Friday, February 15, 2008

Fear and The Fucking Fear Mongers that Fear the Fucking They Are Soon to Feel!

Today all the Republican in the House of Representatives rose up in mass and scampered out the front door, to the place where a podium with microphones conveniently happened to be! A PODIUM! And magicaly does it appear! Complete with all the auditory-amplifying protuberances jutting forth! And John Bohner, (he pronounces it "Bay-ner", but I know a dick when I see one!), steps right up and decrees that since the dirty-bad-nasty Democrats won't let all of his many friends in the tele-comunications lobby run roughshod over our civil rights, that he and his little friends had taken their ball and gone home with their fingers stuck in their ears, singing, "La la la la la! We can't hear you! La la la la la!"

Look, "Boner"! I've got a better idea! Why don't you and the rest of the fuck-sticks in Congress that think AT&T, and Verizon should be given Ex post facto protection from prosecution and/or lawsuits for conspiring with President Pork Pie to break the law, JUST KEEP FUCKIN' WALKING! That's right! Just march your happy asses to whatever nation thinks the way you assholes do, and run THAT country into the ground! Go there! Leave America to those that love it!

There is one truth in America! "Don't do the crime, if you can't do the time"! It goes the same for everyone in this country! Presidents, stoners, telecom companies, shit slingers, grief bringers, EVERY-FUCKING-BODY!!!! Don't like it? TOUGH! I did a two-year sentence as a guest of The North Carolina Department of Corrections for weed that wasn't even mine! I got over it! AT&T, and Verizon will too!

I will now address President Pork Pie:

President Pork Pie,

Look, dude! I've got this strage feeling that you don't seem to be paying attention! Do you even listen to what you say? Do you write this shit down, or are you just making it up as you go along?

"Who's to blame?"' you told us yesterday afternoon, "These people in Congress passed a good bill last summer....The problem is, that they let the bill expire. My attitude is: if the bill was good enough then, why not let it pass again?"

Alright, I'll answer that question! We have learned and grown as a country since last summer! We know you for what you are! A FUCKING FACIST, AND A LIAR!!! That's right! We finally figured it out! Why do you think your own party is running on a platform of change? Why do you think that all the Republicans candidates are avoiding any mention of your administration? Your own party is jumping ship! And as November 7 gets closer, even more rats will swim!

You stand like some school boy whose mother shot his dog right before she stepped out in front of a bus, and whine about "Americans in danger" Want to know who put Americans in danger? YOU! That's right, YOU! By your own statements you put Americans at risk to save your friends in the tele-comunications business! You were given the bill! YOU VETOED IT!!!!!!

Now you say that if you don't get your tele-com immunity, the law will die, and so will Americans! BULLSHIT!!! The Protect America Act has provisions to keep the act in effect for another year! GIVE IT UP!!!! KARL ROVE LEFT, AND YOU'RE NO GOOD AT IT!!!!!

(I'm still working on a post about the VA and it's MANY sins. This nonsense popped up yesterday afternoon, and I just HAD to address it!)

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