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A Blight on America's Soul, Part 2

As promised, I will be addressing the plight of our Veterans today, and it will NOT be pretty! Researching this post has been like counting grains of sand in the desert. Every time I think I've seen the very epitome of ignorance and apathy directed towards our brothers, and sisters in arms, I find something else that sends me staring at the computer screen in slack-jawed amazement, or howling in furious rage.

I'm not even going to attempt to post links! Cherry pick from one horror story to the next? It would take me years just to edit it!!!! "Google" "PTSD, Brain Injured Veterans, Homeless Veterans, Burning Sperm Syndrome, Gulf War Disease, Depleted Uranium, Clorodane. and Agent Orange" WALK WHERE I'VE WALKED FOR THE LAST MONTH AND A HALF!!!! I've been straight to Hell's asshole and back! I've experienced things that made me proud! I've experienced things that made me weep! I've neglected my emails, so I would have more time to work on this journey, so if you've tried to contact me, and I haven't gotten back to you, I'm sorry. I'll start working on those emails as soon as I can!

As Mark Twain so aptly put it in his book "Puddin-Head Wilson": "There are three kinds of lies, lies, damned lies, and statistics". There won't be a hell of a lot of statistics here. Why? Simple! The numbers are already known! Why repeat them!! 200,000 homeless veterans? Everybody should know by now, and The Rethuglicans could give a fuck! 50,000 homeless veterans in California? Old news! 33,000 in Los Angeles alone? Ditto! What we will address here is, just what the fuck is our government doing about it? Answer? NOTHING!!! That's right! Zip, zero, nada, el squato, not-a-damn-thing! When I read about veterans suffering from "Burning Sperm Syndrome", "Gulf War Disease", and other maladies that are so obviously linked to Depleted Uranium weapons used in Iraq, and the VA turning them away for lack of funding, or just plain apathy, it makes me want to ride my old 47 Indian Bonneville Chief right across the floor of The Senate, and stick a size-ten-steel-toed-boot right up Dick Cheney's ass just to see if that smirk on his face changes!

While President Pork Pie stands with crocodile tears in his eyes weeping about how the soldiers in Iraq "Want to finish the job.", The Veteran's Administration is keeping our wounded men and women from registering to vote!!! That's right! Those who have given their limbs, their minds, and themselves, to defend our rights, are having theirs taken away! Why? Simple!! Troop morale is at an all time low! "Stop Loss" has turned a four-year enlistment into an endless nightmare!

And if that wasn't enough, Bush and his Rethuglican ass-sniffers, (That means YOU, McCain!), has rejected out-of-hand a new "GI Bill", because it would tempt US Service Personnel into not reenlisting! God forbid that a veteran be given the chance to go to school, and, learn a trade that did not involve wearing the same clothes as everybody else, and killing whoever the Government says is "The Enemy" this week!

Of course if recruiting was at the all time high President Pork Pie said it was in his latest hound-eyed lie-fest, then these "Stop Loss" scenarios would be unneeded! Of course Bush telling lies is like a dog eating shit! It's so much to be expected that hardly anyone takes notice of it any more!

We as Americans have a sacred duty to those who have volunteered to give their all for this country, and to the widows, widowers, and orphans of our honored dead! No need should go unmet! No door should be closed! And no problem go unsolved by this nation! It is something that should be gladly given, and given with unending gratitude! It is not only owed, but bought at the greatest price!

Fuck the Government bean-counters!

Fuck the whiny-assed, poor-mouthed scenarios, pronounced on BOTH sides of the legislature that put our best and bravest on the back-burner, so obscene amounts of money can be freed for Blackwater, Halliburton, Corn accelerators, and condoms for fruit-flies! Fuck the purple-fisted felons that are paid to run lawless at the expense of our own soldiers!! Raping their co-workers, murdering civilians in the streets of Iraq, and held to no account!!

Fuck Halliburton for taking fat government coin to poison our troops, and serve them mess that is marginal on it's best day, and six clicks under dog food on it's worst!!! And most truthfully, painfully, and unfortunately! Fuck us! Because we have ALL sat on our asses, and let this shit go unanswered for a long fucking time! FAR too fucking long!

I don't even understand why the fuck I even have to say this!!! I don't even understand how I should have to!!! How is it that it's something that nobody in government seems to understand!! When somebody puts his, or her ass on the line for YOUR ass, you owe them!!! And when you deny them their due, then you'll find fewer, and fewer people willing to do so!! It is then, and only them, that you will find that corn cannot be accelerated fast enough to protect you, and even it it could, nobody wants the job of accelerating it! And when your ass is shorn, for that is a sheep's due, you will find that it's a hell of a price to have to pay for a "fiscal responsibility", which is neither fiscal, or responsible!!

4/20 this Sunday!! Have a nice jay !^-^


President Bush said...

Hello Stoney, it's your friend President Bush!
Actually, I didn't come to troll you this time. I liked this rant very much. Good work.

murph said...

