Thursday, September 13, 2007

Dollars and Sense

Yea, I know! The tittle is a cornball pun that's so worn out it's pathetic! When Moses was young, it was old! The only reason I drug this tired old saw out, dusted it off, filed it sharp, oiled it up, and sent it singing at President Pork Pie, is that I couldn't come up with any better tittle for this post! Nothing else fit so well!!!! So save your slings and arrows until you read it!

According to the best low-ball estimate, By Joseph Stiglitz, (Nobel Prize winner in economics), President Pork Pie has blown the shit out of a trillion dollars in Iraq. That's ONE TRILLION!!!!

His moderate estimate is TWO TRILLION!!!!

Lets just take a minute here and find out just how many a trillion is! Let's say you have a trillion dollar bills, and you want to count them. You take a seat and if I were you, I would get a real comfortable one, too, because it's going to take you over 31,709 years to get the job done, if you count one dollar per second! That's thirty one thousand, seven hundred, and nine years! THAT'S THREE TIMES THE AGE OF CIVILIZATION!!!!! If you did have one trillion dollar bills, you'd never know, and neither would any future member of you family! It's a number so vast, that primitive mathematics could only deal with it in the abstract! Nobody has ever counted to one trillion, and nobody ever will!

Had the ancient Babylonians started counting when the first settlements of Mesopotamia were founded, they would be less that a third of the way to a trillion, yet President Pork Pie has blown that much money there since 2003!!!!!!! THAT'S A SHITLOAD OF BREAD!!!!!

And Afghanistan is a whole 'nother deal!!! Were just talking about Iraq!!!

That means a whole trillion dollars for Haliburton, (who just moved off-shore so they're untouchable by US law!), and all Bush's buddies in the defence, and oil industry! Who have repeatedly (and with The Bush Administration's blessings), put the bottom line above the bottom ends of our troops, and mumble quietly about the "brave sacrifices" when those same bottom-ends get blown off, by IEDs and RPGs that have been in use in that area for the last fifty years, yet our troops were completely caught by surprise, and unequipped, when they began to be employed against them!! WHY???!!!

A trillion dollars has been spent, but our troops drink unsafe water, and eat substandard food!!! WHY???!!!

A trillion dollars has been spent, but our wounded troops are housed in filthy, vermin-ridden hospitals that look like something out of a third-world horror story! RIGHT HERE IN THE UNITED STATES!!! WHY???!!!!

A trillion dollars has been spent, yet soldiers with the early symptoms of PTSD are frequently given a General Discharge for "Unacceptable personality issues"! Because if a soldier is diagnosed with PTSD, then that soldier must be treated for that condition, and if found to be disabled by it, be given full disability payments!! So they just boot them out for "personality issues", and have to give them nothing!! WHY??!!

A trillion dollars! More money than any one person could spend in a lifetime in Los Vegas! Bush has squandered it to bring suffering to American soldiers and their families, and to saddle an over-taxed and already heavily laden military with an utterly impossible job, in an utterly inhospitable place!

I can think of no better example of what happens when they, who have no sense get their hands on dollars!!! The problem is, those dollars are OURS!!!!!

Even worse, these senseless actions are done IN OUR NAME!!!! WHY???!!!!!


Blake said...

Why??????!!!!!you ask Stoney

Because we elected this buffoon, not just once but TWICE, to the most powerful job on the planet

MY turn to ask WHY??????

Rick Lippin

mrs p said...

dear stoney:
It has to be just plain old greed which is so old (I mean chronic) that they can't even do greed right. They've been gangstas so long they're getting real sloppy about it. This crew has been in deep with the Saudi's going back decades, back before Porkpie was even out of high school, his daddy was hooking up with those Saudi Princes over there making deals with and for oil. They think they're beyond reproach. The biggest criminals in the history of the world. I think Americans would be shocked if they knew the half of it. Especially all the covert things that have been done to innocent people and countries going back decades, with our tax dollars and in our name. America is at the last cliff of ever having any nobility or rightousness ever again, in my opinion. We've lost any good that was ever done over to these sub-human oppressors. Yet I believe too that the world is watching and hoping we can pull out of this nose dive.

Wilma Lamb said...

Hey Stoney Check this out!! I read earlier that nuclear missles were "mistakenly" loaded on the wings of a plane leaving Minot North Dakota but "found" in time.
Then in just a short time all 6 crew members turned up dead.How is that for swift justice? Wilma

Anonymous said...

i read something yesterday that fits into this same category of distrubing un-imaginables... if the population of china marched past you, 8 abreast, the line would never end because of reproduction.

ya, its questionable since the chinese have imposed restrictions on reproduction with severe penaltiies. but apply the global repro rate to the model and its highly likey valid.

tea anyone? ...p

Stella said...

And my taxes are paying for this unnecessary $2.4 billion war, and the Pretender and the Pacemaker couldn't even find it in their hearts(?) to pass SCHIP and the Stem Cell bill.

Both would have cost the U.S. approximately the same as 60 days in the Iraq occupation.

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