Thursday, October 30, 2008

Sarah Palin, and Her Adventures in Anti-America Land

I've been trying to write a post on Sarah Palin, but every time I find something, I find something three times worse! But when I found out about "The First Dude" being a member of the Anti-American "Alaska Independence Party", I thought "NAWWW! Must be some kind of joke" Well guess what what! It's not a fucking joke!!!

Oh the incredible GALL of this corn fed bitch with the voice that could be used as an instrument of torture! Oh! I'm sorry ladies! Did I call her a bitch! Allow me to apologize! I shouldn't call her a bitch! TO DO SO IS TO UNFAIRLY SLANDER BITCHES!!!!!

This vile harpy in the High end wardrobe would stand in front of an audience of the hoplessly deluded "Sheople" that make up her base, and call William Aires a terrorist, and "Anti American" for doing what the Radical Right Wing are in favor of doing to abortion clinics, yet you, not only "pal around" with a man, who up until recently was a member of "Alaska Independence Party", you actually married him, and had him father your oddly-named progeny!

An organization founded by one Joe Vogler who was so anti-American, he actually once said "The fires of hell are frozen glaciers compared to my hatred for the American government." He cursed the flag of the country that Ms. Palin would serve as Vice President, promising, "I won't be buried under their damned flag. I'll be buried in Dawson. When Alaska is an independent nation, they can bring my bones home."! DAMN!!! Sounds pretty hard core to me!!!

The intrepid Mr. Vogler was murdered in 1993 by one Manfried West who snuffed the intrepid Mr. Vogler while in the middle of a misguided attempt to transfer ownership of some illegal plastic explosives(!!!!!) The REAL kicker to the demise of this darling of the Radical Right Wing of Alaska, is that his demise occurred a mere matter of weeks before he was to address The United Nations on matters concerning the secession of Alaska from the United States! An address that was sponsored by... (wait for it!)... IRAN!!!!!!!

A mere year from the discovery of Vogler's freshly frozen corpse in a gravel pit in Fairbanks, "The Fist Dude" joined up with the AIP, and so did Governor Palin! Attending the AIP 2000 convention, and giving the keynote speech at their 2006 convention! She even recorded a greeting for this years convention! This is something that didn't happen when she was eight years old but is happening right now! She talks about bombings, yet what exactly was Vogler going to do with those plastic explosives? I'm pretty sure it wasn't for a fourth of July celebration!

So Governor Palin is paling around with these characters, yet she refuses to call abortion clinic bombers "terrorists"! People who kill police officers, are not terrorists? WELL! WHAT THE FUCK ARE THEY THEN!!!!!!

When it comes to "Paling around with terrorists" Ms Palin has much to answer for! And it's time she started getting asked the questions! Here this Volger character is linked to the country of Iran, and trying to score plastic explosives! Granted he's a dead now, but Ms. Palin, and her husband have no qualms about being CURRENTLY active in an organization he founded, and giving support to his followers! Yet Obama is called repeatedly for what Bill Aires did when he was eight years old! I think it's time to start rooting around in Sarah Palin's past!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

An Open Letter to John McCain

Dear Mr. McCain,

Repeatedly, we hear your pundits tossing out your grand adventures in the infamous "Hanoi Hilton". We have heard many times your," support for the troops". Time, and yet time again we are appraised of your wondrous patriotism. Tell me sir, did you think we would never find out? Did you think we were that stupid or that lazy?

YOU, sir are not WORTHY of the respect being doled out on your lying, traitorous ass! Did you think, sir that we would not research? Did you think sir that we would not do due diligence in the search for the truth? Did you, sir think that we would be somehow intimidated by your yapping dog reactionary tactics, and your unending endeavors to go to any lengths to stand between the people, and the truth? HOW FUCKING DARE YOU, SIR!

