Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Banned from Alternet! AGAIN

I guess Alternet no longer allows a man to speak out against the neocons any more! First I get Banned as stoney13. Today I get banned as! I still don't know what I said that was so damned offencive! All the neocons get to post! None of them got banned! Dfrost is still there belching bile in his neofacist oh so fucking calm tone! Johnnyboy I'm sure is jurking around somewhere with another name! I don't run to the "authorities" when the neocons poke their heads up! I TAKE 'EM ON!!! I ain't scared of a bunch of facist fucking neocons! BRING 'EM ON!!! FUCK 'EM ALL!!! HERE'S ONE LIBERAL THAT DON'T BACK DOWN FROM A FIGHT!!!

I got a new email address and tried to register again. They've got a new deal where you have to give your name and stuff now. I haven't recieved an email back yet so I guess I won't. I'll give 'em another day and then fuck 'em! If they don't want me, I don't want them!

Alternet is leaning more and more to the right these days and banning loyal posters to deffend a bunch of smart-assed neocons! If that's how it's going to be, then Alternet will turn into another Rush Limbaugh clone. Maybee all these neocons are sending big money to Alternet! I guess Alternet doesn't want to hear from a true liberal any more!


cyclone said...


Make up a name. Unless it's changed, they don't check names. Send me your new email address. I've sent you a couple and haven't heard back.


qrswave said...

Hey, stoney

I got a warning via email one time from alternet. They didn't like it when I posted one-liners with a link to my site.

I gave them a detailed rebuttal and they never wrote back or sent me another one.

But, banning you is low. I got banned from the Mises blog for my views on interest. No great loss.

It says a lot more about those who censor than it does about those who are censored.

Happy Holidays!

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