Friday, October 05, 2007

Help!! We're Being Fucked By an Elephant!!!!

Well! Yesterday, we all got a chance to see the new logo for the Republican Party Convention. It's a blue elephant with stars for eyes, and racing stripes, (no shit, people! RACING STRIPES!!!), standing on it's hind legs, with it's trunk raised.

Having been a carny at one time in my long ride on this spinning ball of mud, I happen to know that the only time an elephant stands on it's hind legs is when it's having sex, and even then, it's the male elephant that does the two legged two step.

The message here is clear, "We're gonna fuck ya blue! We're gonna fuck ya FAST! Were gonna fuck ya deep! And we got stars in our eyes!"

Now if any doubt as to who's going to get the big dick, let's take a look at the hearings held by The Senate Democratic Policy Committee in Washington last Friday, (just in time for the Friday news dump). The hearings were entitled "the Mistreatment of Iraq Contracting Whistle blowers". One of the more disturbing findings of this committee was that for every six dollars that went to the contractors in Iraq one was pinched! Pinched to the tune of TEN BILLION DOLLARS!!! It seems like this should be a newsworthy item, but like so many others, (inconvenient to President Pork Pie, and Darth Cheney), it was under-reported at best, or totally ignored by the MSM!

Oh and it just gets worse from here! It seems that Navy Veteran Donald Vance, (while working for contractor "The Shield Group Security Company") noticed that The Shield Group had a handy bit of enterprise going on! Seems like they were selling assault rifles, pistols, rocket launchers, and land mines to Iraqi insurgents, US military personnel, State Department personnel, and personnel from The Iraqi Embassy, and Ministry! Shield Group was "Weapons Are Us" of Baghdad!!!

Mr. Vance took a great deal of exception to this practice, and reported it to an FBI agent, while on a trip back home to Chicago. The agent set up a reporting system for Vance, and he weekly reported through emails, and telephone to the agent describing the illegal activities he had witnessed until he became increasingly uncomfortable at the facility, and resigned. His documentation was taken by the company, and he and a Mr. Ertyl contacted the Us Embassy, and a military rescue team rushed to the rescue on April 15. Did he get a pat on the back with a hail and hearty "Well done?" NO!!!!! Right before dawn on April 16, 2006 he was awoken, his wrists zip-tied, and made to wear goggles with duct tape over the lenses. He was then taken to Camp Cropper, and thrown into a cell in the infamous "Compound 5" where Saddam Husein had been held.

What followed was 97 days of intense questioning, sleep deprivation, and physical, and psychological torture! It wasn't until he was finally allowed to contact his fiance, and the story started to see the light of day that Vance, (and fellow American detainee Nathan Ertyl) were released. Ertyl had been declared, "An innocent civilian" on May 7 by the Camp Board, yet it was eighteen days before he was released.

Vance however would remain interred until July 20. This is how whistle blowers are treated by the US Military Tribunals that still say they are not a criminal court, so representation by an attorney is not allowed. Whistle blowers get this kind of treatment, but Blackwater, darling of the radical right-wing element in the United States gets Carde Blanche to do whatever they want, to whoever they want.

It's time for some shit to change, and we can't wait until the next election to change it! I just wrote every Congressman, and Senator in my district about this, and I suggest everybody that reads this do the same! Let 'em know we're pissed! Let 'em know we put 'em in there, and we will turn them out if they don't start doing the right thing!

Otherwise, I'd suggest a BIG jar of Vaseline!


freeacre said...

Good post, Stoney! That Americans attempting to stand up and be loyal to our country's best interest and be treated so brutally is almost incomprehensible. All these people deserve to get what they have given.
But, it's not going to happen as long as carrot cuffers like John Kerry are in charge. Look at how he did not stand up for the student tased right in front of him. If he had any balls, he would have run up there and said, "Tase me, you fuckers!" He would have been a hero. But, no..... he wimped out, said it was a police matter, etc. What a jerk.
There is a very real war on, it seems, between the criminal cabal of big war profiteers, bankers, global corporatists, international drug dealers (including the DEA), the now paramilitary police forces, and the people (now called "consumers"). We have been programmed to just shut up and consume. Consume whatever shit is dished out, and like it. And, if you don't like it, well, we'll rendition your ass, take your property, tase you, put mace in your eyes, confine you to "free speech" areas where you can't be seen or heard, wire-tap,put you under surveillance, put you on the No Fly List, bust you, or shoot you in the head. Let us know how much support you get from the letters to the congress.