How DARE you backhand Geannette Jenkins against the wall of the very hall of The Senate on June of 1996! HOW FUCKING DARE YOU! How dare you lay hands on a woman in the hall way of the Senate building, you insufferable, fucking coward! And THEN, sir, as if to prove there was no slowing your headlong rush to the despicable, you confront Mrs. Jeane Duke Gaylord, mother of Charles Duke Jr. A lady in her mid eighties! A lady confined to a wheelchair, and requiring bottled oxygen! A lady who only reached out to you, begging to be heard! AND TO HER, SIR, YOU RAISED YOUR HAND? READY TO STRIKE? HOW FUCKING DARE YOU, SIR!!!!!!




What reason can you possibly give for your continuous, and unfathomable opposition of The 1992 Senate Select Committee on POW/MIA Affairs? Why in the Name of God would you struggle so hard to keep hidden, facts concerning the status of your fellow POW/MIAs? Why, sir? Why would you stand in the way of the healing of the ragged, festering wounds of Vietnam, that STILL plague this country? Why would you throw up every wall in your power to erect between the truth and those families of POW/MIAs that have every right to know it? Why, sir? What is this horrible truth that must never be known?

Could it be that you were indeed never held at "The Hilton"? Could it be that you were indeed transferred to the Gai Lam Military Hospital as soon as the North Vietnamese learned your name? As it is stated in the numerous US Government documents? Could it be that at the time you declared that you were being tortured, and beaten at the infamous Hao Lo (Hanoi Hilton) POW Camp, you were indeed being held at the camp known as "The Plantation"? Perhaps, Phung Van Chung, the Communist Party Chief at the time was speaking the truth when he said you were given "soft treatment", because of your value as a bargaining chip? Perhaps your fellow POWs were telling the truth when they say, you were not EVER tortured, and they were there with you! Could it be, sir that you are ashamed of some part of your military service? Could THAT be the reason you fought so hard to keep it all a secret? The reason that you struggled so hard to prevent ANY of your service record from being declassified?

Do you think that you can keep it hidden forever, sir? And just exactly are you hiding? We the People have a right to know, and, Sir, we will KNOW!

We as a people forgive much, sir! We as a people understand the terror of a POW in a foreign land! But we as a people have grow weary of lies from our President, and more of the same, will earn you no allies, and you will find your supporters fleeing you like rats from a sinking ship! I call on you, sir to do the right thing! Withdraw your blockage to the declassification of ALL information concerning POWs, and MIAs for Vietnam, and Korea! Do this, sir, and you will get a small bit of the respect I once held for you back!

Otherwise, you, sir, are not worthy of my respect! I will fight against you with every fiber of my being! Those POWs and MIAs are my brothers in arms! Whether you accept them as yours, or not!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Of Weed and War

Ryan Fredricks was resting comfortably in his Virginia home on January 17 of this year. He was a little concerned because of a burglary earlier in the week, but he had his .380 automatic pistol, so he could at least defend himself if the perpetrators returned.

At or about 8:00 PM, there was a crash of splintering wood, and his door exploded inwards. Thinking that the burglars had returned Ryan palmed his .380, and fired through the hole that had just been knocked in the lower part of his front door. Unfortunately it wasn't a burglar, it was a S.W.A.T team serving a "No Knock Search Warrant" which the burglary perpetrator had testified to against him.

The perjurer's statement was all it took to get a warrant, and the no knock abuse of Ryan's Fourth Amendment Rights slammed head on into his Second Amendment Rights. The results? Narcotics Detective Jarrod Shivers, 34, husband, and father of 3 children, age 2, 8, and 14 was shot dead at the bottom of the front steps of Ryan's home.

The results of the search? A misdemeanor amount of pot, and not the large growing operation that they were looking for.

Ryan's crime: Growing Japanese Maples, that for reasons good or bad were confused with marijuana plants.

A brave officer, father, and husband lies dead, and a 28-year-old father faces the death penalty for defending himself against what any rational person would consider an armed intrusion into his home. A militaristic invasion in the quest for something that didn't even exist!

