Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Alright people here's how it's going to go down! I've spent the last three hours on the phone to all the "contacts" I have, and so far, all I can get is the good ol', "I can neither confirm or deny the in formation discussed.", bullshit. I've learned though long and painful experience that this comment always means the same thing! "It's probably going to happen, but you didn't get it from me!" The information I'm giving you comes from a link that "Murph" and "Freeacre" sent me, (thanks guys!), http://www.rense.com/general75/bite.htm"

It basically states that The United States of America, will on April 6 at 0400 hours attack targets within the country of Iran. The objective of this attack will be the ariel bombardment of 20 targets including, but not limited to uranium enrichment facillities, (UEFs), research centers, and laboratories, the degradation of The Iranian Airforce, the sinking of Iranian ships of war in and around the Persian Gulf, and the destruction of certain assets and personel of The Iranian Army.

This bombardment will be accomplished through the assets of the United States Navy which has several aircraft carriers, as well as other assets in the area, as well as assets of The Sixth Fleet currently in The Mediterranean Ocean Bases in numerous area will deploy other US assets to the area in this operation, including Diego Garcia in The Indian Ocean. The base on the island of Diego Garcia is the current home of B52 bombers equipped with standoff missles. Also from the Indian Ocean, cruise missles will be launched from submarines in that area as well as submarines off the coast of The Arabian Peninsula.

The overall objective of this operation aparantly is to destroy Iran's abillity to mount armed resistance. Furthermore the deployment of certain low level tactical nuclear weapons against high-level nuclear targets within Iran.

What's it mean and why?

What it means is Bush got scared! The Democratic leadership of The House of Representatives removed the language from the newly-passed Iraq supplemental appropriations bill only under EXTREME pressure form AIPAC (the right-wing Iraeli lobby) and Iraeli Foreign Minister Tsipi Livni. Bush knows that he might NEVER get another chance to go to Iran and "smite the infedels"!

The "why" is even simpler! Bush MUST pull the sagging Republican poll figures back up! And the Neocons have informed "The Dimpled Darling of The Desperaetly Deluded" that attaking Iran and getting all that lovely oil is the way to do it! The Neocons know that a Democratic-lead administration will be unfriendly to their aims, and if they don't jump Iran soon, Iran won't get jumped! And all that lovely oil will be controlled by the hated Iranians, and Bush's big oil buddies will actually have to pay money for it! Such a scenario is just UNACCEPTABLE!!

How it can all go wrong!

A while back The USSR gave up on trying to out-muscle and out-gun The United States instead they started turning out a very nast little piece of ordinance called "The 3M-82 Moskit anti ship cruise missle" or under it's Nato designation, "The SS-N-22 Sunburn" Needless to say when The USSR found out the hard way what happens when you fight a war you can't win, with money you don't have, they had a shitload of these things lying around. Iran had a shitload of oil exploration and pumping hardware, that Russia desperately needed to access their massive oil reserves. The result is that now Iran has a shitload of these things, and twenty years to learn how to use them! And BELIEVE ME!! THEY GOT GOOD WITH THEM!!!

What's a "sunburn" and what's it do?

A "Sunburn" or "Moskit" is probably the nastiest piece of armament ever devised! You can't dodge it, you can't jam it, and because it flies at MACH 2.1 you can't counter it with Phalanx or any other missle-to-missle defence system! It has TWICE the range of the two French-made "Exocet" missles that nearly blew The USS Stark in half in The Iran-Iraq War!

Sunbrns can cary a 200-kiloton nuclear warhead, or a 750-pound conventional warhead. This missle was designed to defeat the US "Aegis" Radar defence system, which it does quite handily! Even if the newer "Phalanx" point defence system managed to detect the oncoming Sunburn, it would have mere seconds to calculate a fire solution. Add to this the Sunburn's "voilent end maneuvers" designed to outmaneuver any automated missle defence systems, and you have a ship-killer from Hell!

In October of 2001, Iran's Defence Minister Ali Shamkhani visited Moscow, and asked for a demonstration of the Sunburn. The Russians were only too glad to comply!! he was so impressed that he imediately placed an orde for an unknown quantity! Iran has this ordinance! And the scarey thing is we have nothing to counter it with!

What's next?

Good question! Our Army is completely over extended, Our Navy is in danger of serving as the turkies in the god of all turkey shoots, and 3/4 of the world has the ass at us, and the other 1/4 couldn't give a rat's ass one way or another! We have our exalted leader "The Good President Pork Pie" to thank for this scenario! Now this fucking idiot is going to pull the father of all bone-headed maneuvers, to (in his mind) undo the last bone-head maneuver! I have no idea what will happen if Bush Manages to pull this one off! But whatever it is, it won't be good!

Monday, March 26, 2007

President Pork Pie's Latin Lark

President Pork Pie has made it back form his whirlwind tour of South and Central America! Now countless slack-jawed Spanish-speaking people are assured that he is indeed the fool that they've all been led to believe that he is!

