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How Running Through The ORCHARD With A BENT SPEAR and an EMPTY QUIVER Can Put You In CHECKMATE at the PINNACLE

HOLY SHIT!!!! THREE POST IN A MONTH!!!! It must be some kind of a miracle! Well it's not! I know I've not been around for a while, and now I will make an account of myself!

I've just been covered up with "Honey do" projects by my dear wife, Hazel, and a vast steaming pile of bullshit, and mind fucks from all manner of institutions ranging from, but not limited to, The United States Government, my ISP, and my bank, who I have suddenly discovered, no longer have the ability to count money, do simple arithmetic, or even read a calendar!

These things have lead to long sessions of wood-chopping, and home improvement projects which I've found to be a great mental enema. The results have been, enough firewood for this winter, and half of the next, and what started out to be a simple entertainment wall is now eight feet high, thirty feet long, and contains a computer work-station, two windows, and two fifty-five gallon aquariums, two huge stereo speakers, with attached stereo, television, video game consoles, video game, CD, and DVD library, along with several massive book cases, big enough to hold all the books I have, (as well as all the ones I wish I had!), and "nick nack" shelves for my wife that will handily hold all the "nick nacks" in Saluda, and probably all of Polk County!

Because of these endeavors, (and the use of a certain controlled substance), the local newspaper did not contain the phrases "crazed hippy" or "dead bankers" in the headlines!

Neither was expensive ammunition wasted on those who are hardly worth the expense! I learned a long time ago that God's ability to create assholes will never be overcome by Man's ability to manufacture ammunition! I know it sucks, but that's life, and I've learned to deal with it!

Now! To the meat of the matter!

Frequent reader and commenter Wilma Lamb mentioned the peculiar flight of six AGM-129 Advanced Cruise Missiles armed with W-80-1 nuclear warheads went for an unscheduled trip from Minot Air Force Base in North Dakota to Barksdale Air Force Base in Louisiana on August 30 2007.

The Washington Post article that came out on September 23 2007 about this strange flight, made a lame attempt to explain away the rather grim fact that the entire American nuclear command and control system suddenly fucked up in an alarming manner, by reporting that the whole sad scenario resulted from "security failures at multiple levels". That cover story is utter and complete BULLSHIT!!!

I know a little about the way the US Military moves and stores nuclear armaments, and on it's WORST day it could NEVER happen! Nope! Not now, not EVER!!!! There are just too many controls, and checks in place to allow it! The movement of ANY nuclear device is so safe-guarded that if someone actually did screw up so badly that one was removed from its storage place, the Armament Officer (who lists by weight any and all ordinance being loaded/unloaded onto, or off of ANY aircraft assigned to the base), would have caught it, unless he had EXPRESS orders not to! No way Jose!!! There's no way in Hell!!!

What the BENT SPEAR story in The Washington Times probably was was an attempt, (alibied a very bad one), at damage control for The Bush Administration, and like all attempts at damage control by The Bush Administration, it just doesn't pass the sniff test!

What really happened (according to military sources), was that a revolt and push back by various echelons of The United States Air Force, and intelligence agencies prevented an attack on Iran with nuclear, and conventional ordinance! And worse still, Military sources have further informed Wayne Madsen, (of the Wane Madsen Report), that one of those nukes was, and maybe still is MISSING!!!! That's right people! An honest-to-God lose nuke, and NOBODY knew shit about where it was, or where was going! And worse yet, it could still be missing! Nobody knows, and if they do, nobody's saying! If that's the case, then we've shot right past BENT SPEAR, and flown into EMPTY QUIVER, special classification PINNACLE!!! That would bring about all manner of activity on the part of the military. So far, nothing! No stand down orders. Now leave suspensions. No lock downs. Nothing!

This Advanced Cruise Missile with it's attached W-80-1 nuclear warhead is one seriously NASTY piece of ordinance! Think of all the false flag/black bag scenarios that could play out with THAT little piece of plunder in play! Ya scared yet? Oh it gets worse, people! MUCH WORSE!!!

In a new Newsweek article, Vice President Cheney's out going Middle East Advisor, David Wormser told a small group of advisers that Darth Cheney had been working with Israel to get them to launch an air strike on Iran's nuclear facilities at Nantz. Darth Cheney figured that the resulting retaliatory Iranian action would give The United States the perfect excuse to launch an air strike with nuclear, and conventional ordinance on Iran. However it seems that the plans got changed and Israel instead attacked a supposed Syrian/Iranian/North Korean nuclear facility in Northern Syria.

This attack was scheduled to happen on September 6 to coincide with the Israeli attack on Syria. Unfortunately for Darth Cheney, and the Neocons, wiser heads prevailed, and the B-52 and it's cargo of Advanced Cruise Missiles stayed in Barksdale, and the elaborate cover story was concocted when the press was informed of the plane's presence and it's cargo! Since Barksdale is in fact the main depot, and launching point for US assets to The Middle East, the planes presence there gives credence to this story!

Further information states that that same B-52 bomber was definitely connected with The Pentagon's highly classified OPERATION CHECKMATE which is a compartmented US Air Force program, working on a plan of attack on Iran since June of 2007 after OPERATION BITE failed to get off the ground in April. Oddly enough that was when Darth Cheney was working on the US/Israeli joint force attack.

I will have more on this story as soon as I finish fact checking everything.

I'ld like to thank Murph and Freeacre for turning me on to Wayne Madsen, and Wane Madsen, for turning me on to this material! This story isn't over by a damned sight! Bush and Cheney want Iran so bad they can taste it! Fortunately they know that they can't attack without a damned good reason and have any standing within the global community. This time they got shot down by people in the US Air Force who had the courage to stand up and say "NO"!