One life ended, and at least five changed forever by a war that even it's most ardent supporters concede has no chance in hell of success! A war that ruins lives, causes untold pain to medicinal users, and takes what could be one of the most useful medicinal, and industrial plants out of use, and out of the hands of Americans everywhere! A plant so useful that if someone had told the founding fathers that it would ever be made illegal in this country, they would have called you a liar! A plant that provided the fibers, from which the very paper the Declaration of Independence, and The Constitution of The United States of America was written on, was made! A WAR AGAINST A FUCKING PLANT!!!!

A plant from which the sails, and rigging for "Old Ironsides" was made! A plant, from whose name the word "canvas" was coined! A plant without which no ship would have ever sailed in The United States Navy before the age of steam began! A plant that provided the very thread from which this great country was sewn! BANNED! ILLEGAL!!!

And for what? Because it was interfering with the dreams of DuPont, and Mellon, and Hearst! Because racist pricks were concerned that Nordic American women, might smoke it, and be tempted into sex with African American men! Lest "Ginger Colored Niggers might tempt the flower of white woman hood into the bed of depravity" (words actually spoken in the halls of Congress)!

Just today in my home state of North Carolina, Steve Marlowe was in court to have the charges against him dropped! Felony charges, based on evidence attained with a search warrant acquired on perjured testimony! Testimony that Superior Court Judge Marlene Hyatt stated showed "a reckless disregard for the law" to obtain a search warrant from it's use!

And what was Steve Marlowe's crime? What was the felonious deed that required that the Polk County Sheriff's Department employ perjury to obtain a search warrant to discover? He was growing medicinal marijuana for his wife Jean, who has a serious knee injury, and a liver condition that will only allow marijuana to be used as treatment! This happened in my own back yard!!! These charges were brought by a Sheriff who is facing RAPE CHARGES!!!

Here in Polk County North Carolina! Here in the very buckle of the Bible Belt! An accused rapist arrests a man for providing medicine for his wife!


Monday, June 23, 2008

George Carlin 1937-2008

The world is less funny today. It's less quirky, less intelligent, less radical, less profane, less a lot of things, that it really, REALLY needs to be!

The reason is because the incredible, irreverent, inimitable George Carlin passed away yesterday from heart failure at the age of 71, after complaining of chest pains.

Seven words you can't say on television? Shit, piss fuck, suck, cock sucker, mother fucker, and tits? Fuck yea I'll say 'em! Damned straight, I'll say 'em! George took the case all the way to the fucking Supreme Court so I can say 'em!! In fact I think I'll just go out in the street and say 'em all day! I'll walk up to strangers on the street, shake their hands, and say "Shit, piss, fuck, suck, cock sucker, mother fucker, and tits!" and walk away! I'll just walk the fuck away, and leave them standing their with that look on their faces that defies explanation! I will do these things, and George would flat out dig it!

Nobody ever made me laugh and think quite like George Carlin, and the world will be a sadder, and dumber place without him!

RIP George!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Hillary, We Hardly Knew Ye!!

"I didn't, because I've been around long enough. You know, My husband didn't wrap up the nomination in 1992 until he won the California primary somewhere in the middle of June, right?

'We all remember Bobby Kennedy was assassinated in June in California. You know I just don't understand it. You know, there's lots of speculation about why it is.
' ", said Mrs. Hillary Clinton in response to a question as to whether her continued primary campaign hurts the Democratic Party's overall campaign for The Presidency.

Mrs. Clinton, please be assured that it is with the utmost respect that I ask: JUST WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING?!!!

Do not, madam even consider that I am in any way suggesting that you are putting forth the opinion the Mr Obama should meet the same fate as Senator Robert Kennedy! But when from the very beginning of his campaign, the specter of death threats have circled his head like vultures, your words could have hardly been more ill chosen or recklessly spoken!

