Monday, January 15, 2007

B. C. T. P. Two scenarios, same shit!!!!!

There's a new "buzzword"' that you'll see bouncing around more and more as the 2008 elections get close. It's called "The Barely Contained Terrorist Plot", or as the press is getting ready to start calling it: BCTP. Expest this one to used as much as WMDs

What it REALLY stands for is "Bush's Crusty Toilet Paper"! By merely producing it, he can prove by a preponderance of the evidence, that somewhere, somehow, some shit went on, and he knows about it!! The "Sheople just LOVE initials!! Makes every thing sound all MILITARY, and shit!!!

Well I've spent some time in the military, and I can tell you from painful experience, It's not WHAT you know! It's not WHO you know! It's who you know knows what, and whether they're supposed to know it or not! Sound confusing? Unless you've been there, you have no fucking idea!

It's a total nutwork scenario from day one!!! The military takes the shit you came there with, and gives you new shit to replace the shit they just took! After that they tell you that there's no shit, that you know shit about, and if you give them shit about it, you'll be in deep shit!! Then they dress you up in the same shit every body else there is wearing, and teach you how to walk!!! There ain't no damned way ANY human being is going to go through this shit without losing his shit, and going shit-house crazy! There's a good reason for it too!

The United States Military does one thing, and one thing only! They blow up shit, and kill people for The President of The United States of America! If Bush tells the military to blow up your shit, and kill your ass, then you're pretty well fucked! It's a given that you aren't going to find the most well adjusted individuals out there to volunteer for this gig!

The military pretty much has two choices! There's those who have no choice, and join to get themselves out of some sort of shit they've found themselves stuck in, and then there's those that actually, and intensely WANT to blow shit up, and kill people! The military's job is to turn the first type into the second type! They've gotten pretty good at it too!

Out of the second batch you find some really scarey fuckers!!! Hang a maniacal grin under a thousand-yard-stare, and you've got the last guy you want to see walking around with live ammunition! Bush is definately one of the scarey ones!!!

Given President Pork Pie's only military service was limited to keeping the azure skys of Alabama safe from the dreaded Viet-Cong! And about the ONLY thing positive that ANY body has ever found to say about his military career is that during his watch, Alabama was not attacked from the air! But I believe that he genuinely WANTED to blow shit up and kill people! Dear Old Dad, drug him back for a cushy tour stateside, so he wouldn't get blown up or killed!!

Now he's The President, and he can get other people to do the dying, while he sits back and watches the show!! Nice gig for a nut-job!! The bitch is, that you can only do this for eight years at a time! And then, only if he can convince Congress to let him! Guess what? He did! Now for the hat trick!!

Bush wants to attack Iran so bad he can TASTE IT!!!!! But he needs something to get Congress to LET him! To this end "Bush's Crusty Toilet Paper" has already been deployed! On the VERY day he gave a speach to "The Faux News" faithful, through his Press Secretary Tony Snow, (who was one of "Condi's Boys" before he was one of "The President's Men"), and the MSM!

Already an Iranian Diplomatic Consolate has been raided in Iraq, and the Iranians inside taken captive. "Iveadinnerjacket" isn't the most stable individual out there to be fucking with! He's over in Venuzella at this very minute sitting with Huggo Chavez! That's like The Pope going over to Ozzy Ozborne's house for dinner! There's only one thing to bring these two men together! Bush scares the shit out of them!

The Iraqi Foreign Minister has already requested the diplomats' release, but Bush isn't doing requests this week. That will happen when he has to release all the people that have been snatched off the street without any evidence except that which would damage "National Security" if it were released!!

The press will of course line up to hang breathless on every word of it, and just as quick to consign it to the back-pages when it all turns out to be a wild bunch of delusional inuendo, tied up with a bright ribbon of hyperbole! They are being given the job of spreading B.C.T.P. across this great land of ours, and they'll try to sell it to US!!!! Get ready for the show!!! It just started!!!

Oh yea!!! Big story of the week!! Bush has a "Carrier Force" in The Persian Gulf!!!!

Like no shit!!!

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