Thursday, August 18, 2011

Welcome To The Police State

Take a look at Kelly Thomas after the Fullerton California Police Department got through with him! Take a good LONG look! This is what is being done in OUR name! This young man was beaten to death by Officer Jay Cicinelli, Officer Kenton Hampton, Officer James Blatney, Officer Joe Wolfe, Officer Manny Ramos, and an unknown Sergeant who was called to the scene because of the TASER being used.

As far as who did the worse to Kelly Thomas, witnesses at the scene, and an anonymous source from inside Fullerton Law Enforcement points to Officer Jay Cicinelli who allegedly bragged about his involvement, and was observed bashing Thomas on the forehead with the but of his TASER, and knee-dropping him across the throat.

All this was done in plain view of a bubble style video camera operated by Fullerton Law Enforcement! Already The Local District Attorney has stated that it didn't appear that Fullerton's Finest "deliberately" beat Thomas to death, offered his father a $900,00.00 settlement, which Thomas's father, (a retired Fullerton Police Officer) has handily refused, and refused to release the video lest it "Taint the jury pool"!

The citizens of Fullerton have risen to the call, and have taken to the street in droves! The local Chief of Police, has headed to the hills, and the Local District Attorney seems to be ready top follow him at any time!

In the mean time, the National Media has made scarcely a murmur, and You Tube seems to be the best outlet for news on this story!

I will put up more as I find it, but right now Fullerton is keeping a VERY tight lid on this can of snakes!

Friday, September 25, 2009

The Horrific Thud of a Crashing Elephant

Yea, yea, I know! It's been a LONG time! But since my last post, but "busy" is hardly a strong enough term to describe what I have been!! I have replaced the floors in my bedroom and bathroom, replaced bad floor joists, re-plumbed the bathroom, rewired the bathroom, rewired the bedroom, rebuilt a bathroom wall, replaced toilet, sink and tub , hung, and stained wall panels in bedroom, painted the bathroom, hung, and made appliance for the hanging of folksy, whimsical, bullshit knickknacks, such as my wife requires in her bathroom! All of this while fighting off the tenth case of Swine Flu in Henderson county, partially sawing my left hand off, and spreading blood, and contagion at the local hospital, which by the size of the bill I got, they seem to think I bought!!

Speaking of health care in this country, I can't seem to escape the Radical Right Wing smear campaign that seems to be echoing out of the Republican Party, who seems to have abandoned all pretense of relevance and pretty much admitted to the country that they are in the business of destroying any sort of health care reform whatsoever, and even several Democrats seem to want to help them do it, including the senator from my home district in North Carolina ,Heath Schuler.

Now I'm aware that Mark Twain, in his book "Puddin' Head Wilson" said that there are three kinds of lies, and they are Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics, and polls are a form of the latter, but in poll after poll, the public option has the support of at least two thirds of The American people, and the Democrats were elected to bring it about! Unfortunatley the insuarance lobby has spent their money well, and in a perfect example of lobbyist money working against the needs, and wishes of the American Public,. the public option is being fought by the very Democrats that were elected to bring it about!

From the right side of the aisle, we hear the same old litany of visionless tripe, lies, and baseless attacks against the President we've all come to expect. Having nothing to offer to The American People, all they seem to be able to do is attack any, and all who do.

Now don't get me wrong. I don't hate the Republican Party. I'm a centrist who enthusiastically supports, and practices my Second Amendment Rights. But right now, I see nothing and I mean NOTHING of any relevance from the Republican Party!

For a perfect example, let's take a look at sudden support of Medicare this week, and ponder how very different it is from their position on Medicare last week! I have a copy of a record album, (Remember record albums? They were played on a thing called a "Phonograph"), that was released by Ronald Reagan saying the same thing about Medicare that the Republican Party is saying about heath care reform right now! The date of the back says 1961! Now the Republicans are going to save it? BULLSHIT!!!!!