Thank God SOMEBODY has the balls to stand up to this administration!


murph said...

Damn Stoney, I was starting to put together some thoughts on this for a post on Real Deal. lol. It is better you do, you have more contacts and ways to check out stuff than I do.

murph said...

You said a couple posts back: "How dare you marginalize, and dismiss the will of The People, and to question the motivations of those who want to save American soldiers, and America as a country from your blind squandering of American lives, and American capital on this quagmire you've flung this country into, and cut the ropes of all that want to save it! HOW FUCKING DARE YOU!!!!!!"

He dares to because he can, and he is one piece in a big puzzle picture. We got problems with private armies being hired for U.S. internal security as it is. Hitlers Brown Shirts coming at us, with military dictatorship and the iron hand of a police state.

stoney13 said...

Damn Murph! I hate I stepped on your post! I really didn't mean to!

I'll put something together for The Real Deal and send it to you next week some time.

When I read about it, I went completely snakeshit! Bush doesn't have the sense to be a Comander in Chief, and all that bullshit about listening to "The generals on the ground" is just that! BULLSHIT!!!!

stoney13 said...

Murph 8:31

Bush isn't the only one that can put together a private army! I'ld hate to see what some of these "Ol' Boys" up here in the mountains could do to Blackwater if they came up here fucking around, and trying to take people's guns away and shit!

A motivated guerilla force will ALWAYS overcome an entrenched army! All you have to do is read your history!

Everybody calls the French "surrender monkeys" because of what happened in World War 2. They seem to have forgotten what The French Underground did to The Nazis after they let them in!

freeacre said...

I think this whole thing is VERY ALARMING. I mean, if some component of the military is refusing orders to attack, isn't that at least MUTINY or revolution or something huge?? Wouldn't armed soldiers be breaking into military base offices and arresting those in charge? Or, wouldn't some soldiers be marching into the White House and taking over or something?? What's next? A shoot-out between the military and the secret service??
Can't wait for the movie. Maybe the reason heads are not rolling is because somebody has that last nuke and is threatening to detonate it if they are fucked with.
Man, this is some seriously crazy shit.

Wilma Lamb said...

Stoney, back to the missle warheads.There is more. Don't ask me where I read this,somewhere in cyberspace was an article saying that all the guys involved in the incident turned up dead shortly after.
As usual a great article keep up the good work

stoney13 said...


It is the express duty of the military to remove comanders who are unfit to serve in that capacity. If enough generals, or admirals decided Bush was unstable, and unfit to serve as comander in chief, then there are devices, and articles written into the Uniform Code of Military Justice to deal with that probability!

The men and women of the armed forces took the same oath I did, and ALL of them take that oath seriously! You can paint a turd gold, but sooner, or later, SOMEBODY is going to smell shit!

This is the head end of hard times for The Bush Administration! They're scared! In fact, they're scared shitless! Every day more generals, and admirals come out against them, and there's nothing they can do about it!

75% of the American People are on our side! Thy're fucked, and they know it! This was a desperate move to salvage some credibility for themselves, and they blew it big time! The generals refused the orders, because it was their right and duty to do so! I stand with them!

stoney13 said...


I heard that one died, and I can't even find any information on his manner of death! Nobody knows how he died, or what happened to the body. There are NO funeral arrangements, or autopsy reports concerning him. All that I know is that he was 20 years old, and not too many 20 year old soldiers just drop dead!

There's some really fucked up shit happening, and I'm trying to get to the bottom of it, but its not easy!

Anonymous said...

stoney... as internet reports go the WMR story is well done and stands tall with lotsa names, events, and dots. your dive into the rabbit hole is much appreciated.

contrast that to the spin-off story about "all the guys involved in the incident turned up dead" story which, under elementary scrutiny, appears to be no more than another example of things being quickly blown out of proportion. there may be something to the blue story but every other name submitted as one of "the guys" is highly suspect without more data. two of them died BEFORE the deal went down and the whole story looks to be, at worst, a red herring and at best, an unfortunate pile of bullshit midst what may very well be one of the most improtant events in this war. especially if this is indeed a story about orders defied. couldn't no visable arrest of those responsible just as well be viewed as credibility stoney?

murph... dem pri armies, ie, blackwater, dyncorp, et al amount to one nasty piece of the action in this pix don't they? sure reminds me of the likes of baldwin/felts back in the days of the coal miner wars of appalachia.

fa... the movie is HERE. NOW! at least the previews. and opening soon. no price of admission either unless you want to call serious challenge to way of life the price of admission. and thats a price i've been willing and waiting to pay for a loooooong time!

all.... the "movie" is showing up big time in the web bot reports. in the short term (between now and spring), dollar death. in the longer term (into fall 08) revolution through the rise of self organizing communities as factions of revolution (which will likely escalate to global in scope)as well as factions of "awakening". aka expansion of consciousness/awareness. but this rise also feeds into the diaspora meme as massive displacement of peoples comes along with it.

think of it this way... the sin qua non toward revolution is the breakdown of what might be called concensus reality. likewise, TPTB can be seen as the highest level elite in the social order and in order to maintain control, consensus reality is the sin qua non. depending on who's side your on you can blame or thank the internet for the breakdown of consensus reality.

so, in the longer term, along with dollar death is death to TPTB and death of religion. but they won't go down easy.

and thats all assuming momma nature behaves herself between now and then... which she won't/ain't. so add that into the pix too... p

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