Monday, January 15, 2007

B. C. T. P. Two scenarios, same shit!!!!!

There's a new "buzzword"' that you'll see bouncing around more and more as the 2008 elections get close. It's called "The Barely Contained Terrorist Plot", or as the press is getting ready to start calling it: BCTP. Expest this one to used as much as WMDs

What it REALLY stands for is "Bush's Crusty Toilet Paper"! By merely producing it, he can prove by a preponderance of the evidence, that somewhere, somehow, some shit went on, and he knows about it!! The "Sheople just LOVE initials!! Makes every thing sound all MILITARY, and shit!!!

Well I've spent some time in the military, and I can tell you from painful experience, It's not WHAT you know! It's not WHO you know! It's who you know knows what, and whether they're supposed to know it or not! Sound confusing? Unless you've been there, you have no fucking idea!

It's a total nutwork scenario from day one!!! The military takes the shit you came there with, and gives you new shit to replace the shit they just took! After that they tell you that there's no shit, that you know shit about, and if you give them shit about it, you'll be in deep shit!! Then they dress you up in the same shit every body else there is wearing, and teach you how to walk!!! There ain't no damned way ANY human being is going to go through this shit without losing his shit, and going shit-house crazy! There's a good reason for it too!

The United States Military does one thing, and one thing only! They blow up shit, and kill people for The President of The United States of America! If Bush tells the military to blow up your shit, and kill your ass, then you're pretty well fucked! It's a given that you aren't going to find the most well adjusted individuals out there to volunteer for this gig!

The military pretty much has two choices! There's those who have no choice, and join to get themselves out of some sort of shit they've found themselves stuck in, and then there's those that actually, and intensely WANT to blow shit up, and kill people! The military's job is to turn the first type into the second type! They've gotten pretty good at it too!

Out of the second batch you find some really scarey fuckers!!! Hang a maniacal grin under a thousand-yard-stare, and you've got the last guy you want to see walking around with live ammunition! Bush is definately one of the scarey ones!!!

Given President Pork Pie's only military service was limited to keeping the azure skys of Alabama safe from the dreaded Viet-Cong! And about the ONLY thing positive that ANY body has ever found to say about his military career is that during his watch, Alabama was not attacked from the air! But I believe that he genuinely WANTED to blow shit up and kill people! Dear Old Dad, drug him back for a cushy tour stateside, so he wouldn't get blown up or killed!!

Now he's The President, and he can get other people to do the dying, while he sits back and watches the show!! Nice gig for a nut-job!! The bitch is, that you can only do this for eight years at a time! And then, only if he can convince Congress to let him! Guess what? He did! Now for the hat trick!!

Bush wants to attack Iran so bad he can TASTE IT!!!!! But he needs something to get Congress to LET him! To this end "Bush's Crusty Toilet Paper" has already been deployed! On the VERY day he gave a speach to "The Faux News" faithful, through his Press Secretary Tony Snow, (who was one of "Condi's Boys" before he was one of "The President's Men"), and the MSM!

Already an Iranian Diplomatic Consolate has been raided in Iraq, and the Iranians inside taken captive. "Iveadinnerjacket" isn't the most stable individual out there to be fucking with! He's over in Venuzella at this very minute sitting with Huggo Chavez! That's like The Pope going over to Ozzy Ozborne's house for dinner! There's only one thing to bring these two men together! Bush scares the shit out of them!

The Iraqi Foreign Minister has already requested the diplomats' release, but Bush isn't doing requests this week. That will happen when he has to release all the people that have been snatched off the street without any evidence except that which would damage "National Security" if it were released!!

The press will of course line up to hang breathless on every word of it, and just as quick to consign it to the back-pages when it all turns out to be a wild bunch of delusional inuendo, tied up with a bright ribbon of hyperbole! They are being given the job of spreading B.C.T.P. across this great land of ours, and they'll try to sell it to US!!!! Get ready for the show!!! It just started!!!

Oh yea!!! Big story of the week!! Bush has a "Carrier Force" in The Persian Gulf!!!!

Like no shit!!!


Dr. Rick Lippin said...


Help me amend the 25th amendment to the US constitution -section four- "involuntary removal from office because of disability"

We need an independent non-partisan group of psychiatrists to declare "King George" insane.

Thanks for the heads up months ago on the navy maneuvers for Iran war to come.

Dr. Rick Lippin

cyclone said...