Mrs Clinton, the very fact that you would bring up that horrible day in June of 1968, when a visionary! A man of incredible strength, and courage! A leader inspired! And at the very summit of grand victory, only to be ripped away, with the cup of healing that he held out, from a nation torn and thirsting for unity, is incomprehensible, reprehensible, and just plain wrong! Wrong on more levels than the remaining years on this planet I pray for, would ever give me time to pronounce!

Then, Mrs Clinton, when your spokesperson Mo Elliethee was called on to comment on this damnable offense, he spoke the following "She was simply referencing her husband in 1992, and Bobby Kennedy in 1968 as historic examples of the nominating process going well into the summer. Any reading into beyond that would be inaccurate.

So, Mrs. Clinton! When called to account for one of your all too frequent gaffs! Your campaign is called on, to once again paint you as the victim!

No "We are sorry"

No "The statement was ill conceived, and unfortunate"

Not even an "Oops!"

Once again, Mrs Clinton, your campaign proceeds to cast you in the role of the courageous heroine! And to pronounce, unashamedly, that you, Madam, have been so sorely and unfairly put upon! The same knee-jerk reaction that we have all come to expect when you are called into question! Repeatedly pronounced when your own statements inconveniently jump up to bite you on the ass!

Then Mrs. Clinton, when even you saw that statement, lacking any scope, or showing even the slightest hint of remorse. You appeared in person, for this moment would demand no less! Before reporters you speak of your, "...regret that if my referencing that moment of trauma for our entire nation-particularly that family-was in any way offensive...".

Mrs. Clinton went on to discuss her "view", and then her"honor"; Virtues that her own actions, and the actions of her campaign show both to be sadly lacking!

Once again, no, "I am sorry"

Once again, no, "The statement was ill conceived."

And as to "oops!", the lady spoke only of "regrets"! And this, only after vaguely rearranging the very same dismissive statements made by the spokesperson of her campaign! As that she is the victim! As that she, having to justify her own statements, was sorely, and unfairly put upon!

Mrs. Clinton, this nation is sick and sad! This nation is torn and bleeding! The last eight years has seen this nation, and her people suffer much from the current administration. We have been sick and sad before, madam! We have been torn and bleeding before, madam! We have suffered much before, and we do not in any way presume to think that the suffering will end any time soon! But we are strong Mrs. Clinton! And in spite of this administration, or perhaps in a twisted way, because of it, we have ears to hear! We have eyes to see! And we have souls to feel!

We heard your lies concerning your white-knuckled landing under fire in Bosnia, where at the very airport you proclaimed to be under attack, you recieved poetry, and flowers from children!

We heard you swear to abide by the rules of your party by insisting the votes not to be counted in Michigan. Only later, when it suited your own aims, to declare those who follow the rules, that you yourself swore to uphold, to be somehow undemocratic!

We heard you pledge not to even campaign in Florida, then immediately broke that pledge, and to do so anyway! And when the votes were found to favorable to your campaign, you accused those who also swore to stick by those rules to be racists, and misogynists!

We saw you produce Bin Laden's photograph in and anti-Obama ad! Dividing by fear, and using terrorist actions for political gain!

We saw you bow in appeasement to the pundits at Fox News! Gushing over their "fairness", even as they pronounced you a murderer!

We saw you pursue Richard Mellon Scaife for his endorsement! We heard you laughing at your description of what you called his "Deathbed Confession!

We heard you and Geraldine Ferraro, on a nationally syndicated radio show, ambushing Senator Obama with racial attacks!

We heard your husband make the same racial attacks on live television, comparing Senator Obama with Jesse Jackson

We have seen all these things, and more!

Mrs. Clinton, we have seen what happens when we chose our leaders based on fears!

We have heard the steady crunch of the jackboots coming ever closer to steal what little freedom we have left!

We feel the pain of having to go without, while our tax dollars fund that which we neither want, or see any reason for!

We do all these things, madam, yet we forgive you for much!

