Saturday, November 12, 2005

The Managers in Management's Managing to Mismanage Management.

Has Bush managed to give management a bad name as an article on "Alternet says? Oh I don't know! Management never really had such a good name to begin with! It's kind of like giving shit a bad smell!

Let's explore the concept of management! Management is the act of managing something. Bush managed to run five businesses belly up and then managed to climb through the ranks of Texas politics till he got elected Governor of the state! He then managed to fuck Texas up completely! Cutting education and social programs, he managed to rake in great gobs of oil money and campain contributions from those who sought to gut environmental laws and spew toxins in all directions! Texas wasn't realy such a great place to begin with, but 'ol Dim George managed to make it much worse and that is the only good thing he ever did and that is only a positive depending on your opinion of Texas!

First Texas! Then the world!! Somehow with the aid of all his family and his family's friends in high places, he managed to hijack the election of 2000 to net himself the presidency. Then he managed to install a bunch of no-clue goners and pundits to high management positionss. They managed with much fanfare and at great expense to do not a damn thing!! He then managed to get this country in a completely useless war with faulty inteligence that he mismanged at best, and at worse, managed to sell the whole world a line of shit that would give PT Barnum a wet dream!

Here's the moral of the story. Management for the sake of management is a cruel design to manage to get the money and run with it! If the managers in charge of management are managing the managers below them, nobody is manging the manager in charge of management? We can see this in the big Enron debacal. Mangers of the managers in charge of management managed to hoover up great gobs of green and foist the blame on other managers who managed any charges of mismanagement. They managed to mismanage the management of the company so bad that there was nothing left for the employees or stockholders and most of them managed to get away with it!!

Making someone a manager when they have no idea what management is all about is pure mismanagement! Making someone the manager in charge of managers who have no idea what management is all about is mismanagement to the nth degree! Mismanagement will breed more mismanagement among the managers in charge of management and bring the whole thing down on our heads!

Personaly, I think we should manage to get Bush out of office! It won't be easy, but it's something we can manage to do!


cyclone said...

Good work, Stoney. Keep shouting from the rooftops, someone will hear you eventually!

stoney13 said...

Thanks Cyclone! Coming from you that means alot!

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