Thursday, December 14, 2006

IMPORTANT UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alright people! Listen up! This is some SERIOUS SHIT!!!!!! I want every body that can read this to go to "" and read the post entitled "The Box Bush Finds Himself In"!!



WE as Americans must now make up our minds! Will we let our policy be determined by foreign governments and Big Oil?! Or will WE as Americans stand against what this fucking nut job is up to? Will we allow him and his cabal of Neocon liars and theives sacrifice our children on a cross made in the shape of an oil rig! Shall we obediantly feed the future of our country to the Saudi Arabian Royal Family? Or will we stand as a PEOPLE to bring this to a halt!

I was wrong about the Naval expidition! I was dead wrong! They aren't there to bring soldiers back! THEY ARE THERE TO BEGIN A MAJOR OFFENSIVE! Oh and we aren't the only ones there! Most European countries have sent ships, troops, and logistical support INCLUDING Germany and France! Canda is there! Austalia is there! Third world countries that barely HAVE a military are headed to the Arabian Sea, or already have forces in place there!


I will NEVER give Bush the benefit of the doubt again! My bad! I admit it! I was told by a friend in Government Service, "Surely The President isn't that stupid!" WELL, GUESS WHAT!!! HE WAS WRONG!!!! I WAS WRONG!!!! ANYBODY THAT EVER HAD A SINGLE GRAIN OF FAITH IN THIS FUCKING IDIOT OR HIS ADMINISTRATION WAS WRONG!!!!

I have to take a break, or I'm going to break another keyboard!


FreeAcre said...

This whole situation with all these ships in the Persian Gulf and Mediterranean is just so bizaar that I don't know what to think. They can't be doing "exercises" for practice, when the military is already so over-stretched both in manpower and budget and equipment that to squander it is unthinkable. Maybe they are planning to jump off and secure the oil fields in case the whole place starts to go up in flames. Maybe they are there to back up Israel in the event of going nuclear. Maybe they have the sites on the Saudis, in case they decide to start trading in Euros or rubles. There are so many ways this thing could explode like a grenade in our hands, it's just nuts.
The only thing for certain is that the Bush cabal is bankrupting the country. Oh, and Merry Christmas. 2007 looks like it's going to be a heck of a year!"

Palooka's Revenge said...

This is really disturbing Stoney. The better part of me wanted to challenge the idea that the mission was all about redeployment support. It just didn't feel right much as I wanted to believe it.

But I'm not a military man and so digressed.

I feel the same way about this Cheaney trip to Saudi and I smell a red herring.

Does that mean we have nothing to worry about? On the contrary, we have a lot more to worry about when Cheaney's involved. The man's a psychopath in emperors clothes and much more dangerous than the sociopath Bush even with his executive power.

Keep up the good work my friend and keep keeping us informed of anything your sources can reveal. Especially on movement in the Arabian Sea.

BTW, have you got any info on the genesis of this Cheaney trip? How do we know it went down like its being presented? How do we know the Saudis kicked his ass and made their threats?

cyclone said...


Many have been wrong about the military buildup in the Gulf. Don't beat yourself up too much. This is serious shit, this lunatic may start firing nukes around the entire region. If the American people aren't scared now, they never will be.


Wilma Lamb said...

Dear Stoney, I read about the naval task force and my take was another Bush step toward WW3 or a grab for power or more likely oil. A staged "incident" could set the stage for an attempted invasion, Bush might be biting off more than he can chew this time

stoney13 said...

Palooka's Revenge,

The Genesis is simple! Saudi Arabia cracked the whip, and Cheney made the trip! That's pretty plain! Also, have you seen the look on Cheney's face lately? He looks like somebody just walked up, piss4ed on his leg, and told him his wife gives lousy head!

Cheney LOVES power! He loves to use it, he loves to flaunt it, and he HATES it when somebody that has more than he does uses it against him! Cheney has the look of a bulldog that just got his nose rubbed in the turd he dropped on the rug, and is now deciding what to do about the situation. For Dirty Dick, it's fight or flight time! We KNOW he made the flight, and he didn't take so much as a change of clothes with him. That's a pretty strange scenario for someone who wasn't pretty much called on to the carpet. As far as the fight goes, Saudi Arabia pretty much told us we were fucking up when we started this misadventure! Remember when they denied us clearance to land on Saudi soil, or use Saudi airspace for "Operation Iraqi Liberation"? That's pretty cut and dried!

