Thursday, April 26, 2007

SNAFUS, and Other Mind-Fucks!

Well hasn't Blogger been handing me a rich and meaty ration of shit! This makes the third time I've tried to post on this blog, only to see my work disapear into the void!! I haven't been able to log onto ANY comment boards, on ANY Blogger blogs through Firefox, and only now can I get in through my Internet Explorer!

Needless to say, the April 6 invasion didn't happen! Oh don't believe that it won't happen! It just won't happen right now ! Oh President Pork Pie wanted it to happen, it's just that Congress opened up a huge bag of large and angry snakes, and dropped them soundly in his lap!

It seems with Congress trolling for scandals in his administration, and snagging some real whoppers, he found his schedule too full to give the order! (Or at least that's what I heard was the main reason!) With his Head Torturer, and The Keeper of the Books, Gonzales, and Rove getting caught up in this mess with the subpenas and all, he had to back off quick to keep We the People from learning the ugly truth that mast be hidden for our own good! I believe that it may be some time before he even begins to go launching anything at Iran, and I also believe that he knows it!

I also believe that the fact that all the web suddenly went buzzing with this story right after it was sneaked out of Russia, led to Congress' picking this time to throw their big bag of shit down Bush's chimney! It worked! Thank God!!!

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