Sunday, March 25, 2007

Rising T.I.D.E

I've been hearing a lot of buzz about this for the last two or three months, but about a week ago every body just slammed shut about it! Lately a little bit of info has been trickling out fform the mainstram media about the F.B.I. and other three-lettered govenment entites using The Patriot Act to run rough-shod over We the People's civil rights. Now we take a look at how, and why they are doing it!

There is a federal bureaucracy based in Virgina known as "TIDE", which stands for "Terrorist Identities Datamart Environment". This database is designed to be a storehouse for organisations, and individuals who are a danger to The United States of America. (or so we are led to believe) Who is REALLY in this "datamart"? Well, if you have sent any emails or other corespondance, (including blogs) critical to George W Bush or the present administration, YOU ARE!!!! Along with antiwar organizations, church groups, environmentalists, certain theater companies, Muslims, and Muslim groups, and people opposed to globalization, the death penalty, marijauna laws, and anything else The Bush Administation thinks we simply must have to ensure our happy lives, under his iron rule!

Here's and example of exacly what is going on with these paranoid idiots! For over a year before the Republican National Convention, The NYPD traveled across America, and the world in a covert action to ferret out anyone that might come to New York, and piss up a rainstorm over The Republican's little day in the sun. Included in this list was practicly every progressive voice in the world they could find, whether they seemed dangerous or not! All these many names were put in thousands of reports stamped "NYPD Secret" and given a snug home in a nice neat files at TIDE! So if you are in any way unapreciative of King George the Dim's rule, YOU ARE IN THE FILES!!! Oh! And it just gets worse from here! THESE FILES ARE GROWING!!! In fact they grew from less than 100,00 names to well over 500,000 since 2003! It is from these files that the infamous "No Fly" list is drawn, along with whatever "perp watch" scenario, that ANY law enforcement arm might want to put into play!! Got nothing to hide? I'll send flowers!! YOU'RE OBVIOUSLY DEAD!!!! Live in the United States? Well you've been breaking laws, or done something society frowns on! BELIEVE IT!!! Fear is a good motivator!! If you get somebody scared enough, they will sell out their own mother!! Oh!! Their mother is inocent of any wrong doing? No problem!!! They'll just hold them in a nice dark cell under "Terrorist Watch" guidelines for 23 hours a day, 7 days a week, long enough, and they WILL get a signed confession!! Use the timeless art of brainwashing skillfully enough, and you can get a living, breathing human being to confess to the Lincoln assasination! Does the law care they have the wrong person? FUCK NO!!! All you are is a name on a file, and a number on a sheet! All the prosecution wants to do is stamp that sheet "Convicted" and forget you ever existed!

Now I'm sure there are many out ther STILL bleating "We need these tools to catch the terrorists!" No! We don't!! What we NEED to do is quit making ourselves a TARGET for the Terrorist! Getting the fuck out of Iraq would be a good start! Telling Israel to get off their high horse and get allong with their neighbors is another!

Israel doesn't even TRY!!! If they were to honestly reach out and honestly attempt to open a dialogue, they would find their neighbors are just as sick and tired of this shit as they are!! If Israel were to get rid of their nukes, then maybee... just maybee, Iran would get rid of their's!

Of course!! It's all so simple, that a child could see it! And of course that's why it will NEVER happen!

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