Tuesday, January 03, 2006

If This Doesn't Piss You Off, Nothing Will

I just learned today that the Radical Right Wing Neocons have a brand new trick! This one even took me by surprise!

It seems that some hate- spewing jerk-off masquerading as a man of God has a brand new trick! HE AND HIS CONGREGATION ARE PROTESTING FUNERALS OF OUR HONERED DEAD!!! That's right folks! This right-wing nut-job is marching around funerals for our fallen soldiers from Bush's little misadventure, waving signs that say things like "Thank God For Dead Soldiers", and "God Hates Fags"! So much for all the stickers and ribbons that say "Support our Troops" next to those fish on all the pundit's trunk lids!

This group from the Westboro Babtist Church in Topeka Kansas is led by the Reverend, (and I use the term losley) Fred Phelps. A 76 year old hate- spewing bigot who has been protesting gay funerals for 15 years.

"Our view of this situation is that God Almighty blew these kids to smithereens and sent them to hell.", This sanctimonious prick told Doug Thompson of "The Capitol Hill Blues" (http://capitolhillblue.com). He further stated that "God is punishing a fag army- don't ask, don't tell- For a fag-loving agenda of a fag loving nation!"

It would be bad enough if we were talking about a few isolated incedents, but this is far bigger than that! These lousy stinking Anti- American Neocons have turned up at over 70 funerals in the last few months, wving their signs and jeering at the parents of slain Americn slodiers as they spend their last few precious moments with their children after giving their all to their country!

At the funeral of 21 year old Army Infantryman Christopher Alcozar, a group of half a dozen of these sick, lousey, whack- jobs waved signs and shouted hate- filled slogans at the assembled mourners.

"It was bad enough that I got harrassed after I got out of Vietnam", said Jesse Alcozer of Elmhurst Illinois, the father of the slain infantryman, "But after 37 years of trying to get rid of this wound, they are doing this to my son."

Now in this time of unwarranted wiretaps and the wost of "The Patriot Act" brought to bear against Peta and vegans, Bush calls these sick fuckers "his base" It sure as hell wouldn't do for any of them to show up here at any funeral that I may have to attend. (I have two nephews and a cousin in Iraq). They would quickly learn that I believe in and exercise my second ammendment rights! And here they would never find a jury to convict me!


cyclone said...


Great job. Sickening, that's all I can say about it.


stoney13 said...

I couldn't believe it when I read it! How can these whack-jobs support that asshole Bush and his knee-jerk campains then turn around and hate the brave soldiers who fight them!

stoney13 said...

Oh yea! Thanks for posting! I know I haven't been taking care of this Blog like I should, but I've been busy with other things and hadn't been motivated enough to post on my own site. After I read this shit, I got VERY fuckin' motivated!

There will be a lot more of me on this blog from now on. I've found some pretty good sources for shit that pisses me off real good! I figure I can get two or three posts a week out and keep up with you and Alternet fairly easy.


cyclone said...

I may be slowing mine down a little bit. Although it has really blown up with readers, I'm worn out. I need a battery re-charge. Hopefully Abramoff will provide just that. This stuff is getting heavy, and is going to turn ugly real soon. I expect us to drop a bomb or two on Iran within the next little bit, as this desparate bastard goes further off the deep end, as if that's possible. Did you notice that Boosh is not sending back all of the Abramoff money? He was a pioneer, meaning he contributed at least $100,000. Boosh is donating a lot less than that to charity. Oh, the arrogance!


stoney13 said...

Well, I said I'ld spread the word! I guess I've told half of the town of Hendersonville and all of Saluda!

I can understand worm out! Been there! Done that! I'll be glad when taxes get back. I can finally afford to get the propane tank refilled. This firewood shit is killing me! I used to do it no problem but I was a lot younger back then! Can't deny it, the old motorcyckle wrecks and drag racing misshaps are finally catching up to me! Still wouldn't change a thing!

I kinda figured Bush would keep a fat slice of the pie! Since when has a Repug given to anything that didn't cover his own ass, or the party's? Abromoff is the gift that keeps on giving. If what I heard is corresct, this will change the face of American politics! I don't think even Bush can stop this rock from rolling over him! Abramoff kicked the chocks out and it's picking up speed as we speak! Nixon all over again! Can't come too soon!

Sean said...

I was to young be sucked into Vietnam, but even at that age I had no animosity towards the GI's. It still took me till the late teens to figure out it wasnt the person that was sent over there that needed to be single out and spit upon. It was the goverment that premotes this kind of foriegn policy.

