POST IN A MONTH!!!! It must be some kind of a miracle! Well it's not! I know I've not been around for a while, and now I will make an account of myself!

I've just been covered up with "Honey do" projects by my dear wife, Hazel, and a vast steaming pile of bullshit, and mind fucks from all manner of institutions ranging from, but not limited to, The United States Government, my ISP, and my bank, who I have suddenly discovered, no longer have the ability to count money, do simple arithmetic, or even read a calendar!

These things have lead to long sessions of wood-chopping, and home improvement projects which I've found to be a great mental enema. The results have been, enough firewood for this winter, and half of the next, and what started out to be a simple entertainment wall is now eight feet high, thirty feet long, and contains a computer work-station, two windows, and two fifty-five gallon aquariums, two huge stereo speakers, with attached stereo, television, video game consoles, video game, CD, and DVD library, along with several massive book cases, big enough to hold all the books I have, (as well as all the ones I wish I had!), and "nick nack" shelves for my wife that will handily hold all the "nick nacks" in Saluda, and probably all of Polk County!

Because of these endeavors, (and the use of a certain controlled substance), the local newspaper did not contain the phrases "crazed hippy" or "dead bankers" in the headlines!

Neither was expensive ammunition wasted on those who are hardly worth the expense! I learned a long time ago that God's ability to create assholes will never be overcome by Man's ability to manufacture ammunition! I know it sucks, but that's life, and I've learned to deal with it!

Now! To the meat of the matter!

Frequent reader and commenter Wilma Lamb mentioned the peculiar flight of six AGM-129 Advanced Cruise Missiles armed with W-80-1 nuclear warheads went for an unscheduled trip from Minot Air Force Base in North Dakota to Barksdale Air Force Base in Louisiana on August 30 2007.

The Washington Post article that came out on September 23 2007 about this strange flight, made a lame attempt to explain away the rather grim fact that the entire American nuclear command and control system suddenly fucked up in an alarming manner, by reporting that the whole sad scenario resulted from "security failures at multiple levels". That cover story is utter and complete BULLSHIT!!!

I know a little about the way the US Military moves and stores nuclear armaments, and on it's WORST day it could NEVER happen! Nope! Not now, not EVER!!!! There are just too many controls, and checks in place to allow it! The movement of ANY nuclear device is so safe-guarded that if someone actually did screw up so badly that one was removed from its storage place, the Armament Officer (who lists by weight any and all ordinance being loaded/unloaded onto, or off of ANY aircraft assigned to the base), would have caught it, unless he had EXPRESS orders not to! No way Jose!!! There's no way in Hell!!!

What the BENT SPEAR story in The Washington Times probably was was an attempt, (alibied a very bad one), at damage control for The Bush Administration, and like all attempts at damage control by The Bush Administration, it just doesn't pass the sniff test!

What really happened (according to military sources), was that a revolt and push back by various echelons of The United States Air Force, and intelligence agencies prevented an attack on Iran with nuclear, and conventional ordinance! And worse still, Military sources have further informed Wayne Madsen, (of the Wane Madsen Report), that one of those nukes was, and maybe still is MISSING!!!! That's right people! An honest-to-God lose nuke, and NOBODY knew shit about where it was, or where was going! And worse yet, it could still be missing! Nobody knows, and if they do, nobody's saying! If that's the case, then we've shot right past BENT SPEAR, and flown into EMPTY QUIVER, special classification PINNACLE!!! That would bring about all manner of activity on the part of the military. So far, nothing! No stand down orders. Now leave suspensions. No lock downs. Nothing!

This Advanced Cruise Missile with it's attached W-80-1 nuclear warhead is one seriously NASTY piece of ordinance! Think of all the false flag/black bag scenarios that could play out with THAT little piece of plunder in play! Ya scared yet? Oh it gets worse, people! MUCH WORSE!!!

In a new Newsweek article, Vice President Cheney's out going Middle East Advisor, David Wormser told a small group of advisers that Darth Cheney had been working with Israel to get them to launch an air strike on Iran's nuclear facilities at Nantz. Darth Cheney figured that the resulting retaliatory Iranian action would give The United States the perfect excuse to launch an air strike with nuclear, and conventional ordinance on Iran. However it seems that the plans got changed and Israel instead attacked a supposed Syrian/Iranian/North Korean nuclear facility in Northern Syria.

