Monday, October 29, 2007

Rest in peace, Robin. Rest in Peace.

Today I got an email from Montana Freeman. It was bad news. Robin Prosser, fellow medical marijuana activist, concert pianist, and brave soldier for over a quarter century against the agonizing pain of an immunosuppressive disease that cause her body to attack itself, finally gave up the fight.

Denied the medicine that would have treated her condition by the DEA whose Rocky Mountain Field Agent stated that the heartless act of seizing her medicine was "protecting people from their own state laws"! Until broken and racked by pain, she took her own life on October 18, 2007. (A day that truly deserves to live in infamy!). She was fifty years old at the time of her death.

In the last blog I ended with a quote from Samuel Adams that rings truer today than it did when Former President Adams spoke it over two hundred years ago! It should be put at the bottom of EVERY letter to EVERY Congressional Representative, and Senator sent!

The Religious Right isn't the only side that can drag up "The Founding Fathers" to throw weight to the argument! Only in our case it's THE TRUTH!!! Not some cooked up bullshit like the statement about all the "pastors" signing the "Declaration of Independence", when there was but one!

The fight for Medical Marijuana is not a new one for me. I've been fighting for it since my mother died of cancer in 1987. Seventy five percent of The American Public stands beside me on this issue, but the "Rethuglicans", and their strange ideology that declares them to be the moral compass of the nation, stand in the way of ANY sort of laws to protect the sick and dying from the jack-booted Brownshirts of The DEA!

It's WAY past time to bring this out in the open! MPP, NORML, and other organizations are doing one hell of a job of it, but they need more support from the American People! It's time to make medical marijuana a hot-button issue in this election, and to make sure the candidates know the American People are behind us on this! Drag out the facts, and let the SEE what is happening!

I call on EVERYBODY who goes to a political rally where John McCain is speaking, to make signs that say: "Robin Prosser. 1957-2007. Medical Marijuana Patient killed by DEA actions!"

McCain says he's never heard of an instance where a medical marijuana patient has been harmed in any way by The DEA! STICK ROBIN'S NAME IN HIS FACE!!!! LET HIS BULLSHIT BITE HIM ON THE ASS!!!!!

Don't stop with McCain, either! DRAG THIS ISSUE OUT INTO THE STREETS!!!!! PUT IT IN THE FOREFRONT!!!! Don't let ANY candidate sweep it under the rug! Ask EVERY candidate whether he or she will support a law to allow access to medical marijuana! DEMAND TO ANSWERED, AND DON'T TAKE SOME MEALLY-MOUTHED DOUBLE SPEAK!! YES OR NO!!! The worse they can do is drag you off! If they do, go quietly, and move on to the NEXT candidate! (That's what I do!) Make yourself a ROYAL pain in the ass! You've got a voice!! USE IT!!!!!! You only lose when you give up!! DON"T GIVE UP!!!! Get all the people around you that will stand with you, and STAND TOGETHER!!!!! If they have to bring out the "Brownshirts" to try and silence you, then you're getting close to winning!!! Sooner or later, they'll have to give this dumb shit up, and it might as well be now! We've got Congressional Representatives, and Senators on our side! It's time to get more!

Oh Yea! By the way!! Heath Shueler? I voted for you! I campained for you! I stood as one of your many supporters! I helped you get rid of "Chainsaw Charley Taylor" What did you do with all that support? You voted against allowing seriously sick people access to medical marijuana! Next election, I WON"T FORGET THAT!!!!


Wilma Lamb said...

Yes Robin rest in peace.
Montana Freeman, my deepest sympathy for your loss.
I have read your posts and agree with your sentiments.
Denying terminally ill people medical marijuana is a crime against humanity.
From the capers cut by so many of our elected officials and the one in the White House who was selected not elected one wonders how much pot and stronger stuff they use to ease their pain for their labor in our behald, keeping us on the straight and narrow.
If you read a headline about the old gray-haired lady in the pokey for civil disobedience send me a card of sympathy

Stella said...

Stoney13, as you know I'm with you 100%. What a great blog you have. Thanks so much for stopping by.

Our perspective on Swiftspeech is similar: I'll post what I damned well please here and invite people to post comments the same way! Rant all you want!! I do! Freedom of Speech is the order of the day here.

We welcome both liberals and conservatives to air their thoughts. We get crude and rude, too. (What would you expect from a blogger who's favorite show is "Deadwood?")

We invite you and Wilma to stop by and rant any time. As you know, I am horrified by Robin's death. It was so unnecessary.

Wilma, your comment is dead on: "Denying terminally ill people medical marijuana is a crime against humanity." You couldn't be more right. There are reams of information out there that prove marijuana is a panacea for many diseases. Anyone who doubts that is brainwashed.

Wilma Lamb said...

Thank you for the kind words Stella, I retired as a licensed nurse before Marijuana was recognized as a panacea for incurable pain, tho I saw terminally ill people with unbearable pain made to wait the required time until the next injection because they might become addicted!!! What the hell difference does it make, they are weeks or months from death, give them the relief they need.
Some pothead can go out on the street, buy a roach,smoke it and if caught get a slap on the wrist.
Of course if the purveyer of the pot is nailed he gets jailed while HIS supplier goes scot free and users of the hard stuff like El Presidente can go to Mexico on the family Lear jet to visit Jeb's bro-in-law Vincente Fox and bring back a load duty-free.
What a world we live in.
Do you have a blog? if so please send me a link at I have an opinion on everthing especially the commander in thief and liar in chief

Anonymous said...