I will be going into this subject at some length in a later post, but right now I'm in the middle of researching, so I'll say so long for now, and it won't be for long!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Foul Financial Fuck-Ups, and the Felonious Fuck-Sticks That Fabricate Them

Well good readers, I've been out of the fray for a while. I swore after the last post, I would NOT write another one, until a month after the new President was sworn in. That would give me time to see what manner of madness we would be dealing with for the next four years.

Fortunately we now have President Obama, and on this, the day after his first two months on the job, and except for that gaff on Leno, I like what I'm seeing, so far. That may change at any given time, but so far so good!

As many of you are doubtlessly aware... (Alright, as ALL OF US ARE AWARE!), most of the largest financial institutions in this country are circling the drain on their merry way to oblivion! All of their overindulged, overpaid, and under qualified bigwig CEOs, and Wall Street lackeys shrieking in protest!

The Republicans are all lined up with tear-stained eyes to blame it all on those dirty-bad-nasty Liberals and their godless ways! BULLSHIT!!!!!!! I lay this squarely on the head of none other than Phill Gramm himself! Sponsor, and coauthor of "The Gramm, Leach, Bliley Act of 1999"!

Ah yes! Let's talk about that weaselly little piece of larceny, along with it's partner in crime "The Commodities Futures Modernization Act of 2000"! Look these two pieces of legislature up! Use Google, use Ask, use whatever! Take your time! I'll just sit here and wait!

Oh? Back already? Jumping up and down and shrieking "WHAT THE FUCK!", a lot? Yea! I feel ya! Did it too!

I'll just wait for you to get done!

It's not like the blood was even hidden! Here's a press release:


Sen. Phil Gramm, chairman of the Senate Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs, made the following opening statement today at the conference mark-up of Financial Services Modernization:

"America has been waiting 50 years for this bill, so I am going to be brief.

"Anyone who looks at the chairmen's mark will immediately see two things. One, there was a conscious effort not to go outside the scope of this conference. We thought it was important to have a bill that would stay inside the scope of the conference. I think members will find that, except for a few provisions related to the Federal Home Loan Bank System, where the provisions of this bill would dramatically change the operation of the Federal Home Loan Bank System. We did take a few steps to reign in the Federal Housing Finance Board in terms of actions they are taking that are opposed by the Treasury and where there is strong bi-partisan concern.

"Other than that, I am not aware of any major, or really any minor, provision outside the scope of the two bills. I think all of us recognize that if you want a bill, it means compromise. As Chairman Bliley said the other day when we presented the chairmen's mark, nobody ever gets all of what they want. You end up with compromise.

"I think again if people will look at the bill, they will see that there is a good faith effort in the bill to reach a compromise on numerous issues. There clearly was a compromise on CRA. Secretary Summers has said, and I quote, ‘The President will only support financial modernization that maintains the relevance of CRA. He will not permit it to be scaled back.' I would submit that anyone who reads the provisions of this bill will see that in fact the bill does meet that test. We have left a very tough issue, the unitary thrift issue, to be settled as a jump ball, but with the agreement, at least on the part of the three chairmen, that whatever happens on that issue, we are going to move ahead and pass this bill.

"I think that this is a bill, a mark-up document, where the more you look at it, the more knowledgeable you are about its content, and the content of current law, the better it is going to look.

"I want to thank Chairman Bliley, and I want to thank Chairman Leach. This has been a very difficult task but to do this work, it is worthy of our best efforts, and I think we have given our best efforts to it. Obviously, we are here today to finish the job, improve the product if we can and move ahead if we can't."
There it is, people! Every word of it! No slicing and dicing of the quotes, and hanging them together with those annoying three periods in a row! No trying to make the quotes say what the quotes don't! All of it! Every fucking word!!!!! Nothing left out! Nothing held back! Don't take my word for it! READ IT YOURSELVES!