This attack was scheduled to happen on September 6 to coincide with the Israeli attack on Syria. Unfortunately for Darth Cheney, and the Neocons, wiser heads prevailed, and the B-52 and it's cargo of Advanced Cruise Missiles stayed in Barksdale, and the elaborate cover story was concocted when the press was informed of the plane's presence and it's cargo! Since Barksdale is in fact the main depot, and launching point for US assets to The Middle East, the planes presence there gives credence to this story!

Further information states that that same B-52 bomber was definitely connected with The Pentagon's highly classified OPERATION CHECKMATE which is a compartmented US Air Force program, working on a plan of attack on Iran since June of 2007 after OPERATION BITE failed to get off the ground in April. Oddly enough that was when Darth Cheney was working on the US/Israeli joint force attack.

I will have more on this story as soon as I finish fact checking everything.

I'ld like to thank Murph and Freeacre for turning me on to Wayne Madsen, and Wane Madsen, for turning me on to this material! This story isn't over by a damned sight! Bush and Cheney want Iran so bad they can taste it! Fortunately they know that they can't attack without a damned good reason and have any standing within the global community. This time they got shot down by people in the US Air Force who had the courage to stand up and say "NO"!

Thank God SOMEBODY has the balls to stand up to this administration!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Dollars and Sense

Yea, I know! The tittle is a cornball pun that's so worn out it's pathetic! When Moses was young, it was old! The only reason I drug this tired old saw out, dusted it off, filed it sharp, oiled it up, and sent it singing at President Pork Pie, is that I couldn't come up with any better tittle for this post! Nothing else fit so well!!!! So save your slings and arrows until you read it!

According to the best low-ball estimate, By Joseph Stiglitz, (Nobel Prize winner in economics), President Pork Pie has blown the shit out of a trillion dollars in Iraq. That's ONE TRILLION!!!!

His moderate estimate is TWO TRILLION!!!!

Lets just take a minute here and find out just how many a trillion is! Let's say you have a trillion dollar bills, and you want to count them. You take a seat and if I were you, I would get a real comfortable one, too, because it's going to take you over 31,709 years to get the job done, if you count one dollar per second! That's thirty one thousand, seven hundred, and nine years! THAT'S THREE TIMES THE AGE OF CIVILIZATION!!!!! If you did have one trillion dollar bills, you'd never know, and neither would any future member of you family! It's a number so vast, that primitive mathematics could only deal with it in the abstract! Nobody has ever counted to one trillion, and nobody ever will!

Had the ancient Babylonians started counting when the first settlements of Mesopotamia were founded, they would be less that a third of the way to a trillion, yet President Pork Pie has blown that much money there since 2003!!!!!!! THAT'S A SHITLOAD OF BREAD!!!!!

And Afghanistan is a whole 'nother deal!!! Were just talking about Iraq!!!

That means a whole trillion dollars for Haliburton, (who just moved off-shore so they're untouchable by US law!), and all Bush's buddies in the defence, and oil industry! Who have repeatedly (and with The Bush Administration's blessings), put the bottom line above the bottom ends of our troops, and mumble quietly about the "brave sacrifices" when those same bottom-ends get blown off, by IEDs and RPGs that have been in use in that area for the last fifty years, yet our troops were completely caught by surprise, and unequipped, when they began to be employed against them!! WHY???!!!

A trillion dollars has been spent, but our troops drink unsafe water, and eat substandard food!!! WHY???!!!

A trillion dollars has been spent, but our wounded troops are housed in filthy, vermin-ridden hospitals that look like something out of a third-world horror story! RIGHT HERE IN THE UNITED STATES!!! WHY???!!!!

A trillion dollars has been spent, yet soldiers with the early symptoms of PTSD are frequently given a General Discharge for "Unacceptable personality issues"! Because if a soldier is diagnosed with PTSD, then that soldier must be treated for that condition, and if found to be disabled by it, be given full disability payments!! So they just boot them out for "personality issues", and have to give them nothing!! WHY??!!

A trillion dollars! More money than any one person could spend in a lifetime in Los Vegas! Bush has squandered it to bring suffering to American soldiers and their families, and to saddle an over-taxed and already heavily laden military with an utterly impossible job, in an utterly inhospitable place!

I can think of no better example of what happens when they, who have no sense get their hands on dollars!!! The problem is, those dollars are OURS!!!!!

Even worse, these senseless actions are done IN OUR NAME!!!! WHY???!!!!!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Another Open Letter to President Pork Pie

Mr. President,

Today finds us a wiser, and more enlightened people than yesterday! Yesterday some of the American People had an odd idea that you might actually be bringing some of our troops home. They actually thought that you might have learned from your mistakes, and would finally return our soldiers to their friends and families. Now we know it is all just another load of steaming BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!

