Thursday, November 16, 2006

Here Comes The Navy!!!

I still haven't heard from that contact of mine, and the time is now past for getting any meaningful information from that source, so I'll go on with out it. Briefly, here's what's going on:

There is one nuclear powered Enterprise-class aircraft carrier in "The CENTCOM Area of Responsibility" as we speak. This ship is the original "USS Enterprise, (CVN 65)"

Along with the Enterprise, The following US Navy ships are heading to the same area:

Boxer Expiditionary Strike Force, which consists of:

USS Boxer (LHD 4) (Amphibious Assault Dock)
USS Dubuque (LPD 8) (Amphibious Transport Dock)
USS Comstock (LSD 45) (Landing Ship)

The following US Navy Ships are heading directly to the Persian Gulf:

Iwo Jima Expiditionary Strike Force, which consistst of:

USS Iwo Jima Jima (LHD 7)
USS Nashville (LPD 8)
USS Whidbey Island (LSD 41)

Now here's what a "Expitionary Strike Force" is, does, and consists off.

You'll notice these strike forces are made up of three types of ships. First is the Flagship which is a "Wasp Class Amphibious Assault Deck" (LHD). Think of it as a baby aircraft carrier, with a big back door, but don't sell this baby cheap! This so-called "Dock" packs one hell of a punch! It's got two Sea Sparrow Launchers, three 20mm phalanx (CIWS) mounts, and eight .50 caliber machine guns.

Along with the mounted weponry, it caries forty-two CH-46 Sea Knight Helicopters, five AV-88 Harrier Aircraft, and six ASW Helicopters! And when that big back door drops open, 2074 Marines come storming out for a "Semper Fi" party! Ain't no shit folks! This is one bad-ass barge!

Number two of this Tinity of tribulation is the Austin Class Amphibious Transport Dock (LPD). Think of it as the bastard child of an Aircraft Carrier, and a light Destroyer, with the same big back door as the (LHD). It carries The same two Sea Sparrows, along with two Phalanx (CIWS) Mounts, two 25mm MK 38 Guns, and the obligatory eight .50 Caliber Machine Guns

When the back door drops, 840 Marines pop out and hand out the hurt! This is a LANDING ship!

Last but not least, we have the Whidbey Island Class Amphibious Transport Dock. This is a heavily armored ship a little smaller than a (LPD). It carries Two Phalanx (CIWS) Mounts, two 25mm MK 38 Guns, along with six .50 Caliber Machine Guns.

The big back door drops for up to 504 Marines primed for plunder. Aircraft are limited to mostly helicopters like the (LPD)

Ah and it only gets better form here! Along with the Boxer Expitionary Strike Force is a dandy little tin can courtesy of our northern neighbors! It's called The HMCS Ottowa IV (FFH-341), and I WANT ONE!!!!

The Ottawa is a "Canadian Patrol Frigate" and it was concieved, laid and built in Canada. These guys must have great flashes of brilliance while sitting around the stove toking up on BC Bud! THIS THING ROCKS!!!

It's got a steel superstucture with full ballistic protection, redundant propulsion, and electrical systems, a redundant distibuted combat system, survivable combat controll, and intergratred communication center. Add all this to an excelent automated damage controll system, and comprehensive NBC citadel, and we're STILL not done! This thing is completely shock-protected, and designed to withstand the airblast loads from a nuclear device!

As delivered, this ship has the highest rating in anti-submarine warfare in the world! And it's deployed with the Boxer Group, and under US command in Thhe Arabian sea as we speak!

If we look at the capabilities and design intent of the ships listed, we can come to only one conclusion. THIS IS NOT A DRILL!!!! This is not a training exercise of any type! There is not ONE upper echelon officer in The Department of The Navy stupid enough to send two Expiditionary Stike Groups two practicaly the same place where an armed conflict is already under way! THEY JUST DON"T DO IT!!! These ships have a cause of action, and an objective! Since our "Allies" are reaching out to Iran and Syria, we can tentativly cross that scenario off the list.