Blake said...



Good observation on the new Pub logo- an elephant who fucks us.OUCH!

But it's time for the Dems to either fuck us of grow some BIG DONKEY BALLS

Love ya man

Love your writing

Rick Lippin

Anonymous said...

" was under-reported at best, ..."

not to mention the high probability of the amount being under-estimated...

as for writing congressmen, i'm done with it.

as for getting a response, i wouldn't hold my breath. whenever i got a response it was always more denial. but mostly i got no response. as was the case with the last one i sent to john mccain which was about the rs article and now before congressional committee.

actually i sent it to his campaign headquarters AND his senate office.

here's what i sent...


unfortunately there is no selection in the pull down menue for "corruption" (they have a pull down menue listing topics from which to select). in today's america i cannot imagine why not! some of us ARE paying attention ya know! i'm a voter and you're a candidate for pres of these united states. the following link reports a story of how the current administration allowed an army of for-profit contractors to rape our treasury to the tune of billions under the guise of reconstruction as well as running support for our military contingency in iraq. it is an appalling story and another jewel in the crown of atrocity that is this war. put it along side the story of iraq's missing billions and together they glare as if the eyes of satan hisself!

you are a staunch supporter of this war. both from the view of the terrorist threat to this country and the forwarding of democracy and stability in iraq and the region.

i do not question the wisdom of your position. (note: this said only from the view that that wasn't what i was writing about)

BUT.... i hope you will read this story and then answer one question for myself and the rest of the voters in this country. and i hope you do so in the lights of the mainstream media and on the stump and town halls of this nation....

how do you justify your position in the context of the appalling reality exposed in the rolling stone piece as well as the iraq missing billions story and, if elected, what do you intend to do about it and what do you intend to do to restore the image of this country, not only in the eyes of the iraqi people, but in the eyes of the rest of the world?

in my view, a candidate for president who does not address this directly is just blowing smoke and no better than what we have now. and what we have now has un-done more in 6 short years than all the good done by the combined efforts of every previous administration since the inception of this great nation over 230 years ago.

if this is democracy it is no wonder it is being so rejected in iraq. it appears iraq is not alone. its obvious we are under attack as well. and by our own leaders and their minions!! what will you do about this?

add to that story this story from award winning journalist ale fadhil re the hijacking of iraq's treasury in the early stages of the war by these same crimminals...

if you really want we, the voters, to believe you are credible you need to address this issue openly and agressivly.

footnote: i'm sure the senator isn't sitting at his computer opening this. whoever you are i sincerely hope you take the time to view these 2 links and then bring them to the attention of your associates. this is a very serious matter and as much a threat to this country and our children as are the terrorists. indeed, even moreso! and then i hope you go, as a contingency, to the senator directly and bring this to his attention. if he really wants to get elected the american people need to hear from him on this LOUD AND CLEAR!!

does the senator have the courage? if not, he will NEVER get my vote. and i will do everything i can to influence my fellow voters accordingly. i'll know exactly what to do in this regard based on what i see or don't see on tv.



did i get a response? i'll give you 3 guesses and the first 2 don't count.

good catch stoney... p

stoney13 said...


Yep! Kerry is a douche-bag! He just stood there and watched, with his little sad-eyed school-boy expresion! He looks like his mother shot his dog, right before she stepped out in front of a bus!

However the students there whipped out their cell phones, set them to "vidieo record" and got the truth out! Even after they were threatened by "The Gestappo", they kept right on recording, knowing that the only way to fight these facists, is THE TRUTH!! THEY had the balls that Kerry lost after the Vietnam War!

The kids are waking up, and waking up in a big way! I spoke with my seventeen year old son about this, and his fellow high-school students are up in arms about it! It seems that since they have tese "Resourse Officers" in the schools now of days, the kids develop a nice healthy attitude towards the storm troopers at an increasingly younger age!

The kids are alright! Those that think they have nothing on their minds but video-game cheat codes, and what the "cool kids" are wearing, haven't been paying attention to the youth of this nation!

They're alive, they're awake,and they're immune to the, fear, hype, and drama! They see the truth clearer and speak it plainer than their parents!

Every parent of teenagers should sit down and talk with their kids, and hear what they have to say! I think you'll be pleasantly surprised!

stoney13 said...


Love ya too, brother!

I doubt if any "BIG DONKEY BALLS" are going to sprout any time soon if the recent ass-kissing of "The Comander and Theif" is any example! Bush cracks the whip, and they make the trip!