In the upcoming book by Robert Draper entitled "Dead Certain" you told the author' "I'm playing for October-November to get us in a position where the presidential candidates will be comfortable about sustaining a presence."

Yet yesterday you stood in front of our troops sweating in the hot Iraqi sun at your gratutous photo op at Al-Asad Air Base, you stated, "They (General Petraeus, and Ambasador Crocker) tell me if the kind of success we are now seeing continues, it will be be possible to maintain the same level of security with fewer American forces.".

YOU FAT-FACED FUCK!!!!!! HOW FUCKING DARE YOU!!!! How DARE you stand before our brave troops, and mouth such a reprehencible lie!!!! How dare you "play" with the lives of our best, and bravest! HOW FUCKING DARE YOU!!!!! How dare you tell our over-worked, over deployed, under-paid, and under medicated troops they are going home when you know full well that it's nothing but a fraud to get headlines!!!!

YOU, sir, are a FUCKING LIAR!!!! You have no credibilaty left with The American People concerning Iraq! You have no credability left with The American People concerning ANYTHING!!!!!!

Now we find that you are just "PLAYING"!!!! It's all a big game with you!!!

You ignore the will of The People, and continue your failed strategy as if you are given a mandate from Heaven! BELIEVE ME, SIR! YOU WERE NOT!!!!!

You continue to ignore Congressional investigations into your criminal behavior, and the criminal actions of your staff, as if you and them, are above the law! BELIEVE ME, SIR! YOU ARE NOT!!!!!

You ignore the suffering of soldiers, and their famillies, and spoon-feed them your lies, as if you think we will all somehow forget! GET THIS, FUCK-WAD!!! WE WON'T FORGET!!!! WE WILL NEVER FORGET!!!!

And to top it all off, you said to the reporters on Air Force One in route to Washington, "If you look at my comments over the last eight months, it's gone from a security situation in the sense that we're either going to get out, and there will be chaos, or, more troops. Now the situation has changed, where I'm able to speculate on the hypothetical."!

HOW THE FUCK DO YOU PULL IT OFF WITH A STRAIGHT FACE!!!!!! Every action you've taken since this invasion began has been "speculation on the hypothetical"!!!

You speculated that Iraq had weapons of mass destrution!! Guess what? WRONG!!!!!

You speculated that Iraq was supporting Al-Quada, even though Al-Quada hated Saddam Hussein, and his regime! Guess what? WRONG!!!!

You speculated that America would be welcomed as heros! And the Iraqi People would be glad to be occupied, and give their oil over with a smile! Guess what? WRONG!!!

You speculated that the war was over, and endangered American lives to land an American fighter jet, on an aircraft carrier, so you could have you photo broadcast with your zippy flight suit across the nation, thinking you won! Guess what!!! WRONG!!!!!

You speculated that there would be no civil war in Iraq! That people who had been at each other's throats for thousands of years would just make up, and skip merrily into the sunset because of your endeavors!! Guess what? WRONG!!!!!

And yet after all these speculations, you have the nerve, the unmitigated gall, to state for the gathered Press Corps: "I want to tell you this about the decision, about my decision about troop levels. Those decisions will be based on calm assessments by our military comanders on the ground. Not a nervous reaction by Washington politicians to poll results in the media."

Tell me, sir! Where are our military comanders? You fire every comander who has the clear vision to see the emporer's nakedness, and couragously to proclaim it as such! How in the corn-fed Hell can you stand there and talk about "our military comanders" when all we have is your hand picked chorus of yes-men as an echo-chamber for all you proclaim! How the Hell can you stand there and pronounce yourself to be anything but a Washington politician?

How dare you marginalize, and dismiss the will of The People, and to question the motivations of those who want to save American soldiers, and America as a country from your blind squandering of American lives, and American capital on this quagmire you've flung this country into, and cut the ropes of all that want to save it! HOW FUCKING DARE YOU!!!!!!

If you, sir, have any love left for this country, then I call on you, sir, to do what so many of your staff have done! RESIGN! Resign, and crawl back to whatever cold, slimey rock in Texas your crawled out from under!

That, or dust off that Army Reserve unform, present yourself at the nearest Army post, and fight YOUR FUCKING WAR, YOUR FUCKING SELF!!!!!

