Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Ol' dim George Does it Again!!!!!

Don't ya just love this guy!! Dam!! Just when you thought his trainers had him reined in, "BAM"!! Here comes another one!!!!!

Now the Comander and Thief decided he's going to veto a bill just because a FELLOW REPUBLICAN (Senator John McCain) has added a little thing about torture and how we're not going to do it anymore!!

Does this mean George Pork Pie Bush is going to actually open that sad creaking drawer in the Oval Office and use that "Veto" stamp for something besides a paper- weight? Could this mean that he's found something among the mountain of pork and drivel that Congress has belched out' that angers him so much that he is going to take a stand against it?

You wan't to 'phone the Pope, or should I? Ah people!! Don't go thinking that this is an outragous law granting gay marrige rights or legalising whatever illegal act it is that will surley send us down a greased chute to hell!! Oh no!! This is simply a rider that makes torturing helpless prisoners illegal!!

George Bush and his trainers have a problem with this!! Kinda tells me all I need to know!!!

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