But when you tear the nearly closed wound of Robert Kennedy's death open a mere two weeks before it happened 40 years ago! When you rip the very soul of this nation apart, so your campaign can dip from the Well of Despair, the briniest brew, and pour it into the ragged gash of your own creation, and call your actions, and the actions of your spokesperson a healing balm, when its nothing more than a horrid torture mascaraing as cure!

When you can resolve yourself to say, in essence, "We're going to hang around a while yet! Obama might get shot like Robert Kennedy did! You never know!", and further resolve yourself, to declare that you, yourself are being victimized, by being called to task for saying it!

Then it's time for this country to say "Hillary! We hardly knew ye!"

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

"Mission Accomplished" Five Years From a Foul Lie, Seven Years From The Foulest!

Thursday May 1, will be the fifth anniversary of President Pork Pie's grand lie, proclaimed on a carrier deck that the war in Iraq was over, and our brave men, and women were heading home. I have neither the time or the bit space to go into all the lies that led up to, or proceeded after that obscene piece of grandstanding that put US Naval Personnel in danger, just so President Pork Pie could look all militaristic for the thirty-odd percent of the country that still believe in his bullshit!

We all watched in amazement as he jumped out of his zippy new fighter jet in his snazzy new flight suit, and pronounced a string of lies so profound that it's kept late-night comedians in material for years! We all sat in slack-jawed amazement at the depth, and breadth of these shameless falsehoods concerning what was done, and what was yet to be done.

But the lies I shall address today date from August 21. 2000. And if this certain speech was not so vile in it's falseness, so ridiculously, and patently the opposite of all that was said, as compared to all that was done, it would be the highest comedy! But for the grim truth of the suffering of our Veterans it would be the stuff of mirth undeniable! But the suffering is real, and these words as hollow as gourds on a mid-winter day! Submitted for your assessment is the speech I'm referring to:

"The facts are stark and the facts are real...Our men and women in uniform love their country more than their comfort. They have never failed us, and we must not fail them. But the best intentions and the highest morale are undermined by back-to-back deployments, poor pay, shortages of spare parts and equipment, and rapidly declining readiness."

"...these are signs of a military in decline and we must do something about it. The reasons are clear. Lack of equipment and material. Undermaning of units. Over deployment. Not enough time for family. Soldiers who are on food stamps, and soldiers who are poorly housed. Dick Cheney and I have a simple message today for our men and women in uniform, their parents, their loved ones, their supporters: Help is on the way!"

"A generation shaped by Vietnam must remember the lessons of Vietnam. When America uses force in the world, the cause must be just, the goal must be clear, and the victory must be overwhelming."

"To build morale in today's United States military we must keep faith with those who have worn the uniform in the past. We must keep faith with America's veterans. . . And keeping faith also means giving our veterans first-rate health care and treating the veterans with dignity. . . So chaotic is the process there is now a backlog of nearly one half-million claims. This is no way to treat any citizen, much less a veteran of our armed forces. The veterans health-care system and the claims process will be modernized, so that claims are handled in a fair and friendly way."

"In my Administration, the Department of Veterans Affairs will act as an advocate for veterans seeking benefit claims, not act as an adversary. Veterans who once stood in the line of fire to protect our freedom should not have to stand in the line of a bureaucracy that is unwilling to help them in their claims."

---George W. Bush VFW Speech - August 21, 2000

Alright Pork Pie! You actually said something I agree with! Our brave men and women are suffering! Homeless, indigent, untreated, and unmedicated! NOW GET OFF YOUR CORN FED ASS AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!!!!! KEEP YOUR WORD TO AMERICA'S BRAVEST AND BEST!!! KEEP YOUR WORD TO THEIR ORPHANS AND WIDOWS!!!!! Or are you the liar that I proudly, loudly, and unashamedly pronounce you to be?

Oh Yea! McCain? Read your watered down version of the GI Bill: BULLSHIT!!! OUR BEST, AND BRAVEST DESERVE MORE!!!! ALL WRONG, FUCK STICK!!! DO IT AGAIN!!!!! And THIS time get it right!!!!!