Geez Stoney, Of course it's happening. If it don't make money, it isn't worth looking into and it sure ain't gonna change soon. Used up vets are just a drain and only paid attention to when it's politically expedient. Been that way for a long time actually. It's just more apparent now and in the extreme. Frankly, I am amazed they can get anyone to join up these days.

freeacre said...

You are so right, Stoney. I have a friend in town who's husband is suffering a slow death due to Gulf War Syndrome. He's nauseated all the time, has prostate cancer, panic attacks, debilitating pain all over. This has been going on since the first Gulf War.
He, along with so many others have just been written off. Used and abused by the corporates and the powers that be.
Let's not forget them. Next time they decide to throw a resource war, let's hope no one shows up.
Maybe we could start the idea of giving each of our disabled veterans one of those houses that people are walking away from and the cities are thinking of burning up and making into park areas.

stoney13 said...

President Bush,

HOLY SHIT!!!!! "President Bush has given me his approval???!!! I'm so not fucking worthy!

Should I call the Pope now, or wait untill you're done with him!!

I think I'll wait till next week! He'll be very confused for quite a while after the two of you meet!


Yep! When you're right, you're right! I remember reading in the history books about Herbert Hoover, (Yea, THAT son-of-bitch!), and his treatment of the World War 1 Veterans. Now, along comes Pork Pie, who makes Hoover look like a most generous and giving soul!!!

To my fellow veterans today, I say thanks! Sometimes I'm afraid this country doesn't deserve your service and sacrifice!


Thanks for stopping by. The sad plight of your friend and her husband is being played out in thousands of homes across this country. Sickening is all I can say!

Fabianna said...

I have nothing to add Stoney13, just thanks for the information. Lately I have been getting most of my political information from blogs rather than from the newspapers.

stoney13 said...


Thanks for stopping in!

Give Countdown With Kieth Olbemann a look. He's on MSNBC at eight'o'clock pm EST. Except the offerings by "The Comedy Chanel", that's about as far as I go to the "Lamestream Media"! Print or otherwise, the only thing they feel is newsworthy is a bunch of celbrity gossip bullshit, and what, or who is on "American Idol".

Jack Taylor said...


A video of you is at

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Jack Taylor said...


A video of you is at

All E-mails get rejected.

The high resolution files are too large so will bring to the Purple Onion for an Expresso.


follow to get to my E-mail addres on my home page.

stoney13 said...


Went to your link and tried to send you an email, but it wouldn't go through.

My email adress is "".

Just send me an email directly, and it should go through just fine, and when I send you one back, I'll put you in my contacts folder.

I don't know why you can't post your email adress in this blog, but you know, I'm gonna find out!!!

Da Frog said...

Great Rant Stoney, and I'm right with you on this one, as usual. All of these draft dodging, champagne unit reservists running our government today give me the creeps.

Now we've got this asshole, McCain, who doesn't think universal health care is a good idea. WTF? This dirtbag's healthcare has been on our dime since the 1960s. If it is good enough for him, why isn't it good enough for the rest of us.

The VA and public healthcare has never handled PTSD very well. Now today with all of these young soldiers coming home after multiple combat tours they've gotten even worse. The closest "Pork Pie" ever came to experiencing it was when the O-Club ran out of beer.

Again good rant and it is great hearing from you again.

Anonymous said...


Try this Link

You're Part 5

Jack Taylor

Anonymous said...

Hey Stoney, great rant, well it was just yesterday that my youngest got yet another offer from the us government to join up with the navy, this is the second one from the navy, the coast guard, the marines, the army, the air force, well,this son is just about to turn 18 and where did the military get his name and address? yep, NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND! no calls of late from the recruiters but i imagine the gentle replies that they receive from me has disheartened them a tad.
i think that your sons are of the age of military usefulness and it is really something to try to help the youngster's understand the incredible amount of lies coming from the government in regards to the repatriate duties that have fallen on young men from times beginning since humans just cannot live without having to club the shit out of each other for... well just pull something out of the hat and use it, don't matter how lame it is, juice it up in the name of some bullshit excuse and zip there goes another bunch of wounded children,and they are children with big bodies as far as this ole coot is concerned.
and now this, to dishonor these young people with the disgraceful care or lack of care is just to foul to speak of.... almost.
My rage at the mindless fucks that claim to be worthy of being called human beings and voted that scumbag into office ,yeah i know the bitch was stolen but if the vote had been say 25/75 he would not of been in the position to murder our young people and the million or so Iraqis.
So thanks for the research and the posting of this incredible info on the atrocities committed on this nation of goddamn,motherfucking flea infested fathers and mothers that allowed their children to be used as fodder for the slime infected douchebag of a supposed leader of men?
goddamn this really pisses me off to no end i can tell you that, and the dirty bastards will get my youngest over my dead body. PERIOD.
Montana Freeman

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