Thursday, November 16, 2006

Here Comes The Navy!!!

I still haven't heard from that contact of mine, and the time is now past for getting any meaningful information from that source, so I'll go on with out it. Briefly, here's what's going on:

There is one nuclear powered Enterprise-class aircraft carrier in "The CENTCOM Area of Responsibility" as we speak. This ship is the original "USS Enterprise, (CVN 65)"

Along with the Enterprise, The following US Navy ships are heading to the same area:

Boxer Expiditionary Strike Force, which consists of:

USS Boxer (LHD 4) (Amphibious Assault Dock)
USS Dubuque (LPD 8) (Amphibious Transport Dock)
USS Comstock (LSD 45) (Landing Ship)

The following US Navy Ships are heading directly to the Persian Gulf:

Iwo Jima Expiditionary Strike Force, which consistst of:

USS Iwo Jima Jima (LHD 7)
USS Nashville (LPD 8)
USS Whidbey Island (LSD 41)

Now here's what a "Expitionary Strike Force" is, does, and consists off.

You'll notice these strike forces are made up of three types of ships. First is the Flagship which is a "Wasp Class Amphibious Assault Deck" (LHD). Think of it as a baby aircraft carrier, with a big back door, but don't sell this baby cheap! This so-called "Dock" packs one hell of a punch! It's got two Sea Sparrow Launchers, three 20mm phalanx (CIWS) mounts, and eight .50 caliber machine guns.

Along with the mounted weponry, it caries forty-two CH-46 Sea Knight Helicopters, five AV-88 Harrier Aircraft, and six ASW Helicopters! And when that big back door drops open, 2074 Marines come storming out for a "Semper Fi" party! Ain't no shit folks! This is one bad-ass barge!

Number two of this Tinity of tribulation is the Austin Class Amphibious Transport Dock (LPD). Think of it as the bastard child of an Aircraft Carrier, and a light Destroyer, with the same big back door as the (LHD). It carries The same two Sea Sparrows, along with two Phalanx (CIWS) Mounts, two 25mm MK 38 Guns, and the obligatory eight .50 Caliber Machine Guns

When the back door drops, 840 Marines pop out and hand out the hurt! This is a LANDING ship!

Last but not least, we have the Whidbey Island Class Amphibious Transport Dock. This is a heavily armored ship a little smaller than a (LPD). It carries Two Phalanx (CIWS) Mounts, two 25mm MK 38 Guns, along with six .50 Caliber Machine Guns.

The big back door drops for up to 504 Marines primed for plunder. Aircraft are limited to mostly helicopters like the (LPD)

Ah and it only gets better form here! Along with the Boxer Expitionary Strike Force is a dandy little tin can courtesy of our northern neighbors! It's called The HMCS Ottowa IV (FFH-341), and I WANT ONE!!!!

The Ottawa is a "Canadian Patrol Frigate" and it was concieved, laid and built in Canada. These guys must have great flashes of brilliance while sitting around the stove toking up on BC Bud! THIS THING ROCKS!!!

It's got a steel superstucture with full ballistic protection, redundant propulsion, and electrical systems, a redundant distibuted combat system, survivable combat controll, and intergratred communication center. Add all this to an excelent automated damage controll system, and comprehensive NBC citadel, and we're STILL not done! This thing is completely shock-protected, and designed to withstand the airblast loads from a nuclear device!

As delivered, this ship has the highest rating in anti-submarine warfare in the world! And it's deployed with the Boxer Group, and under US command in Thhe Arabian sea as we speak!

If we look at the capabilities and design intent of the ships listed, we can come to only one conclusion. THIS IS NOT A DRILL!!!! This is not a training exercise of any type! There is not ONE upper echelon officer in The Department of The Navy stupid enough to send two Expiditionary Stike Groups two practicaly the same place where an armed conflict is already under way! THEY JUST DON"T DO IT!!! These ships have a cause of action, and an objective! Since our "Allies" are reaching out to Iran and Syria, we can tentativly cross that scenario off the list.

I can only hope that this deployment means what everybody I know in the military think it does: That these vesels have been sent to begin removing US personel from Iraq! And from all the information I've been able to get, this is the case! I was told about three months ago, if Rummy got the boot, expect to see the redeployment of troop from Iraq by January.

Cheney is strangely silent, and Rove has nothing to say either. They are the last two dyed-in-the-wool- neocons left, and Bush's dad is sending all his old friends to save the family name from further embarrassment, and there is no bigger embarrassment than "Operation Iraqi Liberation"! The war in Iraq HAS to be over if the Repigs stand any chance at all at getting into the White House in 2008! Even then it's iffy! The American people will NOT be sold another war on another front! Bush blew his "Political Capital" just like he blew "Arbusto"

Bush has been handed his ass on a used paper plate, and HE KNOWS IT! Why else would he have given Rummy the boot the day after the election! I knew the House was ours, but even I didn't see the Senate going! Bush couldn't get fly confirmed as a shit eater right now!

It was a nice trick! Send the ships out quietly, with a handy cover story about "Naval Exercises" and the like! Then if the public opinion swung back, he could bring 'em back' and fill them with fresh troops for the slaughter! But we got the House, AND the Senate! This will be a very short trip!

This could be some very good news indeed!!

Tom, Keep praying for peace! Sometimes the answer is "YES!"

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

See You all Soon

I'm in the middle of tracking the United States Navy, and various other countrie's progress towards The Persian Gulf, as well as deployment of certain military intelligenc operatives to that region. I will be posting about this very soon.

Sorry about the time laps, but this is some extremly complicated shit! I'm VERY gratefull to my Belgian friend who has helped me quite a bit by sending me web addresses that are practically unknown here. I have a basic idea of what ships are involved, and what countries, but I'm waiting for a reply form another friend on exactly what they hope to accomplish. When I hear from this person, you'll be hearing from me!

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