Thursday, August 18, 2011

Welcome To The Police State

Take a look at Kelly Thomas after the Fullerton California Police Department got through with him! Take a good LONG look! This is what is being done in OUR name! This young man was beaten to death by Officer Jay Cicinelli, Officer Kenton Hampton, Officer James Blatney, Officer Joe Wolfe, Officer Manny Ramos, and an unknown Sergeant who was called to the scene because of the TASER being used.

As far as who did the worse to Kelly Thomas, witnesses at the scene, and an anonymous source from inside Fullerton Law Enforcement points to Officer Jay Cicinelli who allegedly bragged about his involvement, and was observed bashing Thomas on the forehead with the but of his TASER, and knee-dropping him across the throat.

All this was done in plain view of a bubble style video camera operated by Fullerton Law Enforcement! Already The Local District Attorney has stated that it didn't appear that Fullerton's Finest "deliberately" beat Thomas to death, offered his father a $900,00.00 settlement, which Thomas's father, (a retired Fullerton Police Officer) has handily refused, and refused to release the video lest it "Taint the jury pool"!

The citizens of Fullerton have risen to the call, and have taken to the street in droves! The local Chief of Police, has headed to the hills, and the Local District Attorney seems to be ready top follow him at any time!

In the mean time, the National Media has made scarcely a murmur, and You Tube seems to be the best outlet for news on this story!

I will put up more as I find it, but right now Fullerton is keeping a VERY tight lid on this can of snakes!

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