Friday, April 11, 2008

A Blight on America's Soul, Part 2

As promised, I will be addressing the plight of our Veterans today, and it will NOT be pretty! Researching this post has been like counting grains of sand in the desert. Every time I think I've seen the very epitome of ignorance and apathy directed towards our brothers, and sisters in arms, I find something else that sends me staring at the computer screen in slack-jawed amazement, or howling in furious rage.

I'm not even going to attempt to post links! Cherry pick from one horror story to the next? It would take me years just to edit it!!!! "Google" "PTSD, Brain Injured Veterans, Homeless Veterans, Burning Sperm Syndrome, Gulf War Disease, Depleted Uranium, Clorodane. and Agent Orange" WALK WHERE I'VE WALKED FOR THE LAST MONTH AND A HALF!!!! I've been straight to Hell's asshole and back! I've experienced things that made me proud! I've experienced things that made me weep! I've neglected my emails, so I would have more time to work on this journey, so if you've tried to contact me, and I haven't gotten back to you, I'm sorry. I'll start working on those emails as soon as I can!

As Mark Twain so aptly put it in his book "Puddin-Head Wilson": "There are three kinds of lies, lies, damned lies, and statistics". There won't be a hell of a lot of statistics here. Why? Simple! The numbers are already known! Why repeat them!! 200,000 homeless veterans? Everybody should know by now, and The Rethuglicans could give a fuck! 50,000 homeless veterans in California? Old news! 33,000 in Los Angeles alone? Ditto! What we will address here is, just what the fuck is our government doing about it? Answer? NOTHING!!! That's right! Zip, zero, nada, el squato, not-a-damn-thing! When I read about veterans suffering from "Burning Sperm Syndrome", "Gulf War Disease", and other maladies that are so obviously linked to Depleted Uranium weapons used in Iraq, and the VA turning them away for lack of funding, or just plain apathy, it makes me want to ride my old 47 Indian Bonneville Chief right across the floor of The Senate, and stick a size-ten-steel-toed-boot right up Dick Cheney's ass just to see if that smirk on his face changes!

While President Pork Pie stands with crocodile tears in his eyes weeping about how the soldiers in Iraq "Want to finish the job.", The Veteran's Administration is keeping our wounded men and women from registering to vote!!! That's right! Those who have given their limbs, their minds, and themselves, to defend our rights, are having theirs taken away! Why? Simple!! Troop morale is at an all time low! "Stop Loss" has turned a four-year enlistment into an endless nightmare!

And if that wasn't enough, Bush and his Rethuglican ass-sniffers, (That means YOU, McCain!), has rejected out-of-hand a new "GI Bill", because it would tempt US Service Personnel into not reenlisting! God forbid that a veteran be given the chance to go to school, and, learn a trade that did not involve wearing the same clothes as everybody else, and killing whoever the Government says is "The Enemy" this week!

Of course if recruiting was at the all time high President Pork Pie said it was in his latest hound-eyed lie-fest, then these "Stop Loss" scenarios would be unneeded! Of course Bush telling lies is like a dog eating shit! It's so much to be expected that hardly anyone takes notice of it any more!

We as Americans have a sacred duty to those who have volunteered to give their all for this country, and to the widows, widowers, and orphans of our honored dead! No need should go unmet! No door should be closed! And no problem go unsolved by this nation! It is something that should be gladly given, and given with unending gratitude! It is not only owed, but bought at the greatest price!

Fuck the Government bean-counters!

Fuck the whiny-assed, poor-mouthed scenarios, pronounced on BOTH sides of the legislature that put our best and bravest on the back-burner, so obscene amounts of money can be freed for Blackwater, Halliburton, Corn accelerators, and condoms for fruit-flies! Fuck the purple-fisted felons that are paid to run lawless at the expense of our own soldiers!! Raping their co-workers, murdering civilians in the streets of Iraq, and held to no account!!