(This post is dedicated to the memory of Joshua L. Morley of Henderson County North Carolina. Joshua was killed in Samara, Iraq, while serving with the second Battalion, 505th PIR, 3rd Brigade 82nd Airborne Division. He was 22 years old.)

( How many more are we willing to sacrifice?)

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Chasing the 512 KBPS Dream

I started this some time ago to explain where I had been for half the summer, but "President Pork Pie struck with a long line of relentless bullshit that just HAD to be addressed!

I'm posting it now because I figure everybody can use a laugh!

I live in Saluda NC. Google it! See that tiny town in the mountains? I live there! Doesn't look like they have DSL there, does it? Well guess what? THEY DO!!! They have it in downtown Saluda, But TDS, the ONLY telephone system in Saluda doesn't offer DSL to the folks of the fringes, and being the anti-social individual that I am with my long hair, beard, and wide selection of firearms, I live on the fringes with all the rest of the herb-burning, 'shine-cooking, shoot-first-ask- questions-later individuals that give our little community it's character, and scare the shit out of the real estate developers who would love to turn the whole place into a gated community, but know what would would happen if they tried!

Yep! My neighbors consist of the casts of "Deliverance" and "Easy Riders"! We're a wild bunch up here, but our wives, and children love us and we'd really LOVE to get a few of the amenities of modern life like cable TV and DSL Internet. Alas we are denied! Forced to make do with Dish Network, and Dial-up Internet that plugs along at the snail-like pace of 44 KBPS IF (and that's a mighty big if) it decides to stay connected, which it seldom does.

Back in June when Gonzo was pronouncing the wildest of lies to Congress, I went to the Browning Family Computer to connect to the Internet, and post on this very blog to type grand prose concerning Gonzo and all things that make Leno, and Letterman cry out to God, giving thanks for the existence of The Bush Administration, only to be informed that I did not exist! and as such, my attempts to connect to the Internet were being thwarted by TDS in the name of physical matter, and Newtonian matter everywhere!

Instead of praising Sir Isaac, and giving thanks to the Universe for pointing out my wild assumptions of physical existence, I picked up the telephone, and called TDS. I was rewarded with elevator music, interspersed with condescending words of thanks for my patience, which lasted the better part of an hour. And assured the poor sad individual who finally did pick up the line a very warm ear. Alas! Such was not to be! The poor man who answered spoke only Spanish!!!

After I declared his mother to be a summer squash, and his father a casaba Mellon he came to the conclusion that I spoke know Spanish, he put me on hold for more elevator music, and more condescending words of gratitude!

I sat with the phone in my ear, a maniacal grin slowly spreading across my face, while Hazel and "Spaz" scampered about, hiding all the firearms, and sharp implements, and Calvin pumped up the air riffle, and loaded the darts with Thorazine, (Which doesn't work on me any more, but since a free buzz is always a good one, I don't tell anyone!) These proceedings proceeded, until an English speaking person actually answered.

In a calm and measuring manner, (yea RIGHT!) I informed the man that I had paid my Internet account for low these last seven years! I had every right to expect that it would connect me and function in the prescribed manner, allowing me access to the World Wide Web where I could happily cavort as was my due! Seemed like a good idea at the time, but again alas!! Such was not to be!!

It seems that TDS had somehow lost my file! And since they didn't know about me, and since they presume to know everything about every one, I had indeed been found not to exist! And they weren't about to give a non entity an Internet connection because God only knows what said entity would do if it ever got one!

That's when jazzy music, and dancing digits emanated from my television set, promising me a speedy DSL Internet connection through Dish Network from damn-near anywhere! With a 512 KBPS speed that would smoke dial-up's ass, and leave me the roach!

After a rude comment or two concerning TDS's place in the Universe, I hang up of them, and gleefully dialed the digits while Hazel and the boys hung the rubber matting on the wall, and donned protective clothing.

A silken toned salesman informed me for the paultry sum of $199.00 down, and $45.00 a month I could indeed have an honest-to-goodness satellite up-link! Allowing me to download in seconds, what had once taken days! Clawing out my debit card, I made the transaction! After a few buzzes and clicks on the other end, I was informed that my on the twenty-fourth, a number of workmen of questionable breeding would alight at my domicile to hang shit on my roof, drill holes in my house, and run cable from hell to breakfast! The fruit of their endeavors bringing Internet Nirvana, and 512 KBPS!!

"Hey! That's pretty quick!", said I "Today's only the twentieth!".