From it's inception, this was the shadiest of shit! Conceived, and born to be the wettest dream of Big Finance! A grand and lovely gift! Wrapped and ribboned by their very own dimpled darling! Felonious Phill Gramm himself! A wondrous, and treacherous gutting of the Glass-Steagall Act of 1933! A piece of legislation, which had been preventing the sort of things that caused The Great Depression from ever happening again! Of course the Glass-Steagall Act prevented savings banks, investment banks, and insurance companies from growing into the monstrous, all absorbing entities that, Citigroup, Bear Stearns, and Bank of America turned into! It would not allow them to grow large enough to rip up the rule book, hold the entire country hostage, and write their own law! Big Finance had to get rid of it!

Also in the 1999 slaughter of nearly all the regulation standing between Big Finance, and whatever acts of thievery in it's hearts' desired, was the obvious pulling of any teeth, and the funding, that any regulatory entity had! Felonious Phill, and His Gang, put the cops on horses, and the robbers on Harleys! Fifty years of common sense regulation! Gone! In the stroke of a pen!

Oh, I don't even attempt to say their weren't a few Democrat's hands involved! And from the start, they, and their fellow Republican lackeys, did their deeds in darkness, and made no secret of the fact! Thus giving Felonious Phill the cover he needed to pronounce the old mantras of "Bipartisan support" as to the reason they kept such a VERY tight lid on this turd! It's pretty damned obvious, this bill was written to set the weasels lose in the hen house, and seat the fox to watch the flock! And let us not forget that old "Blow-Job Bill" signed both of these turds into law, even though the Commodities Futures Act was neatly buried in a 1100 page budget bill.

Ah, and wasn't there rare rejoicing in Dittohead Punditland! Boss Rush worked The Forbidden Chemistry on his stash of Oxycontin tablets, and made most merry with the results! Tucker Carlson acted on all the evil thoughts, he'd ever had concerning his bow tie, and Glenn Beck danced with a brisk step in his Secret Mormon Underwear! Everything standing between the fleecing of The American People, and the wool baskets was gone! The sheep were ripe, the shears were sharp, and hands were strong and willing!

Now, came the grandest piece of thievery imaginable! A series of acts so grim in their scope, and blatant in their larceny, it boggles my jaded mind as to how they got away with it as long as they did! Banks wrote sub prime, and NINJA loans (No Income No Job Access), to anyone who could sign their name! NO oversight! NO credit ratings examinations! Mortgages were written by unregulated agents, who were paid by the note! They had their own private regulators, (who were on their pay roll), rubber stamp these loans as AAA, and sold them as Mortgaged Backed Securities,(MBS) with high yields to both a domestic and international market! Even though, in real terms, they weren't worth the paper they were written on!

One of the over-the-counter derivatives, also deregulated in 2000 was the Credit Default Swap in which companies like AIG guaranteed the buyer of a MBS that for a premium AIG would guarantee the over-rated, and under-secured mortgages, against any potential losses in the case of default. These securities themselves were bought and sold at increasing profit margins. This became the fastest growing market and today amount to almost 60 trillion dollars of global debt! SIXTY TRILLION DOLLARS TRACED BACK DIRECTLY TO REPUBLICAN SPONSORED DEREGULATION

Everything was just wonderful! Everything was just fucking dandy! Until August of 2007, when the housing bubble, (Which had been steadily fed by building starts, artificially supported by the buck-wild mortgage market), collapsed on top of them! Then, the sudden rush of defaults, and the resulting foreclosures exposed the whole sad affair! Bank-Supported Insurance Giants like AIG who had been writing loss prevention policies on just plain out bad loans, wound up with forty dollars of debt for every dollar of assets! Then, ( just like when The Garn-St. Germain Depository Institutions Act of 1982 sank the Savings and Loans in the 90's), a glut of bad debt crushed the the entire financial industry! But now instead of just a few savings and loans, it was a huge chunk of the Global Economy which has suddenly become worthless at best, or turned into a giant sucking black hole, engulfing any, and, all money at worse!

Now, people, I want you to go to the library, and dig in the dusty tomes for anything about The Great Depression, and what steps were taken by The Hoover Administration, and The Roosevelt administration! Get yourself educated on the matter! We're living it again! Look at what worked, and look at what didn't! You'll come to the same conclusions that I did! President Obama is doing what needs to be done! I don't like it, and you shouldn't either, but its the only thing that will work at this stage in the game! We've got to pump money into the patients while we stop the bleeding! We've got one shot at this thing, and even if everything works out, we'll be paying the price for this for a long time to come!