We are in deep shit. We are already conducting special ops inside Iran, trying to make it look like civil unrest in an attempt to provoke the Iranians. The Saudi's are moving in on the south of Iraq to protect the Sunni brothers, Iran is moving from the east to help the Shia, the Israeli's will bomb Iran, Syria or both, the Palestinians will have a field day while Israel is distracted, Turkey and Egypt are going to have to pick sides. Meanwhile, China and Russia are sitting idly by laughingly watching the fireworks. If someone (Congress) doesn't stop this insane lunatic NOW, either by impeachment or more extreme measures along with his number 2 man, we are staring WWIII square in the face. We are there, my friend, and it ain't pretty. I've got people telling me that shit is going on INSIDE Iran that you wouldn't believe. Well, you would but most wouldn't. Iraq is down the tubes, today proved that. The collateral damage since the surge speech has spiked dramatically, we're going door to door shooting anything that moves. This crazy bastard has done what I said he would do several months ago, and there is no one even thinking about stopping him. God help us all,


stoney13 said...


That sounds like a good idea on the face of things, but ALL poloticians are crazy!

The biggest nut of the bunch gets to be President! A job by the very act of applying for, you've proven unequivocably that you're unfit to fill it! The nuts'll never go for it!!

Unless Washington D.C. is invaded by a mob of twenty-foot-long squirrels, I'm afraid we're stuck, with not only him, but the next nut that comes along!


Oh I don't believe, I KNOW!!! Belief entails a small shred of doubt, I have no doubt! I KNOW!!!

Russia is busy trying to ensnare the Europian oil market. That won't happen, but at least it keeps them busy!

China is sitting like a big vulture waiting to jump on the remains. China is REALLY good at this, and explains why China is so big! THAT'S why Hirro Hitto surrendered to The United Sytates! With all of Japan's industrial infrastructure destroyed in Hiroshima, and Nagasaki, they not only couldn't wage war, they couldn't defend themselves either! The USA came through and snatched Japan out of China's hungry jaws! China hasn't forgiven us for it yet either!

The REAL danger is in Noth Korea! The people are hungry. their government services, and utilities are a joke! Unhappy peoplen are the ikind that revolt, and Kim Jong Ill knows that!!

If Kim Jong Ill wants to keep his people from revolting on him, he MUST get a new souce of resources other than China, who has pretty much chained him up to starve! When he finally breaks that chain, there's going to be enough deep shit for the whole world! And of course China comes out looking like a rose!

But since Korea has a HUGE army, and all sorts of left-over Cold War play things, and a conspicuous absence of oil, Bush had rather play in Iraq, Iran, And Syria right now! The way Bush is playing right now, World War Three just might be The United States and Israel, against the rest of the world!

A few European countries might give us a hand. Great Britain will probably do a small part for us. After all, 75% of the nightmare in the Middle East is the fault of the actions of Britain, and The United States after World War 2!

Bush will join Nero, and Hitler in history's pages. And to tell you the truth, I don't even think Nero, and Hitler deserve him!!!!

Wilma Lamb said...

Each time I read a new "Surge" story, the surge gets bigger, with a larger number of troops. Yesterday Bush was going to send 21,000, today McCain is saying 31,000. I keep seeing pulling rabbits out of hats,is that where the troops for the surge will come from?

stoney13 said...


As far as you, me, or the rest of The American Public know, that's EXACTLY where they are coming from! It will only be when the draft is INDEED reinstated after airstrikes on Iran will we see the real truth!

Right now, it is ILLEGAL for schools to prevent the military from accessing student files! That goes for ALL schools! Be they public, or private!

If you're like me, and have a son of near-draft-age, (My youngest will turn 18 in October.), then it's time to get a letter or call off to your legislator, and The President himself to stand against this!

I dig this stuff up because I think it is the right of EVERY American to know what their government does or plans to do in it's name! It's not just my son I want to keep out of the middle-east, it's EVERYBODY'S son, or daughter! Because, from the "chatter" I've been hearing, girls, as well as boys will be drafted into the machine this time around! It has something to do with the rule change that allows women into combat situations.

murph said...


Quite a rant my man. I hadn't been here for a bit again. I agree with your assessment of the military indoctrination. Been around too long and done too much at 26 to be easily indoctrinate when I went in. Plus I was born a contrary SOB anyway.

I also think Bush and crew are going to manufacture some kind of reason for the universal conscription. Wonder how that is going to sit with the soccor moms.

The entrenchement of the power brokers into all levels of society and government is going to be our undoing big time.

Good rant man.

stoney13 said...


Bush will find or manufacture some horriffic offence to the American People, and great gobs of Shit-kicker Country Music stars will line up to sing hopefull ballads at the conscription lines.

The "Soccer Moms" will drag their prodegeny kicking and screaming to the front of the line to prove "They're doing their part for the war effort!"

There are actually people out there that are so deluded, that the only thing needed to get them to throw their children off a cliff, is to inform them that "Their Country" needs their children at the bottom of the cliff really, really bad, and to have Kenny Chesney to sing some cheesy-assed balad to provide music for the flinging!

Anonymous said...