Granted America is one of free and very diverse beliefs, so live and let live, but don't try to jamb crap dowm my throat. Its okay to feel strongly about what you believe in and protest. It makes little sense to go to a fallen American's funeral to make such a lame point. It sure as hell wasn't his/her desicion to allow someone of a differant set of values to be along side him. Or if he/she was gay why protest at the funeral. Go to the Whitehouse or pentagone see how far thats gets you. What they are doing is one of the more un patriotic things that I've heard about so far.

Look at the dickhead thats running the country at present, why don't they take a look at this moron and his band of neocons distructionist. Not to mention the do nothing pricks in the House and Senate Oh and lets not leave out the almighty free press.

On a personal note:
Stoney I need to know how to covert gas engines to biodiesel and what ever else that will make my life livable after the shit hits the fan. One thing I have notice here is the number of ethinol plants going up I can think of two that are massive and one that I haven't seen yet that have gone up in the last 3-4 years. Seems someone knows something.

rockpicker said...

And now, for something completely different...

Whose stream this is I think I know.
He's a big shot in Atlanta, though.
He will not see me stopping here
to watch his trout grow fat with roe.

Ugly American, he can't see clear
to give a neighbor access here,
between the bridge and frozen field,
this shortest evening of the year.

I trust that I shall never yield
to the ass whose greed is thus revealed.
The Law insists this stream is ours,
guiltless have I cast and reeled.

The river is no one's, dark and cold.
But I have bolt-cutters to behold,
and bald-faced whoppers still untold.

Sorry, Stoney. Just thought I'd drop in and say high! with a little humor.
And now, back to the gloom and doom.

stoney13 said...


Check out Freedom Fuels. I don't know how to get hold of them because they moved after I bought my system. It makes bio diesel from any vegetable oil. I use used fryer grease which the restaraunts around here are glad to get rid off. It works in ANY diesel engine.

As far as gasoline engines go,it makes a lot more sense to convert to ethanol(moonshine) Carburaters set up for ethanol are easy to get from any High-performance warehouse. An ethanol fuel pump will be needed of course and ALL rubber must be removed from the fuel system. You'll use twice as much ethanol as you do gasoline, but you can buy it real cheap. Last time I had to it cost $30.00 for a fifty gallon drum, with 5.00 deposit on the drum. I figured out that moonshine is pretty easy to make and as long as you don't sell it the government can't do shit about it. Using it for engine fuel is legal (I think) and you can make it out of anything yeast will eat, and some sugar.

stoney13 said...


There once was a man from Pocas
Whose balls were made of spun glass
When he rubbed them together
They played "Stormy Weather"
And sparks shot out of his ass!

(Yea I know yours is better! But they always are!)


Thanks for posting come back any time!

Anonymous said...

I have never understood how any so called religious person after actually reading religious texts could act no better than some strutting nazi. Where is the brotherly love? Where is the (if they feel they need it) forgiveness? Where is the (again if they insist on it) trust in god to punish whoever he believes are sinners. If you read the bible it is not up to them to cast the first stone. As a life long athiest I belive that people should be free to do what they feel they have to do providing it doesn't hurt anyone else. The most bigotry and hatred I have seen out of old documentarys about WW2 always seems to come from the really religious. I am not bashing religion despite personally thinking it's a bad Idea and I have had good friends who believed in God and Allah (some who even thought it was the same person) but I guess in every section of society these sickos exist, spreading their hatred and sickness. They have lost their way and not understood the true message of any religion. You don't get into heaven by hating. Any person or religion or society that defines itself by hatred has missed the point.

I stand with you.

NC Native said...

Fred Phelps is a registered democrat (google it, trust me) who was supportive of Al Gore. Us conservatives would love to kick the crap out of him at one of those funerals. Don't put that jackass off on us, he's one of yours.

stoney13 said...

NC Native,

Guess what? I'm an NC Native too!

I googled 10 pages concerning Phelps! I learned more about this jack-ass than any one ever would want to! I learned that he is a homophobe, a fundie nut-case, and a right-wing radical of the first, second, and third water! I found a lot of things about this jerk, but I never found that he was a Democrat!

Oh! By the way! I'm a registered Libertarian! So don't blame him on me either!

stoney13 said...

NC Native,

I stand corrected!It seems I just found a link that states his son Fred Jr. was definatly involved with Al Gore in the '80s. However he quickly turned on Gore and Clinton and supported Bush in the last two elections.

This guy is obviously insane and he knows just enough law to make the shit slide off! He'sw a child abuser at best and a child molester at worst! He's a wife-beater and as such the lowest form of humanity on earth, (in my opinion!) And the very fact that I've taken this much time out of my day to research this asswipe makes me think that I have truly and richly earned the joint that I shall now enjoy!