Or we can take the Hoover Administration's way, and watch The Big Money sit on their asses, and count their bonus money! Oh! And they will get their bonus money7! That tax law that went through The Legislature like shit through a goose, is unconstitutional on at least two major points, AND THEY KNOW IT!! Big money plays, and the poor man pays! That's the free market system under Republican control!

It is the very Republicans, now howling about "Socialism" that caused the nightmare that we are living in now! The very ones screaming for MORE deregulation are the very ones that caused this whole sad scenario in the first place! The Few..The Loud..The Republicans!

There's a damned good reason for the dumbing down of America! There's a damned good reason for Republican-led opposition to any increase in educational funding! The Big Money wants the American People just smart enough to do the grunt work, and just dumb enough to buy their line of shit!

Numb, dumb, and hungry for more! That's what they're looking for in an American!

Well, We, the People woke up in 2008! I'm praying The Republicans won't sing us to sleep again!

Keep watch, people! And shoot at sound of a slow fiddle!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Sarah Palin, and Her Adventures in Anti-America Land

I've been trying to write a post on Sarah Palin, but every time I find something, I find something three times worse! But when I found out about "The First Dude" being a member of the Anti-American "Alaska Independence Party", I thought "NAWWW! Must be some kind of joke" Well guess what what! It's not a fucking joke!!!

Oh the incredible GALL of this corn fed bitch with the voice that could be used as an instrument of torture! Oh! I'm sorry ladies! Did I call her a bitch! Allow me to apologize! I shouldn't call her a bitch! TO DO SO IS TO UNFAIRLY SLANDER BITCHES!!!!!

This vile harpy in the High end wardrobe would stand in front of an audience of the hoplessly deluded "Sheople" that make up her base, and call William Aires a terrorist, and "Anti American" for doing what the Radical Right Wing are in favor of doing to abortion clinics, yet you, not only "pal around" with a man, who up until recently was a member of "Alaska Independence Party", you actually married him, and had him father your oddly-named progeny!

An organization founded by one Joe Vogler who was so anti-American, he actually once said "The fires of hell are frozen glaciers compared to my hatred for the American government." He cursed the flag of the country that Ms. Palin would serve as Vice President, promising, "I won't be buried under their damned flag. I'll be buried in Dawson. When Alaska is an independent nation, they can bring my bones home."! DAMN!!! Sounds pretty hard core to me!!!

The intrepid Mr. Vogler was murdered in 1993 by one Manfried West who snuffed the intrepid Mr. Vogler while in the middle of a misguided attempt to transfer ownership of some illegal plastic explosives(!!!!!) The REAL kicker to the demise of this darling of the Radical Right Wing of Alaska, is that his demise occurred a mere matter of weeks before he was to address The United Nations on matters concerning the secession of Alaska from the United States! An address that was sponsored by... (wait for it!)... IRAN!!!!!!!

A mere year from the discovery of Vogler's freshly frozen corpse in a gravel pit in Fairbanks, "The Fist Dude" joined up with the AIP, and so did Governor Palin! Attending the AIP 2000 convention, and giving the keynote speech at their 2006 convention! She even recorded a greeting for this years convention! This is something that didn't happen when she was eight years old but is happening right now! She talks about bombings, yet what exactly was Vogler going to do with those plastic explosives? I'm pretty sure it wasn't for a fourth of July celebration!

So Governor Palin is paling around with these characters, yet she refuses to call abortion clinic bombers "terrorists"! People who kill police officers, are not terrorists? WELL! WHAT THE FUCK ARE THEY THEN!!!!!!