"No, I mean the Twenty-fourth of July!", said the salesman, "We're waiting on back-ordered equipment!"

Well, since a blazing fast something in less than a month, was a far better thing than the Slug-slow nothing I was getting now, I decided to wait! BIG MISTAKE!!!!

Bright and early on the morning of the twenty-third of July, I got a visit from one of my neighbors. It seemed that he'd found a big green box, and wondered if I might know something about it. After taking a LONG look in the mirror to assure myself that I was still there, we walked down to the spot.

I informed my good neighbor that the big green box he had just found was telephone equipment that connected North Saluda to the rest of the world. And since he had "found" it with a D-6 Caterpillar bulldozer, it's continued function in that capacity was highly unlikely! Dutifully he pulled out his cell phone and called TDS to report the mishap. He handed me the phone to give witness, since the phone company needed confirmation that their equipment had indeed been FUBARed, and it we weren't just imagining it.

I told them it was well and truly fucked, and what the hell did they expect after hiding it behind all the panas grass when they rebuilt it when the State Road crew had wiped it out with a track hoe two years earlier!

Long story short, we had no telephone service until 4:00 PM, when a TDS representative called on the telephone to ask me if the telephone was working. I asked him if the telephone wasn't working, then how the hell were we having this conversation? He said he didn't know (No shit people! He said he didn't know!)

He then asked me why there had been no Internet traffic from my connection for the last month. I told him about my being declared a non-entity by TDS, and as such I could not be trusted to go scampering around Cyberspace, as God only knows what a non-person like myself might do or un-do if I ever got the chance to do so!

"Well we have you connected, and your files are all right here!" he informed me, "I don't know what the problem might have been, but it seems to be fixed now!"

I made several choice comments as to the nature of the problem, since it required the flattening of telephone boxes with large pieces of road building equipment to repair it.

He told me he didn't know, (he didn't know much, this guy!), and TDS would certainly NOT be sending me a refund for the month of non-service!

I told him to tell TDS to take a flying fuck at the moon, and hung up on him! Before I got my hand off the receiver the phone rang again! This time it was Dish Network to tell me that they STILL hadn't gotten the equipment, and could not install what they did not have, and it was going to be another ten to eighteen days before they got to me!

Just for shits' and giggles, and after taking a long look in the mirror to once more assure myself of my existence, I went to the computer, and hit "start". No surprises! I hit "connect to". Once again, everything in order! I hit "TDS" and then "dial". Poof! I was connected!

So I'm back for at least the time being! Since existence is such a fleeting thing, and mine seems to be in some question, I don't know how long I'll be here... or if indeed, I am at all!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

SNAFUS, and Other Mind-Fucks!

Well hasn't Blogger been handing me a rich and meaty ration of shit! This makes the third time I've tried to post on this blog, only to see my work disapear into the void!! I haven't been able to log onto ANY comment boards, on ANY Blogger blogs through Firefox, and only now can I get in through my Internet Explorer!

Needless to say, the April 6 invasion didn't happen! Oh don't believe that it won't happen! It just won't happen right now ! Oh President Pork Pie wanted it to happen, it's just that Congress opened up a huge bag of large and angry snakes, and dropped them soundly in his lap!

It seems with Congress trolling for scandals in his administration, and snagging some real whoppers, he found his schedule too full to give the order! (Or at least that's what I heard was the main reason!) With his Head Torturer, and The Keeper of the Books, Gonzales, and Rove getting caught up in this mess with the subpenas and all, he had to back off quick to keep We the People from learning the ugly truth that mast be hidden for our own good! I believe that it may be some time before he even begins to go launching anything at Iran, and I also believe that he knows it!

I also believe that the fact that all the web suddenly went buzzing with this story right after it was sneaked out of Russia, led to Congress' picking this time to throw their big bag of shit down Bush's chimney! It worked! Thank God!!!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Alright people here's how it's going to go down! I've spent the last three hours on the phone to all the "contacts" I have, and so far, all I can get is the good ol', "I can neither confirm or deny the in formation discussed.", bullshit. I've learned though long and painful experience that this comment always means the same thing! "It's probably going to happen, but you didn't get it from me!" The information I'm giving you comes from a link that "Murph" and "Freeacre" sent me, (thanks guys!),"

It basically states that The United States of America, will on April 6 at 0400 hours attack targets within the country of Iran. The objective of this attack will be the ariel bombardment of 20 targets including, but not limited to uranium enrichment facillities, (UEFs), research centers, and laboratories, the degradation of The Iranian Airforce, the sinking of Iranian ships of war in and around the Persian Gulf, and the destruction of certain assets and personel of The Iranian Army.