I can only hope that this deployment means what everybody I know in the military think it does: That these vesels have been sent to begin removing US personel from Iraq! And from all the information I've been able to get, this is the case! I was told about three months ago, if Rummy got the boot, expect to see the redeployment of troop from Iraq by January.

Cheney is strangely silent, and Rove has nothing to say either. They are the last two dyed-in-the-wool- neocons left, and Bush's dad is sending all his old friends to save the family name from further embarrassment, and there is no bigger embarrassment than "Operation Iraqi Liberation"! The war in Iraq HAS to be over if the Repigs stand any chance at all at getting into the White House in 2008! Even then it's iffy! The American people will NOT be sold another war on another front! Bush blew his "Political Capital" just like he blew "Arbusto"

Bush has been handed his ass on a used paper plate, and HE KNOWS IT! Why else would he have given Rummy the boot the day after the election! I knew the House was ours, but even I didn't see the Senate going! Bush couldn't get fly confirmed as a shit eater right now!

It was a nice trick! Send the ships out quietly, with a handy cover story about "Naval Exercises" and the like! Then if the public opinion swung back, he could bring 'em back' and fill them with fresh troops for the slaughter! But we got the House, AND the Senate! This will be a very short trip!

This could be some very good news indeed!!

Tom, Keep praying for peace! Sometimes the answer is "YES!"


invabch said...

CVN 65 is pulling into home 11/18.

Anonymous said...

I believe you're speaking of CVN 69.

Wilma Lamb said...

Thanks Stoney. Can't wait to see what happens next. Just so Dumya doesn't have you-know-what-induced dreams of sitting on Iran's Peacock throne when his real goal is all those oil wells

Anonymous said...

Goddam Stoney, how in the fuck do you keep up with all this info? Truly amazing and much appreciated.
As you probably know by now i had my other hip replaced and a new life has begun, don't know what to do with the rebirth but am sure some good will come of it, a second chance,it seems like a miracle, and indeed is.
We just got to share a hooter someday.
peace my brother

"Blake" said...

Good investigative work- We are in your debt

Be Well,


stoney13 said...

Invabch, and Anon 2:37

The info I have says it is definately "The Enterprise" (CVN 65).

Earlier info said it was "The Eisenhower" (CVN 69), but it was retracted when it was discovered that "The Eisenhower" was due back in port, "right before Thanksgiving".

"The Enterprise", and "The Eisenhower", are both "Enterprise Class Aircraft Carriers, (Nuclear powered), and have a cruising speed of 30 Knots! That's batting ass for a three-quarter-mile-long ship!

Info on the whereabouts of these ships is sketchy at best, even in peace time! When there's a conflict going on, nobody knows where these pigs are hiding, and one can easily be mistaken for the other! My info comes from a very reliable source, but I yhavent had an update since October!

If you know something I don't, share it with us, if it isn't going to kill sailors, or sink ships! These guys are my brothers in arms! That's why I will NOT give the positions of these vessels, or their ports of origin!

"Lose lips, sink ships!"

stoney13 said...

Montana Freeman,

Glad everything went well on the new hip! Just remember, your not a teen-ager anymore, even if your hip makes it feel like you are!

I got a rude dose of reality last Monday with the aid of an eight-foot x ten-inch lap of oak firewood which I thought in a wild fit of exuberance I would pick up and carry up the hill to the house! I got it up there all right, but about five minutes afterwards, when the muscle spasms hit, I knew that I had ROYALLY fucked up!

It impressed the shit out of the seventeen-year-old-son, and let him know that Dad ain't dead yet, even though he smells like it from time to time!

Hazel was most unmoved by my plight, and scolded me soundly for "Using your balls, and not your brains" Sigh! When she's right, she's right!!!

We've DEFINATELY got to do the hooter thing one day!

AnJaka said...

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See u soon, stoney13

Anonymous said...

I hope you're right about the ourpose of all those ships heading towards the Persian Gulf. My worry is that they're intending to invade Iran. True, that would be the stupidest move they could possibly make but, then again, these guys do REALLY stupid things. That's their trademark.

