Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Of Weed and War

Ryan Fredricks was resting comfortably in his Virginia home on January 17 of this year. He was a little concerned because of a burglary earlier in the week, but he had his .380 automatic pistol, so he could at least defend himself if the perpetrators returned.

At or about 8:00 PM, there was a crash of splintering wood, and his door exploded inwards. Thinking that the burglars had returned Ryan palmed his .380, and fired through the hole that had just been knocked in the lower part of his front door. Unfortunately it wasn't a burglar, it was a S.W.A.T team serving a "No Knock Search Warrant" which the burglary perpetrator had testified to against him.

The perjurer's statement was all it took to get a warrant, and the no knock abuse of Ryan's Fourth Amendment Rights slammed head on into his Second Amendment Rights. The results? Narcotics Detective Jarrod Shivers, 34, husband, and father of 3 children, age 2, 8, and 14 was shot dead at the bottom of the front steps of Ryan's home.

The results of the search? A misdemeanor amount of pot, and not the large growing operation that they were looking for.

Ryan's crime: Growing Japanese Maples, that for reasons good or bad were confused with marijuana plants.

A brave officer, father, and husband lies dead, and a 28-year-old father faces the death penalty for defending himself against what any rational person would consider an armed intrusion into his home. A militaristic invasion in the quest for something that didn't even exist!

One life ended, and at least five changed forever by a war that even it's most ardent supporters concede has no chance in hell of success! A war that ruins lives, causes untold pain to medicinal users, and takes what could be one of the most useful medicinal, and industrial plants out of use, and out of the hands of Americans everywhere! A plant so useful that if someone had told the founding fathers that it would ever be made illegal in this country, they would have called you a liar! A plant that provided the fibers, from which the very paper the Declaration of Independence, and The Constitution of The United States of America was written on, was made! A WAR AGAINST A FUCKING PLANT!!!!

A plant from which the sails, and rigging for "Old Ironsides" was made! A plant, from whose name the word "canvas" was coined! A plant without which no ship would have ever sailed in The United States Navy before the age of steam began! A plant that provided the very thread from which this great country was sewn! BANNED! ILLEGAL!!!

And for what? Because it was interfering with the dreams of DuPont, and Mellon, and Hearst! Because racist pricks were concerned that Nordic American women, might smoke it, and be tempted into sex with African American men! Lest "Ginger Colored Niggers might tempt the flower of white woman hood into the bed of depravity" (words actually spoken in the halls of Congress)!

Just today in my home state of North Carolina, Steve Marlowe was in court to have the charges against him dropped! Felony charges, based on evidence attained with a search warrant acquired on perjured testimony! Testimony that Superior Court Judge Marlene Hyatt stated showed "a reckless disregard for the law" to obtain a search warrant from it's use!

And what was Steve Marlowe's crime? What was the felonious deed that required that the Polk County Sheriff's Department employ perjury to obtain a search warrant to discover? He was growing medicinal marijuana for his wife Jean, who has a serious knee injury, and a liver condition that will only allow marijuana to be used as treatment! This happened in my own back yard!!! These charges were brought by a Sheriff who is facing RAPE CHARGES!!!

Here in Polk County North Carolina! Here in the very buckle of the Bible Belt! An accused rapist arrests a man for providing medicine for his wife!


Monday, June 23, 2008

George Carlin 1937-2008

The world is less funny today. It's less quirky, less intelligent, less radical, less profane, less a lot of things, that it really, REALLY needs to be!

The reason is because the incredible, irreverent, inimitable George Carlin passed away yesterday from heart failure at the age of 71, after complaining of chest pains.

Seven words you can't say on television? Shit, piss fuck, suck, cock sucker, mother fucker, and tits? Fuck yea I'll say 'em! Damned straight, I'll say 'em! George took the case all the way to the fucking Supreme Court so I can say 'em!! In fact I think I'll just go out in the street and say 'em all day! I'll walk up to strangers on the street, shake their hands, and say "Shit, piss, fuck, suck, cock sucker, mother fucker, and tits!" and walk away! I'll just walk the fuck away, and leave them standing their with that look on their faces that defies explanation! I will do these things, and George would flat out dig it!

Nobody ever made me laugh and think quite like George Carlin, and the world will be a sadder, and dumber place without him!

RIP George!

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