Sunday, December 24, 2006


It's already out! I KNEW it would pop up this time of year!!! "Al Qaeda" is threatening to blow up trains on Christmas Day that DON"T EVEN RUN ON CHRISTMAS DAY!!!!!

How is "Qaeda" going to acomplish this task? NOONE KNOWS!!! But there has been "signifigant chatter" about it! Alright! I'm only going to say this once! "Signifigant Chatter" means this attack only exists in some delusional paranoid mind! The reason that it is being trotted out to the public, and virtues extoled for those who "prevented" it, is that Bush thinks he needs a boogie man to keep us in line! Every time his policies get questioned, here comes the "Barely Contained Terrorist Plot" to send "The Sheople" bleating for peotection! Never are any of these "BCTP"s discussed for any time in the press, and are quietly, and firmly snatched back into The NSA's magic box when anybody starts asking uncomfortable questions! Time, and time again, has Bush used this ploy on the American Public, and the result of which is easily seen in the last election! We KNOW it's bullshit!! We know how the rabbit gets into the hat!!! It don't work any more!

So now what happens? Does the American People once more buy into this shit that the Bush faithful are slinging with such furvor? Or do we see it all as bullshit and firmly teel "The Dimpled Darling of the Desperatly Deluded" that we see through ALL the bullshit, so just give it up!

All this brings us to the gist of this post which is "Can't we just get along?"! Can't we accept the fact that in ALL the world there might be people different than us? That these people have the right to be different? That we don't have the right to change them political, religiously, or cuturally into what we think they should be? That at this time of "Peace on Earth, Goodwill Towards Man", can't we learn to COEXIST?!!!!!


murph said...

AWWW HELL Stoney, We all know it has nothing to do with changing other societies and giving them the benefits of our most glorious and wonderful god blessed democracy. God was an anarchist anyway. They just want control over oil.

Tom Degan's Daily Rant said...

Another on that should be etched in stone, Stoney!
Tom Degan

Anonymous said...

Your voice is so needed by the people that are so waiting for something that makes some lick of sense that its nourishing for a few that can comprehend the significance by what you say, my question to you my friend is this,can we not hear the wisdom that is available?
Is it take a number and we will get right back to you like getting a fucking drivers license?/

YOU are wise my brother,
my knowledge is so small and all of that crawled out from the sanctuary of our spirit of mother earth,we do our best be cause of the questions that arise from the young ones.
And because my grandmother had to suck the dick of some white mother fucker we paid the ultimate price.
There were many ,well you know that.
I will stand by my Bow,and i am very good with that mother fucker,

all the best to you Stoney, you have beautiful family would love to share sometime with you guys,
montana freeman

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