He even brought along his own translator!! How in the hell did they even find one?!! Being Bush's translator is like being Pete Townshend's guitar tech!!!! No matter how hard you work, the job's never finished!! All you have to do is get a look at this poor long-suffering individual's expression when Bush blurted out "Leave your children behind" in Spanish while spewing out a load of globalization-friendly rhetoric to see just how difficult this poor man's job was!

You'ld think that after John F. Kenedy went to Germany and proudly proclaimed himself to be a jelly doughnut, that Presidents had learned how to speak through translators, and keep the native-tounge "reach out to the people" shit to simple greetings! No such luck!

Where he SHOULD have gone, and tried to reach out at least a symbolic olive branch is Venuzuella! Hugo Chavez has a shitload of oil, and right now he, (and rightly so) is looking at the United States as the bully on the block after his lunch money! I'm not saying Chavez is the greatest thing to happen to Latin America since shade-grown coffee, but if we look at the history of American intervention in the area, we can see that the poor, and Native American people of this country have more than a few reasons to be uneasy! Cuba likewise was glaringly absent from President Pork Pie's travel planner!

It's been a long time since "The Cuban Missle Crisis" and yet we have not tried to establish relations with Cuba. China loans us money, Russia, and Vietnam are now trading partners, and the cold war is way past over! Cuba has been VERY quiet for a VERY long time, yet we have not made any gestures at peace to this country! It's far past time to attempt to normalize relations with Cuba!

About the only thing Nixon did worthwhile during his tenure was to go to China! (We can't count the end of The Vietnam War, because Congress had already cut off funds anyway) Cuba has never born arms against the United States, and yet we treat the whole country like a leper colony, while those who have indeed engaged in open warfare with us are accepted as close allies! It's way past time to pay The Cuban People a visit if to do nothing more than open a dialouge!

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Rising T.I.D.E

I've been hearing a lot of buzz about this for the last two or three months, but about a week ago every body just slammed shut about it! Lately a little bit of info has been trickling out fform the mainstram media about the F.B.I. and other three-lettered govenment entites using The Patriot Act to run rough-shod over We the People's civil rights. Now we take a look at how, and why they are doing it!

There is a federal bureaucracy based in Virgina known as "TIDE", which stands for "Terrorist Identities Datamart Environment". This database is designed to be a storehouse for organisations, and individuals who are a danger to The United States of America. (or so we are led to believe) Who is REALLY in this "datamart"? Well, if you have sent any emails or other corespondance, (including blogs) critical to George W Bush or the present administration, YOU ARE!!!! Along with antiwar organizations, church groups, environmentalists, certain theater companies, Muslims, and Muslim groups, and people opposed to globalization, the death penalty, marijauna laws, and anything else The Bush Administation thinks we simply must have to ensure our happy lives, under his iron rule!

Here's and example of exacly what is going on with these paranoid idiots! For over a year before the Republican National Convention, The NYPD traveled across America, and the world in a covert action to ferret out anyone that might come to New York, and piss up a rainstorm over The Republican's little day in the sun. Included in this list was practicly every progressive voice in the world they could find, whether they seemed dangerous or not! All these many names were put in thousands of reports stamped "NYPD Secret" and given a snug home in a nice neat files at TIDE! So if you are in any way unapreciative of King George the Dim's rule, YOU ARE IN THE FILES!!! Oh! And it just gets worse from here! THESE FILES ARE GROWING!!! In fact they grew from less than 100,00 names to well over 500,000 since 2003! It is from these files that the infamous "No Fly" list is drawn, along with whatever "perp watch" scenario, that ANY law enforcement arm might want to put into play!! Got nothing to hide? I'll send flowers!! YOU'RE OBVIOUSLY DEAD!!!! Live in the United States? Well you've been breaking laws, or done something society frowns on! BELIEVE IT!!! Fear is a good motivator!! If you get somebody scared enough, they will sell out their own mother!! Oh!! Their mother is inocent of any wrong doing? No problem!!! They'll just hold them in a nice dark cell under "Terrorist Watch" guidelines for 23 hours a day, 7 days a week, long enough, and they WILL get a signed confession!! Use the timeless art of brainwashing skillfully enough, and you can get a living, breathing human being to confess to the Lincoln assasination! Does the law care they have the wrong person? FUCK NO!!! All you are is a name on a file, and a number on a sheet! All the prosecution wants to do is stamp that sheet "Convicted" and forget you ever existed!

Now I'm sure there are many out ther STILL bleating "We need these tools to catch the terrorists!" No! We don't!! What we NEED to do is quit making ourselves a TARGET for the Terrorist! Getting the fuck out of Iraq would be a good start! Telling Israel to get off their high horse and get allong with their neighbors is another!

Israel doesn't even TRY!!! If they were to honestly reach out and honestly attempt to open a dialogue, they would find their neighbors are just as sick and tired of this shit as they are!! If Israel were to get rid of their nukes, then maybee... just maybee, Iran would get rid of their's!

Of course!! It's all so simple, that a child could see it! And of course that's why it will NEVER happen!

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