Like I said before, Cheney is pretty much an open book for anybody that knows how to read him! I've been reading him for a while as recently getting his nose tweaked very, VERY hard! Since George the Second hasn't the brains, and George the First hasn't the balls, I figured it must have been done by someone that Cheney is genuinely scared of, and that leaves only the Saudis!

Secondly, I know Cyclone. This man has visited my house, and sat at my table, and I AM a military man, and I'm a REAL quick study on who I can trust! I know the way he investigates ANY post he puts on "The Real Deal" and bullshit just isn't in his vocabulary! If Cyclone said it happened, then it happened! Simple as that!

Political investigation in the day and age of Rupert Murdoch's spin machine is a tedious, and for the most part thankless job! And you have to look under a lot of big wet rocks before you find what you're looking for! Not only that, but you have to deal with whatever else lives under said rocks, that can bite your ass when you grab them! Sometimes it's just a little nip, and other times it swells you up like a $2.00 balloon! Either way, you've got to look at things from all angles to get it right! I've PERSONALLY put in hundreds of hours of research on one small post! Cyclone does things the same way. What he puts down, he's checked out VERY carfully! There are few people in this world that I trust. I married one, and Cyclone's another!

To everyone,

As you might have noticed on the last post, we have a comment spammer lurking around in the dark pedalling Visgra, and nude photos! You can also tell from my comments on the situation that I am not the least bit pleased about it! I have traced the source back to a "Spam Robot". A nasty piece of hardware that looks for blogs that have no word verification and procedes to post spam on them. Therefore I have found that I MUST add word verification to the comments section of my blog, to prevent the spam.

I know, I know! It's a pain in the ass, but I've got no choice! I WILL NOT allow these fuckers to use my blog for advertising! I don't make a dime from this, and I will BE DAMNED if a bunch of thieves will!+

Palooka's Revenge said...


Remember when they denied us clearance to land on Saudi soil, or use Saudi airspace for "Operation Iraqi Liberation"? That's pretty cut and dried!

i sure do my brother. it was not lost on me at the time and there wasn't a whole lot said on mainstream about that nasty little "inconvenience".

didn't that actually delay the mission and do i recall something about having to pull part of the fleet out of the mediteranian over objections as well?

about cy. i just found his blog thanks to you and i'm really diggin on it. its not him i don't trust, its cheney.

luved his box post and commented on it. he thanked me for the comment and asked if i want to write a piece. floored me!!

good observation on the body language. personally haven't been watchin the mainstream since bird day. too much other shit and keeping up on net sources has kept me away. appreciate that observation.

about word veri... with todays fucked up scum crawing the web perping and pimpin their shit this is a wise and minor price to pay for security. the last thing i want to see is regulation!!

and finally, i know what you mean about hours of research just to put up one tiny statement and argument to support it and damn, i'm appreciative of effort, dedication and stubborn tenacity of brothers like yourself and cy who will settle for nothing less than the truth. and our like-minded sisters too. not sure how i found you, maybe tom degan. first post i read was the navy post and i bookmarked you immediatly.

we're neighbors here in the southeast and i've done a ton of paddlin your great rivers in western n.c.

in cahoots,


Tom Degan said...

Thanks for providing that link, Stoney. VERY eye-opening, indeed! I knew when I heard about all of those ships approaching the Persian Gulf that there was a hell of alot more to this story than met the eye. The fact is, this stupid bastard and the war criminals that comprise this nighmare of an administration are sending us right into World War III.
Thanks again, pal - and thank you for the card!
Tom Degan

Anonymous said...

From Belgium,


You can take it personally if you want to but don't feel personally responsible, everyone knows its not your fault. This is just another facit of the corrupt society that we usually discuss here. Just think, if everything was like it should be, we would have nothing to talk about ;-)

I use Opera browser for 80% - 90% of the time and Firefox for the rest but since I up graded to the latest version of Opera it stopped giving me anything to verify so now I have to go into Firefox to post a comment, a bit inconvenient but not that much of a problem so long I have something that works. Keepthe blog going for those who it is meant for.
Btw, since you have put the visual verification in, the toolbars at the top of the page have disappeared so I can't C&P from Word anymore.

Anonymous said...

From Belgium


This is wierd, Opera displays normally just like The Real Deal but I can't post into it but in Firefox it seems like an intermediate page that is loading. The Real Deal is OK in Firefox. Do you know if this is something from your end or my end, I don't want to be forced into IE if I can help it.

stoney13 said...