This bombardment will be accomplished through the assets of the United States Navy which has several aircraft carriers, as well as other assets in the area, as well as assets of The Sixth Fleet currently in The Mediterranean Ocean Bases in numerous area will deploy other US assets to the area in this operation, including Diego Garcia in The Indian Ocean. The base on the island of Diego Garcia is the current home of B52 bombers equipped with standoff missles. Also from the Indian Ocean, cruise missles will be launched from submarines in that area as well as submarines off the coast of The Arabian Peninsula.

The overall objective of this operation aparantly is to destroy Iran's abillity to mount armed resistance. Furthermore the deployment of certain low level tactical nuclear weapons against high-level nuclear targets within Iran.

What's it mean and why?

What it means is Bush got scared! The Democratic leadership of The House of Representatives removed the language from the newly-passed Iraq supplemental appropriations bill only under EXTREME pressure form AIPAC (the right-wing Iraeli lobby) and Iraeli Foreign Minister Tsipi Livni. Bush knows that he might NEVER get another chance to go to Iran and "smite the infedels"!

The "why" is even simpler! Bush MUST pull the sagging Republican poll figures back up! And the Neocons have informed "The Dimpled Darling of The Desperaetly Deluded" that attaking Iran and getting all that lovely oil is the way to do it! The Neocons know that a Democratic-lead administration will be unfriendly to their aims, and if they don't jump Iran soon, Iran won't get jumped! And all that lovely oil will be controlled by the hated Iranians, and Bush's big oil buddies will actually have to pay money for it! Such a scenario is just UNACCEPTABLE!!

How it can all go wrong!

A while back The USSR gave up on trying to out-muscle and out-gun The United States instead they started turning out a very nast little piece of ordinance called "The 3M-82 Moskit anti ship cruise missle" or under it's Nato designation, "The SS-N-22 Sunburn" Needless to say when The USSR found out the hard way what happens when you fight a war you can't win, with money you don't have, they had a shitload of these things lying around. Iran had a shitload of oil exploration and pumping hardware, that Russia desperately needed to access their massive oil reserves. The result is that now Iran has a shitload of these things, and twenty years to learn how to use them! And BELIEVE ME!! THEY GOT GOOD WITH THEM!!!

What's a "sunburn" and what's it do?

A "Sunburn" or "Moskit" is probably the nastiest piece of armament ever devised! You can't dodge it, you can't jam it, and because it flies at MACH 2.1 you can't counter it with Phalanx or any other missle-to-missle defence system! It has TWICE the range of the two French-made "Exocet" missles that nearly blew The USS Stark in half in The Iran-Iraq War!

Sunbrns can cary a 200-kiloton nuclear warhead, or a 750-pound conventional warhead. This missle was designed to defeat the US "Aegis" Radar defence system, which it does quite handily! Even if the newer "Phalanx" point defence system managed to detect the oncoming Sunburn, it would have mere seconds to calculate a fire solution. Add to this the Sunburn's "voilent end maneuvers" designed to outmaneuver any automated missle defence systems, and you have a ship-killer from Hell!

In October of 2001, Iran's Defence Minister Ali Shamkhani visited Moscow, and asked for a demonstration of the Sunburn. The Russians were only too glad to comply!! he was so impressed that he imediately placed an orde for an unknown quantity! Iran has this ordinance! And the scarey thing is we have nothing to counter it with!

What's next?

Good question! Our Army is completely over extended, Our Navy is in danger of serving as the turkies in the god of all turkey shoots, and 3/4 of the world has the ass at us, and the other 1/4 couldn't give a rat's ass one way or another! We have our exalted leader "The Good President Pork Pie" to thank for this scenario! Now this fucking idiot is going to pull the father of all bone-headed maneuvers, to (in his mind) undo the last bone-head maneuver! I have no idea what will happen if Bush Manages to pull this one off! But whatever it is, it won't be good!

Monday, March 26, 2007

President Pork Pie's Latin Lark

President Pork Pie has made it back form his whirlwind tour of South and Central America! Now countless slack-jawed Spanish-speaking people are assured that he is indeed the fool that they've all been led to believe that he is!

He even brought along his own translator!! How in the hell did they even find one?!! Being Bush's translator is like being Pete Townshend's guitar tech!!!! No matter how hard you work, the job's never finished!! All you have to do is get a look at this poor long-suffering individual's expression when Bush blurted out "Leave your children behind" in Spanish while spewing out a load of globalization-friendly rhetoric to see just how difficult this poor man's job was!

