Thursday, December 06, 2007

Another Letter to President Pork Pie

Dear President Pork Pie,

I watched your press conference Tuesday. I sat and listened to you lie out your ass concerning Iran. I just have to ask you, sir, DO YOU ACTUALLY THINK WE'RE ALL THAT FUCKING STUPID???!!!!!

Oh My GOD!!!! Where do I even start?!!! Alright! Let's start at the point when on the same day you were told that Mike McConnell came to you on August, and told you that he had some new information, but you didn't know what it was. Then the very next day, The White House states through Dana Perino that McConnell told you that the new information might cause the intelligence community to change it's assessments of Iran's nuclear program, and you still kept up the hawkish rhetoric, knowing the whole time it was patently false!

Your reasoning for the lie? "Nobody told me"!!!!!!!!!

Holy SHIT!!!!! You mean that after running on a platform of "bringing honesty back to The Presidency", someone actually has to tell you NOT TO LIE TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE! YAAAAAARRRGGGGHHHH!!!!!!!!

Do you even think about this shit before you say it? Do you ever actually listen to yourself ? Damn it, man Fox News can't even spin this shit and make it believable!

When Rupert Murdoch pretty much says "Well--Yep--I guess he lied about Iran!", you have royally and richly FUCKED UP!!!!!

And you know what the scary part is? You know what just blows my fucking mind? NOBODY SEEMS TO GIVE A FUCK EXCEPT TOM DEGAN, KEITH OLBERMANN, AND ME!!!!

Oh FUCK!!! It's like information overload! Bush lied again! Big hairy fucking deal! It's like leading the newscast off with, "The Atlantic Ocean is full of salt water!" It swerves right past "Duh" and skids into "Like no shit!" It's so much to be expected, nobody notices! We all know that when a microphone is in front of your face to expect comedy, fantasy, or a combination of the two!

Now you tell us that Iran has the knowledge to build an nuclear bomb? Guess what? I Googled "Method for constructing a nuclear bomb" Guess what? 24,500 hits!!!!! The fact that you're worried about "the terrists getting knowledge" that I can pull up on Google and get 24,500 hits is high comedy! The "Terrists" already have this knowledge! Any first year physics student has this knowledge! GIVE IT UP!!!

YOU'RE A FUCKING LIAR!!!!! I know it, The American People know it!!! THE WORLD AT LARGE KNOWS IT!!!
YOU, sir have the credibility of street hustler! You're busted!!

Why don't you do us, and the rest of the world a favor, and sit on your ass until next January, AND SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!!

Do you even get it? Do you know the whole world is laughing their asses off behind your back! SHUT THE FUCK UP ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

always good to be pissed off when you're writing, Stoney.

makes for true passion.

save a little of that hatred for the Democrats in the Congress, though... they're partners in this gigantic criminal enterprise that I call the Bush-Cheney Crime Syndicate. without the complicity and legislative efforts of the "opposition" Democrats, the Syndicate wouldn't have but a tiny fraction of the power and nefarious achievements they've amassed.

the Congress have been good water-carriers and sherpas.

freeacre said...

Poor Pres. Pork Pie. He can't make up a good enough lie that people won't just roll their eyes at, and he can't tell the truth either. He can't say, "We have to bomb Iran because we want to control all the sweet crude in the world, so we need Iraq, Iran, and Saudi Arabia. Period. And,oh yeah, we must insure that the world's reserve currency is the U.S. dollar to buy oil, or nobody will continue to purchase our tanking money, and our economy will go tits up." I don't know whether the American public even knows anymore what imperialism is, so he probably could say it and get away with it.

By the way, the news today on Cryptogon is that Iran is no longer taking US dollars . That ticking sound you hear is a countdown... or is it Chaney's pacemaker?

murph said...

Great rant Stoney,

Got to admit that for myself if Georgie said that the sky was blue today, I would have problems believing him and wonder what he's hiding in the sky. Course, by this time we all know Porky is just dancing to the pipers tune. I've the suspicion that the piper is the one to worry about the most.

stoney13 said...


Yep! Pissed off is how I am most of the time! Here lately it's alot like screaming at the wind!


Bush and has handlers have such a low opinion of the mental facallties fo The American Public they're actually SURPRISED when "We The People" don't buy every word that precedeth from his lips! They actually thinks we're THAT FUCKING STUPID!!!!


It's not the piper that scares me, it's the guy that wrote the song!

Cyber_Hippie said...

Stoney, awesome blog! (I think I followed your link from Alternet, and I have you linked to my blog. So, um, "Hi.")

This man is a joke, but the problem is the joke is being told by Satan himself. His puppetmasters are dangerous people!

This whole system needs torn down and rebuilt, IMO.

And they WANT the American People to be stupid. You know why? (You probably do.) So that they can do whatever the fuck they want and get away with it!

Thank goodness we're NOT all stupid! (Lots of us are, but enough of us are not that we could make a difference if people would wake the fuck up.)

Rock on.
~The Hippie

Audiodef said...

Right on! It's nice to know other people feel as mad as I do about these unbuh-LEEVE-ably moronic, evil ass-clowns stealing our country.

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