Thursday, November 10, 2005

The Neocons Ride Again!!!!

Oh what fools these mortals be!! Can you get over these guys? WHAT A BUNCH OF IDIOTS!!!!

They hold a Repug only meeting to discuss "Black sites" where those who don't like us very much are held by the CIA. The fun starts when a story about these "black sites" pops up in the Washington Post the next morning!

Bill Frist hears about this and turns several different colors! Howling with rage at the sneaky-ass Democrats and their skull-dugery he demands a full investigation, and heads on a platter! DEMOCRAT HEADS, by God and he will not be denied!! He screams and rants about the outing of CIA material to the press, (Sort 0f like a fox ranting about the death of rabbits) on his way to the Senate Chamber!! He takes the podium in a fit of righteous rage and swears to get to the bottom of this travesty!! Only Repugs will be outing the CIA's business to the press! Any slimey liberals that try itl.... well they just better not try it!! Allas! Such was not to be!

Trent Lott, who actually reads the "Washinton Post" (instead of shaking it wildly with his eyes bulging out)! Clued the good Senator Frist in on the fact that the Post story came right from the Repug meeting! In fact it looked like it was quoted from the minutes if that very same meetings!

Frist no doubt began to cry because he had punked his own party!! There would be no Democratic heads held up before the 35%! There would be no grand investigation of the hated liberals to take the people's attention of the Plame case! There would be no triumphant dragging across the coals of liberal asses! They had met the enemy and it was them!! There had been no Democrats at their little Repug get-together! Only the very flower of concervatism and their staff members! Now the bowed and humbled Repugs are trying to get the language of the demands he made softened up so as to make sure the investigation would find nothing but TOO LATE!! It ain't gonna fly!!

Keep watching folks!! Shit's gonna get deep and how!!!

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