Fuck Halliburton for taking fat government coin to poison our troops, and serve them mess that is marginal on it's best day, and six clicks under dog food on it's worst!!! And most truthfully, painfully, and unfortunately! Fuck us! Because we have ALL sat on our asses, and let this shit go unanswered for a long fucking time! FAR too fucking long!

I don't even understand why the fuck I even have to say this!!! I don't even understand how I should have to!!! How is it that it's something that nobody in government seems to understand!! When somebody puts his, or her ass on the line for YOUR ass, you owe them!!! And when you deny them their due, then you'll find fewer, and fewer people willing to do so!! It is then, and only them, that you will find that corn cannot be accelerated fast enough to protect you, and even it it could, nobody wants the job of accelerating it! And when your ass is shorn, for that is a sheep's due, you will find that it's a hell of a price to have to pay for a "fiscal responsibility", which is neither fiscal, or responsible!!

4/20 this Sunday!! Have a nice jay !^-^

Friday, February 15, 2008

Fear and The Fucking Fear Mongers that Fear the Fucking They Are Soon to Feel!

Today all the Republican in the House of Representatives rose up in mass and scampered out the front door, to the place where a podium with microphones conveniently happened to be! A PODIUM! And magicaly does it appear! Complete with all the auditory-amplifying protuberances jutting forth! And John Bohner, (he pronounces it "Bay-ner", but I know a dick when I see one!), steps right up and decrees that since the dirty-bad-nasty Democrats won't let all of his many friends in the tele-comunications lobby run roughshod over our civil rights, that he and his little friends had taken their ball and gone home with their fingers stuck in their ears, singing, "La la la la la! We can't hear you! La la la la la!"

Look, "Boner"! I've got a better idea! Why don't you and the rest of the fuck-sticks in Congress that think AT&T, and Verizon should be given Ex post facto protection from prosecution and/or lawsuits for conspiring with President Pork Pie to break the law, JUST KEEP FUCKIN' WALKING! That's right! Just march your happy asses to whatever nation thinks the way you assholes do, and run THAT country into the ground! Go there! Leave America to those that love it!

There is one truth in America! "Don't do the crime, if you can't do the time"! It goes the same for everyone in this country! Presidents, stoners, telecom companies, shit slingers, grief bringers, EVERY-FUCKING-BODY!!!! Don't like it? TOUGH! I did a two-year sentence as a guest of The North Carolina Department of Corrections for weed that wasn't even mine! I got over it! AT&T, and Verizon will too!

I will now address President Pork Pie:

President Pork Pie,

Look, dude! I've got this strage feeling that you don't seem to be paying attention! Do you even listen to what you say? Do you write this shit down, or are you just making it up as you go along?

"Who's to blame?"' you told us yesterday afternoon, "These people in Congress passed a good bill last summer....The problem is, that they let the bill expire. My attitude is: if the bill was good enough then, why not let it pass again?"

Alright, I'll answer that question! We have learned and grown as a country since last summer! We know you for what you are! A FUCKING FACIST, AND A LIAR!!! That's right! We finally figured it out! Why do you think your own party is running on a platform of change? Why do you think that all the Republicans candidates are avoiding any mention of your administration? Your own party is jumping ship! And as November 7 gets closer, even more rats will swim!

You stand like some school boy whose mother shot his dog right before she stepped out in front of a bus, and whine about "Americans in danger" Want to know who put Americans in danger? YOU! That's right, YOU! By your own statements you put Americans at risk to save your friends in the tele-comunications business! You were given the bill! YOU VETOED IT!!!!!!

Now you say that if you don't get your tele-com immunity, the law will die, and so will Americans! BULLSHIT!!! The Protect America Act has provisions to keep the act in effect for another year! GIVE IT UP!!!! KARL ROVE LEFT, AND YOU'RE NO GOOD AT IT!!!!!

(I'm still working on a post about the VA and it's MANY sins. This nonsense popped up yesterday afternoon, and I just HAD to address it!)

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