Stoney, my brother, i am with you, my youngest just got a fucking credit card look alike that guaranteed!!! every wish he ever had would come true if he joined the Coast Guard when he turned 17,which is this summer. You know i got the letter i almost threw it away but it had his name on it and i really have an aversion to fucking with other peoples stuff so i gave it to him and watched him as he opened it and read it and then without looking at me crushed it and threw it into the garbage!! You know Stoney, i think these kids are a lot more aware of things that are taking place in this world then we were when we were their age and i also believe that their warriorness will be a lot more different then any thing we could possibly imagine. i can not believe how incredibly quick and smart they are, i'm sure you see this in your son whom is a little older then my youngest. And we toke together of course.
We got to hook up some time bro.
Love ya man, hope all is well with your good family , your wife is pretty, and your sons look like stallions,

stoney13 said...

Montan Freeman,

Yep! He got one about two weeks ago!!!

You raised yours right! He actualy threw it away on his own!

Mine sat with a maniacal grin on his face while fondling the plastic credit card thing that came with it!

He said it contained a data strip like a credit card, and that he could do all manners of morally questionable, and highly illegal things with it!

His friends and him have proven they can get into motel rooms with them, transfer just about ANYTHING on to them like bank information, credit card numbers, and all manners of heinous shit that will allow the user to run barefoot through some, poor, sad fucker's finances!


stoney13 said...

Who the fuck is "Irma", and just how the fuck did her name get on the end of my comment???!!!!!

Anonymous said...

From Belgium,

Ain’t it funny how from time to time we all do a tour of the blogs and see each others names in unexpected places, ha. I must start one of my own and then you can all visit me but first I will have to think of something to say. Oh, yes what was it now that I started to write about? Condi, that was it, Iran and Syria are going to mull over the Iraq debacle and Condi in her very statesperson like way has decided to gatecrash. It looks like they are going cut their losses and to talk with the terrorists but I am suspicious, it don’t smell right. If it was this way, there wouldn’t be a surge only the threat of a surge. I also don’t know if it is true but I read that even with a surge there would be fewer troops in Iraq than a year ago. Is America trying a high level screw up of ties between Iran and Syria or do they want the kudos of saying they tried or is it an attempt to get them to look the other way whilst Dick Dastardly pops one into Nanitz. Does anyone want to take a guess at this one?

Wilma Lamb said...

Dear Stoney, Each time I read about Bush's "Surge" the number has "surged" higher.
Is Bush asking for twice as many as he wants so he will end up getting what he wanted in the first place?
There is no way we can win this mess, we can't come out even.
Doctor Rick, who wants bipartisan, we want a bunch of PARTISAN psychiatrists to declare Bush insane and get him out of office before the nukes start to fly.
The man is as mad as Nero, Hitler, and George lll combined.

Dr. Rick Lippin said...


"I feel your pain" as Billy Clinton used to say

But I fear partisan psychiatrists almost as much as I fear Dubya

Call me incompetent-call me evil- but pleeeeze don't call me crazy

Psychiatry often abuses our very humanity by labelling us as ill.

Dr.Rick Lippin

stoney13 said...


I couldn't have sad it better! Freud was a total nut-case with a fixation on sex, and defecatiation along with a cocaine habbit that would have scared Timothy Leary!

He figured that if you had sex or defecated, then there was some really psycotic reason for it, and you needed to lay out the coin for his services so he could take your money and buy more cocaine!

Somehow or another a great number of bone-headed intellectuals decided this made more sense that any other reason they could come up for horrifically disturbed individuals who had lived through all manners of bloody combat, and now spent their days hiding in trees, flinging shit at unfortunate passers-by, dropping down on them from their lofty perches while yelling "BOO",and scampering off to God-knows-where, while laughing maniaclly.

It would take another hundred years for them to finally figure out that if you take a man and put him in those sorts of circumstances for long enough time, that he would revert back into himself to a place where climbing trees, flinging shit, and scaring the fuck out of inocent passers-by seemed like a much better pass-time than blowing large gaping holes in people because they wore different clothes than you, Lived in a place that your government wanted for themselves, or worshipped, or behaved in a way that disturbed the "Powers that Be"!

Now in the twenty-first century, you'ld think that we would have learned better, but NO! here we STILL are calling every condition that we don't understand either "madness", or "sin", and the people that have suffered the most are helped the least!

Wilma Lamb said...

An expensive way to prove that Bush is the fool we all think he is.
Best to remove all doubt so the rest of the world can see what we suffer here in the good old USofA
A friend emailed me yesterday saying she was listening to late night radio and they were talking about Bush's drunken rages so that Laura spends most of her time across the street in a private suite in the Mayflower hotel.
I had seen the headlines on the supermarket tabloids but considered the source.
Scary, if he falls down the stairs and breaks his neck or drowns in the WH pool, CHENEY WILL BE PRESIDENT!!!
Joy: the shock causes a fatal heart attack

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