Saturday, November 12, 2005

Dim George Rides Again!!

Well Here we go again with ol' Dim George! Ranting and raving like somebody said his mother was less than a woman of virtue!!

I don't know what is sadder! This gomer accusing the Democrats for Iraq Or him trying to silence all debate on the issue by saying "It sends the wrong message"!! Well of course it sends the wrong message! It sends the messagem that the most powerful country in the world is run by a complete idiot!! It sends the message that most Americans think he's a lying weasle who got this country into an illegal, and imoral war by selling us all a line of shit! It sends the wrong message because even his pundits in the pressw can't pull his ass out the hole he dug for himself!! It sends the wrong message because the press is slowly remembering their jobs and even Fox news is no longer showing him in a favorable light! Seems to me that it's sending the right message!! Problem is,'Ol Dim George just ain't bright enough to get it!!!

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Bridgitte said...

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