Tuesday, April 29, 2008

"Mission Accomplished" Five Years From a Foul Lie, Seven Years From The Foulest!

Thursday May 1, will be the fifth anniversary of President Pork Pie's grand lie, proclaimed on a carrier deck that the war in Iraq was over, and our brave men, and women were heading home. I have neither the time or the bit space to go into all the lies that led up to, or proceeded after that obscene piece of grandstanding that put US Naval Personnel in danger, just so President Pork Pie could look all militaristic for the thirty-odd percent of the country that still believe in his bullshit!

We all watched in amazement as he jumped out of his zippy new fighter jet in his snazzy new flight suit, and pronounced a string of lies so profound that it's kept late-night comedians in material for years! We all sat in slack-jawed amazement at the depth, and breadth of these shameless falsehoods concerning what was done, and what was yet to be done.

But the lies I shall address today date from August 21. 2000. And if this certain speech was not so vile in it's falseness, so ridiculously, and patently the opposite of all that was said, as compared to all that was done, it would be the highest comedy! But for the grim truth of the suffering of our Veterans it would be the stuff of mirth undeniable! But the suffering is real, and these words as hollow as gourds on a mid-winter day! Submitted for your assessment is the speech I'm referring to:

"The facts are stark and the facts are real...Our men and women in uniform love their country more than their comfort. They have never failed us, and we must not fail them. But the best intentions and the highest morale are undermined by back-to-back deployments, poor pay, shortages of spare parts and equipment, and rapidly declining readiness."

"...these are signs of a military in decline and we must do something about it. The reasons are clear. Lack of equipment and material. Undermaning of units. Over deployment. Not enough time for family. Soldiers who are on food stamps, and soldiers who are poorly housed. Dick Cheney and I have a simple message today for our men and women in uniform, their parents, their loved ones, their supporters: Help is on the way!"

"A generation shaped by Vietnam must remember the lessons of Vietnam. When America uses force in the world, the cause must be just, the goal must be clear, and the victory must be overwhelming."

"To build morale in today's United States military we must keep faith with those who have worn the uniform in the past. We must keep faith with America's veterans. . . And keeping faith also means giving our veterans first-rate health care and treating the veterans with dignity. . . So chaotic is the process there is now a backlog of nearly one half-million claims. This is no way to treat any citizen, much less a veteran of our armed forces. The veterans health-care system and the claims process will be modernized, so that claims are handled in a fair and friendly way."

"In my Administration, the Department of Veterans Affairs will act as an advocate for veterans seeking benefit claims, not act as an adversary. Veterans who once stood in the line of fire to protect our freedom should not have to stand in the line of a bureaucracy that is unwilling to help them in their claims."

---George W. Bush VFW Speech - August 21, 2000

Alright Pork Pie! You actually said something I agree with! Our brave men and women are suffering! Homeless, indigent, untreated, and unmedicated! NOW GET OFF YOUR CORN FED ASS AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!!!!! KEEP YOUR WORD TO AMERICA'S BRAVEST AND BEST!!! KEEP YOUR WORD TO THEIR ORPHANS AND WIDOWS!!!!! Or are you the liar that I proudly, loudly, and unashamedly pronounce you to be?

Oh Yea! McCain? Read your watered down version of the GI Bill: BULLSHIT!!! OUR BEST, AND BRAVEST DESERVE MORE!!!! ALL WRONG, FUCK STICK!!! DO IT AGAIN!!!!! And THIS time get it right!!!!!

Friday, April 11, 2008

A Blight on America's Soul, Part 2

As promised, I will be addressing the plight of our Veterans today, and it will NOT be pretty! Researching this post has been like counting grains of sand in the desert. Every time I think I've seen the very epitome of ignorance and apathy directed towards our brothers, and sisters in arms, I find something else that sends me staring at the computer screen in slack-jawed amazement, or howling in furious rage.

