Monday, October 29, 2007

Rest in peace, Robin. Rest in Peace.

Today I got an email from Montana Freeman. It was bad news. Robin Prosser, fellow medical marijuana activist, concert pianist, and brave soldier for over a quarter century against the agonizing pain of an immunosuppressive disease that cause her body to attack itself, finally gave up the fight.

Denied the medicine that would have treated her condition by the DEA whose Rocky Mountain Field Agent stated that the heartless act of seizing her medicine was "protecting people from their own state laws"! Until broken and racked by pain, she took her own life on October 18, 2007. (A day that truly deserves to live in infamy!). She was fifty years old at the time of her death.

In the last blog I ended with a quote from Samuel Adams that rings truer today than it did when Former President Adams spoke it over two hundred years ago! It should be put at the bottom of EVERY letter to EVERY Congressional Representative, and Senator sent!

The Religious Right isn't the only side that can drag up "The Founding Fathers" to throw weight to the argument! Only in our case it's THE TRUTH!!! Not some cooked up bullshit like the statement about all the "pastors" signing the "Declaration of Independence", when there was but one!

The fight for Medical Marijuana is not a new one for me. I've been fighting for it since my mother died of cancer in 1987. Seventy five percent of The American Public stands beside me on this issue, but the "Rethuglicans", and their strange ideology that declares them to be the moral compass of the nation, stand in the way of ANY sort of laws to protect the sick and dying from the jack-booted Brownshirts of The DEA!

It's WAY past time to bring this out in the open! MPP, NORML, and other organizations are doing one hell of a job of it, but they need more support from the American People! It's time to make medical marijuana a hot-button issue in this election, and to make sure the candidates know the American People are behind us on this! Drag out the facts, and let the SEE what is happening!

I call on EVERYBODY who goes to a political rally where John McCain is speaking, to make signs that say: "Robin Prosser. 1957-2007. Medical Marijuana Patient killed by DEA actions!"

McCain says he's never heard of an instance where a medical marijuana patient has been harmed in any way by The DEA! STICK ROBIN'S NAME IN HIS FACE!!!! LET HIS BULLSHIT BITE HIM ON THE ASS!!!!!

Don't stop with McCain, either! DRAG THIS ISSUE OUT INTO THE STREETS!!!!! PUT IT IN THE FOREFRONT!!!! Don't let ANY candidate sweep it under the rug! Ask EVERY candidate whether he or she will support a law to allow access to medical marijuana! DEMAND TO ANSWERED, AND DON'T TAKE SOME MEALLY-MOUTHED DOUBLE SPEAK!! YES OR NO!!! The worse they can do is drag you off! If they do, go quietly, and move on to the NEXT candidate! (That's what I do!) Make yourself a ROYAL pain in the ass! You've got a voice!! USE IT!!!!!! You only lose when you give up!! DON"T GIVE UP!!!! Get all the people around you that will stand with you, and STAND TOGETHER!!!!! If they have to bring out the "Brownshirts" to try and silence you, then you're getting close to winning!!! Sooner or later, they'll have to give this dumb shit up, and it might as well be now! We've got Congressional Representatives, and Senators on our side! It's time to get more!

Oh Yea! By the way!! Heath Shueler? I voted for you! I campained for you! I stood as one of your many supporters! I helped you get rid of "Chainsaw Charley Taylor" What did you do with all that support? You voted against allowing seriously sick people access to medical marijuana! Next election, I WON"T FORGET THAT!!!!

Friday, October 26, 2007

Big Brother is STILL Watching You!!

"As nightfall does not come at once, neither does oppression. In both instances, there is a twilight when everything remains seemingly unchanged. And it is in this twilight that we all must be most aware of the change that is in the air - no matter how slight - lest we become unwitting victims of the darkness"
--Justice William O Douglas.

I can't think of a better way to start this post than with the words of Justice Douglas. If we were ever in the twilight it's now!

President Pork Pie is aspiring to what can only be termed as the powers of a kingship! Seeking to go delving into any body's private matters with no judicial oversight, or for that matter any over sight of any kind! And now we are informed that these powers he seeks were not the result of 9/11 as even the most angry of his denouncers have accepted, but were in truth in the works months before! Even "The Patriot Act" was in the works long before 9/11 was even an issue!

The fact that 9/11 was known about in the planning stages by the government long before the first plane flew is a subject that has been proven. I will not go into it here. There are reams of conspiracy theories on the web concerning the World Trade Center. So many in fact that the water is so muddy now that we may never find the truth about who did what, and when. In fact, I seriously doubt that even if the truth was produced with incontrovertible evidence to support the facts, nobody would believe it! Disinformation, wild speculation hyperbole, and conjecture has done more to hide the truth than any shadowy government agency ever could! Whatever happened on 9/11/2001 happened! We cannot go back and fix it now! Nothing will bring back those 3000 souls. No act can ever undo the horror of that day.

Freedon however is being steadily gnawed away by President Pork Pie, and Darth Cheney! it isn't because of 9/11 that our civil rights are in peril! They've been eaten away by "The War on Drugs" for decades! Every time I hear some Brownshirt wannabee whining about how they need "more tools against the drug dealers" I want to PUKE!!!

