Monday, March 26, 2007

President Pork Pie's Latin Lark

President Pork Pie has made it back form his whirlwind tour of South and Central America! Now countless slack-jawed Spanish-speaking people are assured that he is indeed the fool that they've all been led to believe that he is!

He even brought along his own translator!! How in the hell did they even find one?!! Being Bush's translator is like being Pete Townshend's guitar tech!!!! No matter how hard you work, the job's never finished!! All you have to do is get a look at this poor long-suffering individual's expression when Bush blurted out "Leave your children behind" in Spanish while spewing out a load of globalization-friendly rhetoric to see just how difficult this poor man's job was!

You'ld think that after John F. Kenedy went to Germany and proudly proclaimed himself to be a jelly doughnut, that Presidents had learned how to speak through translators, and keep the native-tounge "reach out to the people" shit to simple greetings! No such luck!

Where he SHOULD have gone, and tried to reach out at least a symbolic olive branch is Venuzuella! Hugo Chavez has a shitload of oil, and right now he, (and rightly so) is looking at the United States as the bully on the block after his lunch money! I'm not saying Chavez is the greatest thing to happen to Latin America since shade-grown coffee, but if we look at the history of American intervention in the area, we can see that the poor, and Native American people of this country have more than a few reasons to be uneasy! Cuba likewise was glaringly absent from President Pork Pie's travel planner!

It's been a long time since "The Cuban Missle Crisis" and yet we have not tried to establish relations with Cuba. China loans us money, Russia, and Vietnam are now trading partners, and the cold war is way past over! Cuba has been VERY quiet for a VERY long time, yet we have not made any gestures at peace to this country! It's far past time to attempt to normalize relations with Cuba!

About the only thing Nixon did worthwhile during his tenure was to go to China! (We can't count the end of The Vietnam War, because Congress had already cut off funds anyway) Cuba has never born arms against the United States, and yet we treat the whole country like a leper colony, while those who have indeed engaged in open warfare with us are accepted as close allies! It's way past time to pay The Cuban People a visit if to do nothing more than open a dialouge!


Wilma Lamb said...

Well Stoney,in case there was any doubt, Bush erased it if there was anyone left who had doubts if Bush was a fool.
As long as there is a Republican in office ANYWHERE, we are not going to normalize relations with Cuba; that is another boogyman that gets the Cuban vote.
Had SOMEBODY been smart enough to normalize trade with Cuba Castro would no doubt have fallen long ago. The people would love to have all the American junk that is denied them under Castro

stoney13 said...

A people that are able to fabricate an ocean-going vesel from a 1953 GMC pickup, are people we need to reach out to! And Cuba puts out more doctors than any other country in the world!

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