Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Open Letter To President Pork Pie

Dear President Pork Pie,

How DARE you call me "confused", you sanctimonious prick! You lying, hang-jowled clown! How fucking dare you!

How dare you send that fat-faced, lying, ass-wipe Cheney to declare that the inteligence leading up to "Operation Iraqi Liberation", (Didn't know that we know that was the first name for your little misadventure! Did you? We're not as stupid as you were led to believe! Are we?), was "flawed" when the evidence is so painfully clear, that you were told MONTHS in advance it was all a snow job! How dare you treat the American People with such disdain!

Just how fucking stupid do you think we are? Do you think we can still be scared by empty threats! Are you so deluded as to think any thing you say has the slightest shred of credibility left? Have you slipped into the wild fantasy that we cannot see the truth? That your derisive sneers, and hollow pronouncements, will not be taken at face value, and seen for the desperate grasping of a despot discovered as such?

How dare you stand at the edge of that yawning pit in Manhattan, where the remains of thousands of American Citizens, and hundreds of NYPD and NYFD personel were reduced to dust and burned opon a pire, along with our inocence as a country, and say that I do not feel the sting! That I do not grieve! That I , because I treasure the civil rights that I as an American sailor, and an American Citzen have fought for, all my life, uphold, and will die for, am some how less an American for doing so! I will not surrender them to the likes of you! I will NOT stand idly by while you and your neocon masters grind under your jackboots, that which brave Americans willingly gave their lives, and their limbs to defend! That because I stand to fight you with my vote, my vehemence, and my vigor all that you are, and stand for, that I'm less patriotic than The Sheople, who bleat fawning at your feet, to have their rights slaughtered! How dare you stand at a sixteen acre hole in the ground full of your empty promises and accuse ME!!! HOW FUCKING DARE YOU!!!!!

How fucking dare you trot out that insignifigant weasel Rumsfeld to name me as an "apeaser" when I say that Iraq was a mistake! When I say you failed in your mission in Afganistan because you went off chasing oil in Iraq! When I say you sent thousands of our young men and women into a sandy hell, ill equiped, under trained, and unarmored! How dare you declare me as "unpatriotic" when I object to your blind squandering of our nation's future on a pipedream in the clouds! How dare you send that simpering chicken-hawk out to label me as someone who "Just doesn't get it", because I take issue with the destruction of America's honor and integrity abroad, so your buddies in the oil cabal can rack up the profits, on the blood and bones of brave American soldiers! You crack-brained ass-wipe, I get it all too fucking well! I've heard such statements before! Spoken by men with names like Gobel, and Hitler to masses of fawning facists! I have seen what you are, sir! I've seen what you are trying to turn this country into, and you will do so over my dead body!!!!

Send your goons after me!!! Send your Haliburton Heavies! Send you Blackwater Blackguards! Send your toy soldiers! You will find that I'm not to be denied! Lock me in Gitmo! My soul will not be caged, and my voice will not be silenced! Bring on the waterboard! You lying sack of shit, HOW DARE YOU SAY "WE DO NOT TORTURE"!!!

Do your worst, I will not be broken! Kill me, burn me, and throw my ashes in the ocean, and my spirit will curse you from the nether world! I fear only what I do not understand, and I understand you all too well! You have no hold on me! You have no threat to use against me!

I am the angry truth that eats at your illusions! I am the horrible voice of dissent that cannot be silenced! I am the rage of the forgotten victims, killed by your madness! I am the wails of the orphans and weeping parents who grieve for those fed into the machine of your making for the glory of Halliburton, and the profits of Exon-Mobil! I am the voice you can not silence! I am the itch you can not scratch! I am all that you fear, and all that you hate! I am the Clear Eyes that see all the way to the depth of your squirming, twisted soul! And I know the fear that hides there! I AM YOUR WORSE FUCKING NIGHTMARE!!!!!!

I cannot be appeased!

I cannot be overcome!

I cannot be conquered!

And when all is said, and done, all that will be left, is you, and me!

Saturday, September 09, 2006

TDS Internet Service and Other Nightmares!

Here on the outskits of the sleepy little town of Saluda North Carolina, I have MANY little mindfucks to make my life interesting (no cable TV, dry county, five miles to the nearest rolling papers)! First and foremost is my ISP, TDS! I (and many others) have been trying to get DSL in Saluda and its outskirts for the last seven years! Back in June a big full-color posting popped up in every email box in Saluda! Let there be rejoicing! There was to be DSL in Saluda! Salivating with delight, I was the first to put in my order, and danced with glee! Ah but such was not to be!

It seems that while DSL was available in the town of Saluda, I lived on the outskirts! A mere 1.5 miles from town! I was on a "remote" line, and as such could not get DSL! Ah well! Shit happens!

Since Saluda got DSL, however, my dial up service has been slow to nonexistant, and has been going downhill ever since! I have TRIED to post on this blog SIX TIMES, only to find that the ISP had disconected while I was typing and the whole post had disapeared into the nether regions!

I have some good stuff that I WILL be posting next week as soon as TDS gets finished fixing this problem! For the last two months I've repeatedly called my local TDS office (Which is some 50 miles away!) Only to get a voice mail with a full box! I actually had to get nasty and report them to my state utility board to get anything done! I can post short stuff like a comment or such, but the long posts which President Pork Pie and crew deserve is denied me! I WILL NOT pull punches on this blog! I WILL NOT be constrained by time or anything else to say what I beleive needs to be said! I haven't lost the will, I haven't had the means! So watch for some serious shit very soon!

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Well!! I'm not here to be on anybody's side! I DON'T like George W. Bush and I will NOT call the bastard president! I'll call him President Pork Pie, but that is about as close as it gets! I'm not here to comfort the afflicted, but to afflict the comfortable! I learned a long time ago, that if you can make somebody laugh and think at the same time, they'll learn something! I'm trying to teach the American Public that there is another point of view out there, beside the Right Wing's This country's on a greased chute to Hell with Bush as it's Captain! I for one will not sit idley by while he drives the land that I love into the ground! This is my gift to this country. Maybe it's a little crude at times, maybe, it's a little rude at times! But in my world, rude and crude works! I'll post what I damn well please here and invite people to post comments the same way! Rant all you want!! I do! Freedom of Speech is the order of the day here! Like it? Let me know! Don't like it? Let me know! Silence me? AIN'T GONNA HAPPEN! So welcome one and all to STONEY'S RAGE!! It's all for America! I don't make a dime off it! And I won't have it any other way!