Thursday, April 26, 2007

SNAFUS, and Other Mind-Fucks!

Well hasn't Blogger been handing me a rich and meaty ration of shit! This makes the third time I've tried to post on this blog, only to see my work disapear into the void!! I haven't been able to log onto ANY comment boards, on ANY Blogger blogs through Firefox, and only now can I get in through my Internet Explorer!

Needless to say, the April 6 invasion didn't happen! Oh don't believe that it won't happen! It just won't happen right now ! Oh President Pork Pie wanted it to happen, it's just that Congress opened up a huge bag of large and angry snakes, and dropped them soundly in his lap!

It seems with Congress trolling for scandals in his administration, and snagging some real whoppers, he found his schedule too full to give the order! (Or at least that's what I heard was the main reason!) With his Head Torturer, and The Keeper of the Books, Gonzales, and Rove getting caught up in this mess with the subpenas and all, he had to back off quick to keep We the People from learning the ugly truth that mast be hidden for our own good! I believe that it may be some time before he even begins to go launching anything at Iran, and I also believe that he knows it!

I also believe that the fact that all the web suddenly went buzzing with this story right after it was sneaked out of Russia, led to Congress' picking this time to throw their big bag of shit down Bush's chimney! It worked! Thank God!!!


Tom Degan's Daily Rant said...

Great post, Stoney! You've hit the nail right on the head. The disgusting piece of shit in the Oval Office didn't invade Iran ONLY because he is now so mired in scandal it would have been a political impossibility. Had the administration not started to implode in March, American kids would be getting killed in Iran at this moment.
Tom Degan

stoney13 said...


Thanks! And the scandals just keep on coming! What about "Gozo's" aid getting prosecutorial immunity from Congress?? What is she about to drop, and who is she going to drop it on? Oh shit!! I'm all a-twitter with anticipation!!

murph said...


Yup, didn't happen. I suspect only because so much shit is coming at the administration and the military is stretched so thin.

Boy the scandles and obsenities out of this administration just won't quit. Every day its somethnig new. At least it provides J. Stewart with lots of material. What a wierd country we are in and how weird humans can be.

Wilma Lamb said...

Dear Stoney, Thanks for the thought. I am at least 250 miles from Greensburg.
In one way Kansas was lucky, "just" one small town was wiped out. Other tornadoes have travelled for miles leaving a path of destruction in their wake
I have an elderly aunt in another state who is unfamiliar of my locations and after she hears of a bad storm in Kansas I get a pbhone call, not even a hello just "Are you still there?"
Wasn't that a disgusting charade by the First Piece Of Shit hugging the people of Greensburg as they were looking for pieces of their lives and mourning lost loved one
If he had pulled that on me and there was a cameraman handy which I am sure there would have been I would have pasted him one right in the face.
It probably would never have made the news but I would be a hero to my friends and neighbors

Wilma Lamb said...

ps Stoney, perhaps you and the other alert bloggers helped prevent an attack on Iran by spreading the word of what this disgusting bunch was up to.
Keep your eyes open,Cheney is on an aircraft carrier in the Gulf right now plotting an "incident"

Wilma Lamb said...

pps: The residents of Greensburg and the governor of Kansas are not happy with Bush, the Kansas National Guard is stretched to thin because of Bush's "Mission Unaccomplished that there are not adequate troops available to assist the residents in their hour of greatest need.

stoney13 said...


Glad to hear your all right! My wife and I were worried! It looks like the shit came down pretty hard!

If anything good comes out of it, it will be that the people of Kansas will see just how much Bush, and Brownback care about them! They were BOTH warned about what would happen if a natural disaster struck while all our National Guard troops, and equipment were off in Iraq fighting a war that the Republicans don't even seem to believe in any more, and they blew it off! Time for an acounting to happen!

Brownback ought to reach into his campain coffers and send some coin out to the People of Greensburg. However that would prove that he has the best interest of The People of Kansas at heart, and as a Christian, has a warm heart filled with Christian charity! Since none of that shit is true, I'm not expecting a lot from Brownback!

Wilma Lamb said...

Dear Stoney, Re Brownback, if I had any money I would send it to Brownback's campaign. He doesn't have a snowball's chance in hell of getting elected but he would rally the flat-earth types behind him and muddy the presidenial wanna-be crow.
How much you wanna bet Fred Thompson of Law and Orde illfame end up the nominee?

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