Jesus Stoney, this story is going all over the place,what an incredible instrument this place of communication.
i did not know Robin personally but she was a good sister i know that for sure, these girls make me so god damn proud to just be in their presence, they are awesome.
Some time i wonder just what the purpose of it all is and it always comes down to the same goddam thing, control control control.
The bastards just got to have a foot on someones neck just to get a nut!!
The sick fuckers!
You know the way things are going and the info that is somehow getting out to many of the masses of sleepers it is bound to grow,and when it does look the fuck out, it will be a hell storm for sure.
We laugh at the antics of rednecks but the day will come when even those brothers will stand up to the the bushshit if they haven't already and look out for that event also.
it would be well advised to have them in your corner with the hoglegs you know they pack!

Robin we here salute you for your bravery and a piece of us rides with you to where ever you find yourself flying girl,we know the great spirit takes you into its arms and holds you close and chases away the tears of pain caused by the evil that plagues this nation.
we do honor you this and every day of our lives and will never forget you and the sisters like you that have the courage to stand as one sisterhood and spit into the face of that which will end up on the gallows so help me.

murph said...

Stoney, I have seen this issue come and go over the years. I think one of the problems in dealing with it is the vast amount of money involved that finds its way into the banks and stock markets. While the institutional income from pot is relatively small in comparison to the poppy crops, it is enough to protect. They allow one exception and you know, the domino effect. All pot smokers will want the same protection. Can't have that, the price would go down.

Wilma Lamb said...

You are right Murph but being against pot in ANY form turns on the Holy Rollers and gets fools elected who would otherwise be also rans.Sam Brownback, US Senator from Kansas is a prime example tho his is a misnomer, he should be Brownose to the Religious Right.
I was 2 months past my 8th birthday when my maternal grandfather died of colon cancer. Then there was relatively little cancer(pre-atomic age) and no diagnostic tools so by the time he recognized the symptoms it was way too late.
He suffered terribly as the modern drugs were rare and not readily available.
Robin, rest in peace. There is no stigma attached to suicide when it is a release from pain

stoney13 said...


There's no problem getting a link to Stella's blog! Just left click her name in blue above her comment. That will take you right to it!

Stella said...

Wilma, you are so nice. Yes, please click on my name and stop by. You are so right about pot. The illegality of marijuana for gravely ill people is a travesty. It's definitely one of my hot button topics.

So, come on by. Your opinions are welcome. Boy, stoney13, I'm glad you stopped by. Great group here. I relate to your profile.

Happy Halloween to you all...

Stella said...

Stoney, have you seen this site? It's not political, but happy browsing.

Tom Degan's Daily Rant said...

What a horrible story, Stoney. Robin Prosser's name should be a reminder to all of us the stupidity of our marijuana laws. By the time you get to be my age (I'm 49) you've known at least fifty people in your life who have died from too much booze or cigarettes.

Question: Name me one person who has ever died from too much pot. Not only have I never known anyone to go that way, I'm not even aware of it happening in all recorded human history. What is wrong with this stupid, fuckingcountry?

Tom Degan

stoney13 said...


Great site! I've been trying to fing a copy of "Anderson, Bruford, Wakeman, and Howe Live". It was out about fifteen years ago, and I haven't been able to find it ANYWHERE!!!

I know it was on CD, because I used to have a copy of it before the State of North Carolina decided they wanted me for a guest at a very secure location!The CD was gold, if I remember correctly

The Wendigo said...


Robin Prosser's story is sad. I live in Missoula where Robin spent her last years.

Missoula's tolerance of marijuana possession offenders is somewhat legendary in Montana. And then on top of that, we passed the Initiative state-wide approving Medical Marijuana use. In response to that Initiative, the rather fascist and authoritarian chief of Missoula's police force made a public statement that said he didn't care whether the Initiative existed, he was going to bust people for marijuana regardless of medical need or medical justification.

That was probably the last straw for Robin, practically speaking, where her continued use of marijuana was concerned.

Missoula has been invaded by self-righteous super-square yuppies from other parts of America where authoritarian tactics are accepted and promoted. The police dept is stoked about that, because they now can bust more heads and arrest more people, and claim that the majority of Missoula supports them. And sadly, with the way we're growing in the Square Joe/Jane category, he's probably correct.

Missoula used to be a place where many people, many views, and many types of behavior were at least tolerated and in some ways, encouraged.

No more.

I'm sure that drift caused no end of sorrow for Robin. And it's damned sad, because it didn't have to be this way.

stoney13 said...

The Wendigo,

Thanks for stopping by!

I know what you're talking about, brother! Been there, done that! In Hendersonville, North Carolina it used to be such a great little town! Sure there were a few really WILD rednecks, but for the most part they were pretty cool once you got to know them, then the big money real estaye developers got wind of the place, and now it's got ten golf courses, twenty "gated communities",(with the obligatory "McMansions" and enough right-wing ass wipes to shake a stick at! Now the County Commissioners are a bunch of real estate developers, and big money builders, and you can't even build a tool shed without a building permit, and a contractors license! Fuck it! I bought some land in Saluda, and I never looked back!

Stella said...


From one Yes fan to another, I found the ABW&H CD and DVD:

CD (the CD is called An Evening of Yes Music Plus)
If you're interested, here's the British version.

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