Sunday, May 28, 2006

Weird shit! Wild shit! Woa shit! Bullshit! No shit!

Well what a time the government has had this week! A Democrat had his offices raided by the FBI and all the Republicans got pissed about it and DEMANDED that the raided and rounded up materials be returned post haste!!!

Alright people let's review! A DEMOCRAT got busted, and REPUBLICANS got pissed about it and rode to his rescue!!!!!???????!!!!! A REPUBLICAN apointtee ( Attorney General Gonzalas) swore he would QUIT if President Pork Pie got involved!! He stood up AGAINST the Republican anger untill all the FBI agents involved were given leave to finger the good Congessman's belongings to their little heart's content!

Black is white, day is night, and the heartbreak of psoriosis is now something shady characters sell on street corners by the gram! Dogs and cats are living together, and Ossama Bin Laden is the guest of honor at a Jewish wedding which he gladly attends! Suddam Husein has completed his sensitivity classes and is having a lovely time in Kurdistan where he was released after the Iraqi Tribunal decided he wasn't such a bad old fart after all!! It's all because, he had been abused as a child and that's what made him grow up to be such a prick! He'll be on Oprah as soon as he frinishes his heartfelt memoires entittled "A Million Little Corpses"!

Condi Rice finally comes clean about those sheep and that gallon jug of baby oil in the Lincoln Bedroom and explains the western saddle, while Bush and Cheney share a joint and sing "Cumbiyah" in the back ground.

A further uproar was heard at the Capitol Building this week. It seems that our hallowed halls of Congress were invaded by (gasp! Dare I say it!!) ELEVATOR REPAIRMEN!!!!! That's right, friends and neighbors! Elevator Repairmen! Plying their trade in the Capitol Building itself!!!!! Making loud noises with heavy steel implements!! Swinging on cables, servicing elevators, and eating sanwiches for lunch!! SANDWICHES, I TELL YOU!!!! SANDWICHES!!!! Consumed by union labor in the very seat of Big Money politics!Oh the HORROR!!! THE SHAME!!!

Of course the Washington Police had no choice but to leap shrieking to their feet, lock the whole joint down, don SWAT gear and run wildly about, kicking in doors, and waving a wide selection of firearms at the startled lawmakers and their staffs! So enthusiasticly was the kicking and waving done that a number of the people whose doors were kicked and in whose faces the firearms were waved took quite an offence to it! One would hope that having been the victims of such tactics these lawmakers would give pause before giving Police leave to kick in OUR doors and wave guns in OUR faces, because... Oh... I don't know... we might be smoking a plant that the law seems to think we should not be smoking? One would hope, just not very hard!!! After all! Hope in one hand, shit in the other... and...well you know how it goes!!!

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Well!! I'm not here to be on anybody's side! I DON'T like George W. Bush and I will NOT call the bastard president! I'll call him President Pork Pie, but that is about as close as it gets! I'm not here to comfort the afflicted, but to afflict the comfortable! I learned a long time ago, that if you can make somebody laugh and think at the same time, they'll learn something! I'm trying to teach the American Public that there is another point of view out there, beside the Right Wing's This country's on a greased chute to Hell with Bush as it's Captain! I for one will not sit idley by while he drives the land that I love into the ground! This is my gift to this country. Maybe it's a little crude at times, maybe, it's a little rude at times! But in my world, rude and crude works! I'll post what I damn well please here and invite people to post comments the same way! Rant all you want!! I do! Freedom of Speech is the order of the day here! Like it? Let me know! Don't like it? Let me know! Silence me? AIN'T GONNA HAPPEN! So welcome one and all to STONEY'S RAGE!! It's all for America! I don't make a dime off it! And I won't have it any other way!