Friday, January 27, 2006

George W, Bush is a Lousy Fucking Traitor

That's right! I said it! This madman with his delusions of godhood is well on his way to destroying all that is good and great aabout this country and I'm jolly well PISSED about it!

How dare this fuck-brained neocon describe the Constitution of The United States of America as that "That goddamned piece of paper"! HOW FUCKING DARE HE!!!!!!! This jerk-off took the same oath as I did! "To protect the Constitution of the United States of America from all enemies foreign and domestic"! By his own words and deeds, he has broken that oath and now stands as the greatest threat to the Constitution that this country has seen since the Civil War! The only moral thing for Bush to do now is blow his own brains out! (If he can find a gun with sights fine enough to hit a target that small!)

How dare this shaven ape in a cheap suit call himself a "War time President"! What a crock of shit! A war based on a lie that he said was over months ago! There is no fucking war! Iraq? That's not a war! That's a neocon trick to steal a country's oil! He said he would go by whatever the Irqi citizens said in their much-touted election! They said (quite clearly!) they wanted us the fuck out! We're still there!

Bush needs to give it up and go the fuck back to Texas! Hell I'll even buy him a bus ticket!

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

King George the Dim!!!

Alright folks! I promised something really scary and I will deliver! This is scarier than "President Dan Quale"!

It seems The Comander and Thief signed brand new executive orders that gives him SOLE authority to declare martial law, suspend the Posse Comitatus Act, and suspend habeas corpus! Yep! That's right! George Bush has finally made his grand grab for dictatorial power!

In fact, he actually discussed imposing martial law in the streets of the United States after the 9/11 attacks by the activation of the "national security initiatives" put in place by "Ronnie Ray Gun" back in the '80s

These "national security initiatives" were hatched by Oliver North, and charged FEMA with the administration of executive orders which would allow the suspension of the Coinstitution, establishment of internment camps, implimenting martial law, and turning over the government of The United States over to the President!

How did this sad state of affairs happen? Good question! Let's find some answers; Shall we?

It seems this all started with former FEMA director Louis Guiffrida, who had a great fear of a "national uprising of black millitants"! He came up with a plan to put 21 million African Americans in "relocation camps" He then passed the plan of to John Brinkerhoff who developed the martial law implementation plan following the guide Guiffrida drew up. Ronnie Ray Gun looked it over and liked what he saw. He signed off on it and the initiatives were put into place and forgotten about untill King George the Dim took office.

Enter the Neocons! It seems Brinkerhoff moved on to the infamous Anser Institute for Homeland Security, and following the 9/11 attacks, provided arguments for implimenting "national scurity initiatives" which would allow the implimentation of martial law and the suspension of the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878.

Bush used parts of this plan to send US troops into the streets of New Orleans after Katrina as well as allowing FEMA to hire the mersenary Blackwater USA firm to "enforce security"

The Department of Homeland Security has established the "Northern Command for National Deffence. Which is and incredibly wide ranging program that includes not only FEMA, but the Pentagon, the FBI, and the National Security Agency. Executive orders have already been signed by Bush allowing the Northern Command to send troops into American streets, Sieze controll of radio, and television stations and networks and impose martial law in times of "national emergency"!

Make a guess who has SOLE authority to declare what is and is not a "national emergency"? Yep! You nailed it! George W. himself! Oh and you can forget about such petty annoyances as Congresional oversight! He doesn't have to consult of seek the approval of Congress for permision to completly take over the Government of the United States, and assume absolute power!

I've been trying to get a comfirmation from any government agencies about this but all I get is "We can neither confirm or deny" bullshit. Nobody seems to want to talk about it!

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

If This Doesn't Piss You Off, Nothing Will

I just learned today that the Radical Right Wing Neocons have a brand new trick! This one even took me by surprise!

It seems that some hate- spewing jerk-off masquerading as a man of God has a brand new trick! HE AND HIS CONGREGATION ARE PROTESTING FUNERALS OF OUR HONERED DEAD!!! That's right folks! This right-wing nut-job is marching around funerals for our fallen soldiers from Bush's little misadventure, waving signs that say things like "Thank God For Dead Soldiers", and "God Hates Fags"! So much for all the stickers and ribbons that say "Support our Troops" next to those fish on all the pundit's trunk lids!

This group from the Westboro Babtist Church in Topeka Kansas is led by the Reverend, (and I use the term losley) Fred Phelps. A 76 year old hate- spewing bigot who has been protesting gay funerals for 15 years.

"Our view of this situation is that God Almighty blew these kids to smithereens and sent them to hell.", This sanctimonious prick told Doug Thompson of "The Capitol Hill Blues" ( He further stated that "God is punishing a fag army- don't ask, don't tell- For a fag-loving agenda of a fag loving nation!"

It would be bad enough if we were talking about a few isolated incedents, but this is far bigger than that! These lousy stinking Anti- American Neocons have turned up at over 70 funerals in the last few months, wving their signs and jeering at the parents of slain Americn slodiers as they spend their last few precious moments with their children after giving their all to their country!

At the funeral of 21 year old Army Infantryman Christopher Alcozar, a group of half a dozen of these sick, lousey, whack- jobs waved signs and shouted hate- filled slogans at the assembled mourners.

"It was bad enough that I got harrassed after I got out of Vietnam", said Jesse Alcozer of Elmhurst Illinois, the father of the slain infantryman, "But after 37 years of trying to get rid of this wound, they are doing this to my son."

Now in this time of unwarranted wiretaps and the wost of "The Patriot Act" brought to bear against Peta and vegans, Bush calls these sick fuckers "his base" It sure as hell wouldn't do for any of them to show up here at any funeral that I may have to attend. (I have two nephews and a cousin in Iraq). They would quickly learn that I believe in and exercise my second ammendment rights! And here they would never find a jury to convict me!

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