Sunday, April 23, 2006

Oh Yea! By the Way!

They fixed my Dish Network system! Isn't that great! Now I have over 200 chanels of mindless shit to chose from! Has anyone been watching this shit that is presented as entertainment? This brainless crap filled with barely concious teen-agers acting like they have no sense whatsoever? The stupid soap-opras filled with sex and violence that hold all the church ladies spellbound right before they ran shrieking into the streets to bitch and moan about "South Park"? Let me tell you something! So far "South Park and a few offerins from "Link" and "FSTV" are the only things on TV that don't insult my intelegence or drive me bug-eyed into the street with rage!

And what the fuck is up with all these drug comercials? My God! The side effects are worse than the conditions this shit is supposed to treat! They sell an antacids and tell you that one of the side effects is abdominal pain! THAT"S WHY I"M TAKING THE ANTACID!!!!!! And I'm sure my wife will lose all her glorious memories concerning my 3 hour errection on my third day of anal seepage! Somehow I fail to see how it is helpful to have a rock-hard penis and anal seepage at the same time! It just seems like one would render the other useless! (Unless you ran with a real freaky crowd!) And the cartoon bee pedaling the $175.00 a bottle nasal spray... just...well...I'ld better not get started on that fucking bee or the $175.00 a bottle nasal spray!

My point is this: Watch television and you'll see what corporate America thinks and believes about the American public. They wave a flashy light in front of your eyes with one hand, and steal your money with the other. The only reason they do this is because they can! And they can because WE LET THEM!!!

So the good news is, that my Dish Network system works!
And the bad news is, that my Dish Network system works!

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