I'm not even going to attempt to post links! Cherry pick from one horror story to the next? It would take me years just to edit it!!!! "Google" "PTSD, Brain Injured Veterans, Homeless Veterans, Burning Sperm Syndrome, Gulf War Disease, Depleted Uranium, Clorodane. and Agent Orange" WALK WHERE I'VE WALKED FOR THE LAST MONTH AND A HALF!!!! I've been straight to Hell's asshole and back! I've experienced things that made me proud! I've experienced things that made me weep! I've neglected my emails, so I would have more time to work on this journey, so if you've tried to contact me, and I haven't gotten back to you, I'm sorry. I'll start working on those emails as soon as I can!

As Mark Twain so aptly put it in his book "Puddin-Head Wilson": "There are three kinds of lies, lies, damned lies, and statistics". There won't be a hell of a lot of statistics here. Why? Simple! The numbers are already known! Why repeat them!! 200,000 homeless veterans? Everybody should know by now, and The Rethuglicans could give a fuck! 50,000 homeless veterans in California? Old news! 33,000 in Los Angeles alone? Ditto! What we will address here is, just what the fuck is our government doing about it? Answer? NOTHING!!! That's right! Zip, zero, nada, el squato, not-a-damn-thing! When I read about veterans suffering from "Burning Sperm Syndrome", "Gulf War Disease", and other maladies that are so obviously linked to Depleted Uranium weapons used in Iraq, and the VA turning them away for lack of funding, or just plain apathy, it makes me want to ride my old 47 Indian Bonneville Chief right across the floor of The Senate, and stick a size-ten-steel-toed-boot right up Dick Cheney's ass just to see if that smirk on his face changes!

While President Pork Pie stands with crocodile tears in his eyes weeping about how the soldiers in Iraq "Want to finish the job.", The Veteran's Administration is keeping our wounded men and women from registering to vote!!! That's right! Those who have given their limbs, their minds, and themselves, to defend our rights, are having theirs taken away! Why? Simple!! Troop morale is at an all time low! "Stop Loss" has turned a four-year enlistment into an endless nightmare!

And if that wasn't enough, Bush and his Rethuglican ass-sniffers, (That means YOU, McCain!), has rejected out-of-hand a new "GI Bill", because it would tempt US Service Personnel into not reenlisting! God forbid that a veteran be given the chance to go to school, and, learn a trade that did not involve wearing the same clothes as everybody else, and killing whoever the Government says is "The Enemy" this week!

Of course if recruiting was at the all time high President Pork Pie said it was in his latest hound-eyed lie-fest, then these "Stop Loss" scenarios would be unneeded! Of course Bush telling lies is like a dog eating shit! It's so much to be expected that hardly anyone takes notice of it any more!

We as Americans have a sacred duty to those who have volunteered to give their all for this country, and to the widows, widowers, and orphans of our honored dead! No need should go unmet! No door should be closed! And no problem go unsolved by this nation! It is something that should be gladly given, and given with unending gratitude! It is not only owed, but bought at the greatest price!

Fuck the Government bean-counters!

Fuck the whiny-assed, poor-mouthed scenarios, pronounced on BOTH sides of the legislature that put our best and bravest on the back-burner, so obscene amounts of money can be freed for Blackwater, Halliburton, Corn accelerators, and condoms for fruit-flies! Fuck the purple-fisted felons that are paid to run lawless at the expense of our own soldiers!! Raping their co-workers, murdering civilians in the streets of Iraq, and held to no account!!

Fuck Halliburton for taking fat government coin to poison our troops, and serve them mess that is marginal on it's best day, and six clicks under dog food on it's worst!!! And most truthfully, painfully, and unfortunately! Fuck us! Because we have ALL sat on our asses, and let this shit go unanswered for a long fucking time! FAR too fucking long!

I don't even understand why the fuck I even have to say this!!! I don't even understand how I should have to!!! How is it that it's something that nobody in government seems to understand!! When somebody puts his, or her ass on the line for YOUR ass, you owe them!!! And when you deny them their due, then you'll find fewer, and fewer people willing to do so!! It is then, and only them, that you will find that corn cannot be accelerated fast enough to protect you, and even it it could, nobody wants the job of accelerating it! And when your ass is shorn, for that is a sheep's due, you will find that it's a hell of a price to have to pay for a "fiscal responsibility", which is neither fiscal, or responsible!!

4/20 this Sunday!! Have a nice jay !^-^

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