Now don't get me wrong! I don't hate police officers! We couldn't sleep safe in our beds without them! It isn't the fault of the police! They have a shit job to do, and I wouldn't have it for all the gold in the country! I can understand their frustration! They've been given the job of bailing out the ocean with a bucket, and handed shit from every corner when they find that they can't do it! No wonder they go snakeshit every once in a while! You would to if you had to do what they do! It isn't the police that I'm pissed off about! It's the drug laws themselves! It's the ridiculous notion that we can fight a war against a concept, or a state of being! The police have the unenviable task of being the face of that law! Why the fuck is it completely legal to go to a grocery store, and score the hooch of your chosing (if you're 21), yet it's illegal to smoke a joint?

Every day muderers, theives, and rapists are turned out onto the streets to make more room in the prison system for people who have done nothing worse than cop a buzz, or help somebody else cop one! America has more people in prison per capita, than any other country in the world!

Every day children come to fear and hate police officers that children used to look up to because Mom and Dad burn a joint once in a while! D.A.R.E. has become one of the biggest joke in the nation! ("Hey dad! Guess what happened today in school today? Ten cops came and taught us how to make a bong!!!") Resource officers give the kids a great leg up on how to avoid the cops, and hide their stash!

The Patriot Act is just another brick in a grim and monstrous wall between the American People and the Constitution. It's a job started by "The War on Drugs" and getting a huge boost by "The War on Terror", and nobody seems to get it! As long as there's something as misguided as "The War on Drugs", WE DON"T HAVE ANY RIGHTS!! When the police can come and kick your door down because you smoke a green weed, WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOUR RIGHTS!!!

Right now, as we speak, terminally ill people are being denied the only substance that gives them any relief, because the DEA says "It sends the wrong message to the children" If this country has slid so far backwards that the sick and dying are left to die in agony because of an ideology that even it's most strident supporters admit has not one chance in hell of succeeding, then there is no wronger message that can be sent! If you can't keep drugs out of the prisons, then how the fuck can you keep them out of the schools!

And for the anti marijauna, anti hemp crowd out there that's scared that hemp will replace the pulpwood chipper, oil well, and cotton field as the source of fiber, plastic, and paper in this country, I will leave you with the words of Samuel Adams:

"If ye love wealth more than liberty, the tranquility of servitude greater than the animating contest for freedom, go home from us in peace. We seek not your council, nor your arms. Crouch down and lick the hand that feeds you; and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen." -- Samuel Adams

Friday, October 05, 2007

Help!! We're Being Fucked By an Elephant!!!!

Well! Yesterday, we all got a chance to see the new logo for the Republican Party Convention. It's a blue elephant with stars for eyes, and racing stripes, (no shit, people! RACING STRIPES!!!), standing on it's hind legs, with it's trunk raised.

Having been a carny at one time in my long ride on this spinning ball of mud, I happen to know that the only time an elephant stands on it's hind legs is when it's having sex, and even then, it's the male elephant that does the two legged two step.

The message here is clear, "We're gonna fuck ya blue! We're gonna fuck ya FAST! Were gonna fuck ya deep! And we got stars in our eyes!"

Now if any doubt as to who's going to get the big dick, let's take a look at the hearings held by The Senate Democratic Policy Committee in Washington last Friday, (just in time for the Friday news dump). The hearings were entitled "the Mistreatment of Iraq Contracting Whistle blowers". One of the more disturbing findings of this committee was that for every six dollars that went to the contractors in Iraq one was pinched! Pinched to the tune of TEN BILLION DOLLARS!!! It seems like this should be a newsworthy item, but like so many others, (inconvenient to President Pork Pie, and Darth Cheney), it was under-reported at best, or totally ignored by the MSM!

Oh and it just gets worse from here! It seems that Navy Veteran Donald Vance, (while working for contractor "The Shield Group Security Company") noticed that The Shield Group had a handy bit of enterprise going on! Seems like they were selling assault rifles, pistols, rocket launchers, and land mines to Iraqi insurgents, US military personnel, State Department personnel, and personnel from The Iraqi Embassy, and Ministry! Shield Group was "Weapons Are Us" of Baghdad!!!

Mr. Vance took a great deal of exception to this practice, and reported it to an FBI agent, while on a trip back home to Chicago. The agent set up a reporting system for Vance, and he weekly reported through emails, and telephone to the agent describing the illegal activities he had witnessed until he became increasingly uncomfortable at the facility, and resigned. His documentation was taken by the company, and he and a Mr. Ertyl contacted the Us Embassy, and a military rescue team rushed to the rescue on April 15. Did he get a pat on the back with a hail and hearty "Well done?" NO!!!!! Right before dawn on April 16, 2006 he was awoken, his wrists zip-tied, and made to wear goggles with duct tape over the lenses. He was then taken to Camp Cropper, and thrown into a cell in the infamous "Compound 5" where Saddam Husein had been held.

What followed was 97 days of intense questioning, sleep deprivation, and physical, and psychological torture! It wasn't until he was finally allowed to contact his fiance, and the story started to see the light of day that Vance, (and fellow American detainee Nathan Ertyl) were released. Ertyl had been declared, "An innocent civilian" on May 7 by the Camp Board, yet it was eighteen days before he was released.

Vance however would remain interred until July 20. This is how whistle blowers are treated by the US Military Tribunals that still say they are not a criminal court, so representation by an attorney is not allowed. Whistle blowers get this kind of treatment, but Blackwater, darling of the radical right-wing element in the United States gets Carde Blanche to do whatever they want, to whoever they want.

It's time for some shit to change, and we can't wait until the next election to change it! I just wrote every Congressman, and Senator in my district about this, and I suggest everybody that reads this do the same! Let 'em know we're pissed! Let 'em know we put 'em in there, and we will turn them out if they don't start doing the right thing!

Otherwise, I'd suggest a BIG jar of Vaseline!

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