You'ld think that after John F. Kenedy went to Germany and proudly proclaimed himself to be a jelly doughnut, that Presidents had learned how to speak through translators, and keep the native-tounge "reach out to the people" shit to simple greetings! No such luck!

Where he SHOULD have gone, and tried to reach out at least a symbolic olive branch is Venuzuella! Hugo Chavez has a shitload of oil, and right now he, (and rightly so) is looking at the United States as the bully on the block after his lunch money! I'm not saying Chavez is the greatest thing to happen to Latin America since shade-grown coffee, but if we look at the history of American intervention in the area, we can see that the poor, and Native American people of this country have more than a few reasons to be uneasy! Cuba likewise was glaringly absent from President Pork Pie's travel planner!

It's been a long time since "The Cuban Missle Crisis" and yet we have not tried to establish relations with Cuba. China loans us money, Russia, and Vietnam are now trading partners, and the cold war is way past over! Cuba has been VERY quiet for a VERY long time, yet we have not made any gestures at peace to this country! It's far past time to attempt to normalize relations with Cuba!

About the only thing Nixon did worthwhile during his tenure was to go to China! (We can't count the end of The Vietnam War, because Congress had already cut off funds anyway) Cuba has never born arms against the United States, and yet we treat the whole country like a leper colony, while those who have indeed engaged in open warfare with us are accepted as close allies! It's way past time to pay The Cuban People a visit if to do nothing more than open a dialouge!

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Rising T.I.D.E

I've been hearing a lot of buzz about this for the last two or three months, but about a week ago every body just slammed shut about it! Lately a little bit of info has been trickling out fform the mainstram media about the F.B.I. and other three-lettered govenment entites using The Patriot Act to run rough-shod over We the People's civil rights. Now we take a look at how, and why they are doing it!

There is a federal bureaucracy based in Virgina known as "TIDE", which stands for "Terrorist Identities Datamart Environment". This database is designed to be a storehouse for organisations, and individuals who are a danger to The United States of America. (or so we are led to believe) Who is REALLY in this "datamart"? Well, if you have sent any emails or other corespondance, (including blogs) critical to George W Bush or the present administration, YOU ARE!!!! Along with antiwar organizations, church groups, environmentalists, certain theater companies, Muslims, and Muslim groups, and people opposed to globalization, the death penalty, marijauna laws, and anything else The Bush Administation thinks we simply must have to ensure our happy lives, under his iron rule!

Here's and example of exacly what is going on with these paranoid idiots! For over a year before the Republican National Convention, The NYPD traveled across America, and the world in a covert action to ferret out anyone that might come to New York, and piss up a rainstorm over The Republican's little day in the sun. Included in this list was practicly every progressive voice in the world they could find, whether they seemed dangerous or not! All these many names were put in thousands of reports stamped "NYPD Secret" and given a snug home in a nice neat files at TIDE! So if you are in any way unapreciative of King George the Dim's rule, YOU ARE IN THE FILES!!! Oh! And it just gets worse from here! THESE FILES ARE GROWING!!! In fact they grew from less than 100,00 names to well over 500,000 since 2003! It is from these files that the infamous "No Fly" list is drawn, along with whatever "perp watch" scenario, that ANY law enforcement arm might want to put into play!! Got nothing to hide? I'll send flowers!! YOU'RE OBVIOUSLY DEAD!!!! Live in the United States? Well you've been breaking laws, or done something society frowns on! BELIEVE IT!!! Fear is a good motivator!! If you get somebody scared enough, they will sell out their own mother!! Oh!! Their mother is inocent of any wrong doing? No problem!!! They'll just hold them in a nice dark cell under "Terrorist Watch" guidelines for 23 hours a day, 7 days a week, long enough, and they WILL get a signed confession!! Use the timeless art of brainwashing skillfully enough, and you can get a living, breathing human being to confess to the Lincoln assasination! Does the law care they have the wrong person? FUCK NO!!! All you are is a name on a file, and a number on a sheet! All the prosecution wants to do is stamp that sheet "Convicted" and forget you ever existed!

Now I'm sure there are many out ther STILL bleating "We need these tools to catch the terrorists!" No! We don't!! What we NEED to do is quit making ourselves a TARGET for the Terrorist! Getting the fuck out of Iraq would be a good start! Telling Israel to get off their high horse and get allong with their neighbors is another!