When it comes to "Paling around with terrorists" Ms Palin has much to answer for! And it's time she started getting asked the questions! Here this Volger character is linked to the country of Iran, and trying to score plastic explosives! Granted he's a dead now, but Ms. Palin, and her husband have no qualms about being CURRENTLY active in an organization he founded, and giving support to his followers! Yet Obama is called repeatedly for what Bill Aires did when he was eight years old! I think it's time to start rooting around in Sarah Palin's past!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

An Open Letter to John McCain

Dear Mr. McCain,

Repeatedly, we hear your pundits tossing out your grand adventures in the infamous "Hanoi Hilton". We have heard many times your," support for the troops". Time, and yet time again we are appraised of your wondrous patriotism. Tell me sir, did you think we would never find out? Did you think we were that stupid or that lazy?

YOU, sir are not WORTHY of the respect being doled out on your lying, traitorous ass! Did you think, sir that we would not research? Did you think sir that we would not do due diligence in the search for the truth? Did you, sir think that we would be somehow intimidated by your yapping dog reactionary tactics, and your unending endeavors to go to any lengths to stand between the people, and the truth? HOW FUCKING DARE YOU, SIR!

How DARE you backhand Geannette Jenkins against the wall of the very hall of The Senate on June of 1996! HOW FUCKING DARE YOU! How dare you lay hands on a woman in the hall way of the Senate building, you insufferable, fucking coward! And THEN, sir, as if to prove there was no slowing your headlong rush to the despicable, you confront Mrs. Jeane Duke Gaylord, mother of Charles Duke Jr. A lady in her mid eighties! A lady confined to a wheelchair, and requiring bottled oxygen! A lady who only reached out to you, begging to be heard! AND TO HER, SIR, YOU RAISED YOUR HAND? READY TO STRIKE? HOW FUCKING DARE YOU, SIR!!!!!!




What reason can you possibly give for your continuous, and unfathomable opposition of The 1992 Senate Select Committee on POW/MIA Affairs? Why in the Name of God would you struggle so hard to keep hidden, facts concerning the status of your fellow POW/MIAs? Why, sir? Why would you stand in the way of the healing of the ragged, festering wounds of Vietnam, that STILL plague this country? Why would you throw up every wall in your power to erect between the truth and those families of POW/MIAs that have every right to know it? Why, sir? What is this horrible truth that must never be known?

Could it be that you were indeed never held at "The Hilton"? Could it be that you were indeed transferred to the Gai Lam Military Hospital as soon as the North Vietnamese learned your name? As it is stated in the numerous US Government documents? Could it be that at the time you declared that you were being tortured, and beaten at the infamous Hao Lo (Hanoi Hilton) POW Camp, you were indeed being held at the camp known as "The Plantation"? Perhaps, Phung Van Chung, the Communist Party Chief at the time was speaking the truth when he said you were given "soft treatment", because of your value as a bargaining chip? Perhaps your fellow POWs were telling the truth when they say, you were not EVER tortured, and they were there with you! Could it be, sir that you are ashamed of some part of your military service? Could THAT be the reason you fought so hard to keep it all a secret? The reason that you struggled so hard to prevent ANY of your service record from being declassified?

Do you think that you can keep it hidden forever, sir? And just exactly are you hiding? We the People have a right to know, and, Sir, we will KNOW!

We as a people forgive much, sir! We as a people understand the terror of a POW in a foreign land! But we as a people have grow weary of lies from our President, and more of the same, will earn you no allies, and you will find your supporters fleeing you like rats from a sinking ship! I call on you, sir to do the right thing! Withdraw your blockage to the declassification of ALL information concerning POWs, and MIAs for Vietnam, and Korea! Do this, sir, and you will get a small bit of the respect I once held for you back!

Otherwise, you, sir, are not worthy of my respect! I will fight against you with every fiber of my being! Those POWs and MIAs are my brothers in arms! Whether you accept them as yours, or not!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Of Weed and War

Ryan Fredricks was resting comfortably in his Virginia home on January 17 of this year. He was a little concerned because of a burglary earlier in the week, but he had his .380 automatic pistol, so he could at least defend himself if the perpetrators returned.