I know you're a conservative now and I feel sorry for you. I was once a conservative Republican and was a proud cardholder of the RNC! Then one day I wrote to Senator Jesse Helms about the law that would not let my mother who was dying of cancer to be prescribed enough medication to make her final days more comfortable. I got a form letter back describing how my deeply religious and tetotaling mother deserved the disease she was fighting because of her "reckless lifestyle choices" and the world would be better without such sinners on it.

I burned my RNC card along with that letter. I couldn't let my mother see what the man she respected so much thought of her! My mother died 3 days later. And the conservative in me died with her. That was 1989. And I haven't voted Republican since! The Republicans don't give a fuck about you or me! We aren't rich enough to be their "base". See the difference between you and I is that I've already found that out, and you're going to!

freeacre said...

They should be waiting for them at the next funeral. I think that the Rev. and his minions AT BEST, should be immediately arrested by several times the number of police to each of the demonstrators. Then, they should go all Rodney King on them and drag them back to cells with other prison imnates.They should be charged with hate crimes and whatever else, and have the book thrown at them.
Then I think, wait a minute, that's being hateful back. Maybe he should be declared insane, drugged and locked up. That's the liberal way to do it. Declare him ill, remove his culpability for his crime, and take away his liberty.
What would Abby Hoffman do? Maybe go to where they live and work and function and harrass and out and embarrass them everywhere. Sing humiliating songs about them being stupid bigots and make fools of them at every turn.

Infinity_Zero said...


Hey Stoney, I just this morning saw this same occurrence of our troops. I was utterly appalled and dismayed at such degradation of our troops, while I sat in endless shock I couldn't believe that this The United States of America would treat their warriors of freedom and democracy with such cruelty. Also another thing that the U.S does that makes me mad is why is it that you can go to fight and risk dieing for this country but you can't drink until you are 21. Now, don't misunderstand me I don't think 16 or 17 year olds should drink but when you reach the age of being able to fight and die for a country then you should be able to drink alcohol at the said age.

I agree with you also Stoney13

Best Regards,


stoney13 said...


Welcome! The eighteen year old being olds enough to die for their country, but too young to drink with their buddies is a VERY sore spot for me! It's all thanks to the Insurance Lobby, and the fact that eighteen to twenty one year olds are the lowest-voting-number demograhic in America!

"They" shoved B21 through because they knew they could get away with it! The Insurance Lobby laid out the coin, and the young people of this country took it up the ass! (as usual!) THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU DON'T VOTE!!!!!!! Stand up! Speak out! and VOTE!!!!!

Infinity_Zero said...


Thanks for the welcome, I will start coming to your blog more often. So expect to see me around. When I am asked to which party do I belong to I simply respond I really don't know anymore with how this country has been operated for the past couple of years. My particular approach to voting is to listen to all the candidates(except the Republicans)and then decide who to vote for. Yet, even then I am not sure.

Yeah Bush is one of those fat cat Republicans, and I think that if Bush goes invades Iran for no reason and not logical plan made then the gas prices will tremendously skyrocket even higher than the current prices of $2.99 a gallon.

Thanks for your time,

Da Frog said...

Stoney, I was sent here by a friend in Kansas. Unbelievably the first post I read was this one and it hit really close to home.
I've ridden on over 50 missions as a Patriot Guard in Florida and run into this dirtbag and his family of degenerates a number of times. The hate they spew on their website is nothing compared to seeing them face to face.
These assholes are willing to exercise all the rights veterans like you, me and those we are burying today to spread their filth. Trust me when I say there is a very special place in hell reserved for Phelps and his followers.

stoney13 said...

Da F

Welcome, brother! Glad you could make it!

Yep! We bought the rights that Phelps is exercising! No doubt about it! In fact, I agree with everything youn had to say except one:

We should NOT send this fuck-stick to Hell! Nope! Not even! The way this idiot thinks, he would find too many like-minded individuals there and cause more problems!

Here's a better idea! We send him to San Francisco, and let him bring up the rear of the "Gay Pride Parade"! Which should be timed to coincide with the throwing out of all the over-ripe fruit from the many produce stands that are found in that beautiful city!

He couldn't even say it was un-Christian-like! It says in the Bible to "give to the poor"! And a man who hates, and moves others to hate our veterans so much that he would protest their sacrifice is a pretty poor motherfucker in my book!

A nice gooey peach, or mango is a gift! Even if it's hummed at this fuck-stick's head with a great deal of force! All the preachers say "Give 'till it hurts!" They never said who's supposed to feel the pain though!

stoney13 said...

Da Frog,

Somehow this blinking black box with all it's zippidy-whiz-bangs cut off your name! Sorry about that!

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