Israel doesn't even TRY!!! If they were to honestly reach out and honestly attempt to open a dialogue, they would find their neighbors are just as sick and tired of this shit as they are!! If Israel were to get rid of their nukes, then maybee... just maybee, Iran would get rid of their's!

Of course!! It's all so simple, that a child could see it! And of course that's why it will NEVER happen!

Monday, January 15, 2007

B. C. T. P. Two scenarios, same shit!!!!!

There's a new "buzzword"' that you'll see bouncing around more and more as the 2008 elections get close. It's called "The Barely Contained Terrorist Plot", or as the press is getting ready to start calling it: BCTP. Expest this one to used as much as WMDs

What it REALLY stands for is "Bush's Crusty Toilet Paper"! By merely producing it, he can prove by a preponderance of the evidence, that somewhere, somehow, some shit went on, and he knows about it!! The "Sheople just LOVE initials!! Makes every thing sound all MILITARY, and shit!!!

Well I've spent some time in the military, and I can tell you from painful experience, It's not WHAT you know! It's not WHO you know! It's who you know knows what, and whether they're supposed to know it or not! Sound confusing? Unless you've been there, you have no fucking idea!

It's a total nutwork scenario from day one!!! The military takes the shit you came there with, and gives you new shit to replace the shit they just took! After that they tell you that there's no shit, that you know shit about, and if you give them shit about it, you'll be in deep shit!! Then they dress you up in the same shit every body else there is wearing, and teach you how to walk!!! There ain't no damned way ANY human being is going to go through this shit without losing his shit, and going shit-house crazy! There's a good reason for it too!

The United States Military does one thing, and one thing only! They blow up shit, and kill people for The President of The United States of America! If Bush tells the military to blow up your shit, and kill your ass, then you're pretty well fucked! It's a given that you aren't going to find the most well adjusted individuals out there to volunteer for this gig!

The military pretty much has two choices! There's those who have no choice, and join to get themselves out of some sort of shit they've found themselves stuck in, and then there's those that actually, and intensely WANT to blow shit up, and kill people! The military's job is to turn the first type into the second type! They've gotten pretty good at it too!

Out of the second batch you find some really scarey fuckers!!! Hang a maniacal grin under a thousand-yard-stare, and you've got the last guy you want to see walking around with live ammunition! Bush is definately one of the scarey ones!!!

Given President Pork Pie's only military service was limited to keeping the azure skys of Alabama safe from the dreaded Viet-Cong! And about the ONLY thing positive that ANY body has ever found to say about his military career is that during his watch, Alabama was not attacked from the air! But I believe that he genuinely WANTED to blow shit up and kill people! Dear Old Dad, drug him back for a cushy tour stateside, so he wouldn't get blown up or killed!!

Now he's The President, and he can get other people to do the dying, while he sits back and watches the show!! Nice gig for a nut-job!! The bitch is, that you can only do this for eight years at a time! And then, only if he can convince Congress to let him! Guess what? He did! Now for the hat trick!!

Bush wants to attack Iran so bad he can TASTE IT!!!!! But he needs something to get Congress to LET him! To this end "Bush's Crusty Toilet Paper" has already been deployed! On the VERY day he gave a speach to "The Faux News" faithful, through his Press Secretary Tony Snow, (who was one of "Condi's Boys" before he was one of "The President's Men"), and the MSM!

Already an Iranian Diplomatic Consolate has been raided in Iraq, and the Iranians inside taken captive. "Iveadinnerjacket" isn't the most stable individual out there to be fucking with! He's over in Venuzella at this very minute sitting with Huggo Chavez! That's like The Pope going over to Ozzy Ozborne's house for dinner! There's only one thing to bring these two men together! Bush scares the shit out of them!

The Iraqi Foreign Minister has already requested the diplomats' release, but Bush isn't doing requests this week. That will happen when he has to release all the people that have been snatched off the street without any evidence except that which would damage "National Security" if it were released!!

The press will of course line up to hang breathless on every word of it, and just as quick to consign it to the back-pages when it all turns out to be a wild bunch of delusional inuendo, tied up with a bright ribbon of hyperbole! They are being given the job of spreading B.C.T.P. across this great land of ours, and they'll try to sell it to US!!!! Get ready for the show!!! It just started!!!

Oh yea!!! Big story of the week!! Bush has a "Carrier Force" in The Persian Gulf!!!!

Like no shit!!!

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