For some really fucked up reason the comments are coming through in a pop up! I don't know why, and it pisses me off! I've checked it, and it says it's not, but it obviously is!

I'm using Firefox right now, and it seems to be going through just fine In fact Firefox is the only browser I use! The TDS page is just too tedious, and MSN takes to long too load because of all the advertisments, adlinks, and other bullshit MSN is SO adamant about asailing our eyeballs with! In fact if I have my adblock software engaged MSN won't even load! A real pain in the ass since my email is on Hotmail, and it won't let me transfer to any other service, without losing five years worth of files! Really PISSES me off!

It might be something on your end, or a combination of the popup comment thing and some SNAFU on your end. If you have a popup blocker other than the one from Firefox, that might be the SNAFU.


Your welcome! I would have sent an email card, but I like the old ways sometimes! Besides, my wife, Hazel does most of the Christmas Card sending and keeps the Christmas Card List in a vice-like grip! I learned a long time ago to just submit the names and addresses, and get out of her way!

Palooka's Revenge,

Think how much cleaner those rivers will be now that we got rid of "Chainsaw Charley" Talor!

It hasn't been easy though! What, with all that GROANING, and CREAKING, and POPPING as Hell froze over! Shit! Nobody got any sleep around here for at least a month! Still it does have it's moments! It sure makes a pretty picture when the pigs fly in front of the full moon!

Blake said...

2007 is looking very scary.It's like which of the many lunatics is going to spark a major war. How did so many lunatics seem to get elected at the same time? I'm scared mostly for my children.

Dr.Rick Lippin

stoney13 said...


As to how so many lunatics got elected, it's quite simple!

The political scene in America, (and a SCENE it is!!) Has gotten so incredibly nasty that for ANYONE to have anything at all to do with it would HAVE to be insane!

Bad is good, night is day, Less is more, and you have to think outside the box, but nobody can tell you how! You'ld have to be totaly out of your mind for any of this to any sense, and just the act of considering this mess in Washington D.C. is enough to start you roaring on your way to therapy!

The fact is that nuts are all we've got left!!! The only service provided by the vote is to not let the bigest nut in! Well guess what! The system failed! TWICE!!! We got Bush! TWICE!!!!

One nut wasn't enough! OH NO!!! We're Americans! We do things in a BIG way in America! We let him invite all his friends!!! Now Washington is filthy with them! They're crawling out the walls, and swinging through the trees!

Add to the first fool's entourage of insane, the loonies already skipping through Capitol Hill's hallowed halls, and you have the grandest collection of disturbed people ever assembled! Washington D.C. makes Bedlam look absolutely pastoral!

Now they control ALL the Armed Forces, and assets of The United States of America! Of course nuts, being nuts, they do what nuts do, with no thought as to what the consequenses of their actions might be, or who will be left to pay them! And the sad thing is, we not only let them do it, but we actually picked them for the job!

Blake said...

Agree Stoney!- What's next? Party time till Armaggedon? Or some attempt to pull ourselves out of this downward spiral?

Dr.Rick Lippin

Palooka's Revenge said...


I heard this a few days ago but now I guess its official: Abazaid out, Richard Allen in as commander of Centcom. Admiral that is.... "with experience in carrier operations."

Pretty interesting eh? Anything new from your sources?

stoney13 said...


Dr. Sidney Freeman said it so well on M.A.S.H., "Sometimes you have to pull down your pants, and slide on the ice!" Fortunately, as an X SEAL, that's something I'm trained to do!

Palooka's Revenge,

Spoke with one of my contacts around Christmas, who said that we will be in Iraq untill at least 2009. Nothing anybody can do! It seems that Nancy Pelosi has decided that this will NOT work! Bush might be planning to ride this bull all the way to the end, but Ms. Pelosi will be shooting it in the ass every chance she gets!

As far as the good Andmiral is concerned, Bush thinks that his experience with Carriers will help him use that asset of The United States to a greater degree in the Persian Gulf. The problem is that the Russian-made "Sunburn" Missiles make the modern Aircraft Carrier as obsolete as an armored knight in an airborne assault!

He SHOULD have picked someone from the Submarine Corps, as that seems to be the ONLY part of The United States Navy that is safe from this new ordinance. Of course our Submarines are busy ramming oil tankers, and other important duties!

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