At or about 8:00 PM, there was a crash of splintering wood, and his door exploded inwards. Thinking that the burglars had returned Ryan palmed his .380, and fired through the hole that had just been knocked in the lower part of his front door. Unfortunately it wasn't a burglar, it was a S.W.A.T team serving a "No Knock Search Warrant" which the burglary perpetrator had testified to against him.

The perjurer's statement was all it took to get a warrant, and the no knock abuse of Ryan's Fourth Amendment Rights slammed head on into his Second Amendment Rights. The results? Narcotics Detective Jarrod Shivers, 34, husband, and father of 3 children, age 2, 8, and 14 was shot dead at the bottom of the front steps of Ryan's home.

The results of the search? A misdemeanor amount of pot, and not the large growing operation that they were looking for.

Ryan's crime: Growing Japanese Maples, that for reasons good or bad were confused with marijuana plants.

A brave officer, father, and husband lies dead, and a 28-year-old father faces the death penalty for defending himself against what any rational person would consider an armed intrusion into his home. A militaristic invasion in the quest for something that didn't even exist!

One life ended, and at least five changed forever by a war that even it's most ardent supporters concede has no chance in hell of success! A war that ruins lives, causes untold pain to medicinal users, and takes what could be one of the most useful medicinal, and industrial plants out of use, and out of the hands of Americans everywhere! A plant so useful that if someone had told the founding fathers that it would ever be made illegal in this country, they would have called you a liar! A plant that provided the fibers, from which the very paper the Declaration of Independence, and The Constitution of The United States of America was written on, was made! A WAR AGAINST A FUCKING PLANT!!!!

A plant from which the sails, and rigging for "Old Ironsides" was made! A plant, from whose name the word "canvas" was coined! A plant without which no ship would have ever sailed in The United States Navy before the age of steam began! A plant that provided the very thread from which this great country was sewn! BANNED! ILLEGAL!!!

And for what? Because it was interfering with the dreams of DuPont, and Mellon, and Hearst! Because racist pricks were concerned that Nordic American women, might smoke it, and be tempted into sex with African American men! Lest "Ginger Colored Niggers might tempt the flower of white woman hood into the bed of depravity" (words actually spoken in the halls of Congress)!

Just today in my home state of North Carolina, Steve Marlowe was in court to have the charges against him dropped! Felony charges, based on evidence attained with a search warrant acquired on perjured testimony! Testimony that Superior Court Judge Marlene Hyatt stated showed "a reckless disregard for the law" to obtain a search warrant from it's use!

And what was Steve Marlowe's crime? What was the felonious deed that required that the Polk County Sheriff's Department employ perjury to obtain a search warrant to discover? He was growing medicinal marijuana for his wife Jean, who has a serious knee injury, and a liver condition that will only allow marijuana to be used as treatment! This happened in my own back yard!!! These charges were brought by a Sheriff who is facing RAPE CHARGES!!!

Here in Polk County North Carolina! Here in the very buckle of the Bible Belt! An accused rapist arrests a man for providing medicine for his wife!


Monday, June 23, 2008

George Carlin 1937-2008

The world is less funny today. It's less quirky, less intelligent, less radical, less profane, less a lot of things, that it really, REALLY needs to be!

The reason is because the incredible, irreverent, inimitable George Carlin passed away yesterday from heart failure at the age of 71, after complaining of chest pains.

Seven words you can't say on television? Shit, piss fuck, suck, cock sucker, mother fucker, and tits? Fuck yea I'll say 'em! Damned straight, I'll say 'em! George took the case all the way to the fucking Supreme Court so I can say 'em!! In fact I think I'll just go out in the street and say 'em all day! I'll walk up to strangers on the street, shake their hands, and say "Shit, piss, fuck, suck, cock sucker, mother fucker, and tits!" and walk away! I'll just walk the fuck away, and leave them standing their with that look on their faces that defies explanation! I will do these things, and George would flat out dig it!

Nobody ever made me laugh and think quite like George Carlin, and the world will be a sadder, and dumber place without him!

RIP George!

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