Nobody sent ya back shit! Same on this side!

They'll all line uf to kiss your ass to get in there, then forget their constituents exist, once they do!

I say fire ALL the fuck-heads and start fresh! Gotta be better than what we got now!

Anonymous said...

Have been looking at Ron Paul, any thoughts on this guy? anyone? Appears as the only one that makes a lick of sense. A doctor that brings children into the world instead of killing them.Hummmm


stoney13 said...


Ron Paul makes more sense than just about anybody running from EITHER party! I like what Hillary has to say about health care, but as to whether she's bought and paid for by Big Pharma is debatable!

I hate to say it, but if Ron Paulm gets into the race I will vote for him. He's scared the shit out of the Republicans ever since he got in the Texas Legislature! I've noticed he gets VERY few questions at the debates, but what he does get, he blows out of the water with common sense!

I think he could win as a third party candidate if he gets on the ticket! Yea, I know we haven't had a third party candidate win since Licoln, but the Rethugs are right where the Whigs were before The Civil War.

People are pissed and they don't buy the fear-mongering on the Right, or the glad-handing on the Left, any more! I believe the next President of this country is going to have to show what he or she is bringing to the table before dinner starts!

We've had enough double-speak, and spin-doctoring out of President Pork Pie to give us all a Doctorate's Degree in Bullshit Detection

If your candidate can't give you an honest answer of where they stand on the issues, then maybe you're backing the wrong candidate! To tell you the truth, Ron Paul is the only one of the canidates to even aproach doing this so far, so he's got my attention! I haven't made up my mind yet, and the election's another year away, but he does have my attention!

freeacre said...

I've got two bumper stickers on my car: Ron Paul - Help Save America and No Incumbents in 2008. In fact, for the first (and only) time, I am changing my voter registration to "Republican" (ugh) just to be able to vote in the primary for Ron Paul. (After the primary, I'll switch to Green or Libertarian or anything but Repubs or Dems). I think that in 32 states you can write in whomever you want to vote for for President. May have to do that. Chris Dodd also seems to be good regarding enforcing the constitution, but he has no chance.I could hardly believe my eyes and ears yesterday on NBC Nightly News Brian Williams reported in a straightforward way the popularity of Ron Paul! He also reported that the stock market is tanking and said that a prominent investor predicted a "doozy" of a long term recession (ten years)! When the lamestream media starts telling the truth - look out.
It is so disappointing to me to see Hillary seemingly being possessed by the spirit of Richard Nixon. She's got the money from the insurance industry, Big Pharma, and the military contractors behind her. She may as well be Condoleeza Rice. What a bummer.
I'm waking up with fantasies of an armada of UFO's over the White House in broad daylight with news crews covering the event. A team of "grays" goes into the White House and Bush emerges floating out between them, kicking and screaming. Then, his flailing body is levitated into the Mother Ship hovering overhead, where he is administered an alien anal probe enema until he is no longer full of shit. Then he is returned and demonstrates a significant attitude adjustment.
I think that dream is one called "wish fulfillment."

stoney13 said...


If you pumped all the shit out of President Pork Pie, the only thing you would have is a huge pyramid of empty "Lone Star Beer" bottles, a rusty coke-spoon, and an empty pack of "Easy Widers"!!

Stella said...

Ron Paul's perspectives on war and legalization of marijuana are dead on: however, I vehemently disagree with most of his views. Besides, I don't feel like being fucked by another elephant in libertarian clothing.

Alternative? Yes. Mike Gravel's political views.

What has he accomplished? Gravel officially released The Pentagon Papers in his capacity as a senator communicating with his constituency. The Supreme Court did not protect the Fourth Estate, but Senator Gravel continued to press for release of the full text of The
Pentagon Papers by publishing the
papers in book form.

The Iraq War: Senator Gravel’s position on Iraq remains clear and consistent: to commence an immediate and orderly withdrawal of all U.S. troops that will have them home within 120 days.

War on Drugs: The War on Drugs has been a failure. It is time to end prohibition and start treating addiction as a public health problem. This has ravaged our inner cities, and we are losing an entire generation of men and women to prisons.

“I would legalize marijuana.”

President Bush said...

Dear Mr. stoney13,
I am deeply disappointed in this post. I should have your internet service terminated. You are a disgrace to America. After reading the title, I thought I was about to read an arousing bit of textual bestiality porn, only to read another marijuana fueled rant. Please do not use any more misleading titles.

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