Of this we can be absolutely sure: 2007 will be the most interesting political year of our lives. No question about it.

Still praying for peace, Stoney!

Tom Degan

Tom Degan's Daily Rant said...

By the way, Stoney, if they don't ivade by the 1st of January, then troop deployment IS the reason. They won't be able to launch a third losing was with the Dems in charge.
One other thing...Keep your eye on Joe Lieberman. Will he go republican? I'll tell you this, He hasn't ruled it out. He's disgusting.

FreeAcre said...

I've been wondering about what the heck is going on over there. I sure hope you are right. Sure sounds expensive, whatever it is. Wish we could just load those troops onto a Carnival Cruise liner and give them a good time and save money to boot!

stoney13 said...


It seems that wiser heads have prevailed, and somebody got the bright idea that having Iran and Syria as partners in this enterprise beats having them as enemies.

Any lasting stability in Iraq HAS to have the involvment of Iraq's neighbors to work. I just hope the steps taken aren't too late!

The talks happening right now, SHOULD have happened two years ago, Then we would have been well on the way to peace!

I'm afraid the mistakes made in Iraq will rise up to bite us in the ass for another 50 years, no matter what steps are taken now. Our best hope is to pray that The Iraqi People can see this was not done in the name of The American People, but at the behest of a bunch of global empirialistic companies and their running dog lackeys! These yahoos have been FIRMLY voted out of office, and now we must begin healing their country, and our name.

Most of us wish their people and their country the best. We want the People of Iraq to live in peace with whatever form of government they choose. And when that is done, it will be don in spite of George W. Bush, not because of him!


The closest George Bush will get to a "Peacock Throne" is Mark Foley on the toilet!

Tom Degan's Daily Rant said...

You just may be right. I never thought I would live to see the day when I would give thanks (Happy Thanksgiving Day, by the way) to Jim Baker. Maybe his Iraq Study Group have finally penetrated. I won't believe it until I see it, though. Remember, this is the stupidest bastard ever to sleep at 1600 Pennsylvania. He's liable to do ANYTHING.
Tom Degan

Tom Degan's Daily Rant said...

You just may be right. I never thought I would live to see the day when I would give thanks (Happy Thanksgiving Day, by the way) to Jim Baker. Maybe his Iraq Study Group have finally penetrated. I won't believe it until I see it, though. Remember, this is the stupidest bastard ever to sleep at 1600 Pennsylvania. He's liable to do ANYTHING.
Tom Degan

Dr. Rick Lippin said...

Stoney and Tom Degan-As progressive blogges take some credit for what happenned in recent elections. :)

The blogosphere is a sacred space which the Dems need to protect.

Among my many thanks on this day is for you both.

"Keep rantin"

Rick Lippin

Anonymous said...

From Belgium,

The obvious question to me is what part are nearly three and a half thousand storm troopers going to play in an aerial attack? If these marines are there, then providing cover for a withdrawal does make sense. If attacking Iran was not the plan, then why take minesweepers and the Coast Guard along? Seen in this light, Stony’s either - or, dual purpose ‘exercise’ has validity. Even though plan B looks increasingly likely now, this is still a duel of sorts and both players have itchy fingers. Possible but less likely scenarios are: the USA prepares an evacuation of Iraq; Iran blocks the Straits of Hormuz and does a Perl Harbour turkey shoot. The only thing USA would have left in its bag would be a Trident attack, which is a pretty big reason for Iran not doing it. The other possibility is that even though Bush appears to have had his wings clipped by Big Money he is still the president and he still has the ability to present those in real power with a fait accompli. As I say the whole situation is not done and dusted yet so both of these things, although less likely, are still possibilities.

I have no way of knowing if I am right but sitting here in Europe and not being too close, allows you to take a distance from the situation. People who have commented seem to be hoping for the Dems to make a difference now the House and Senate has been lost for the Repugs. I do fear that hope has been misplaced. In a way it is like drinking Bud Light instead of Bud, it is a different flavour but the overall effect is the same. Both parties have their snouts in the same trough and are both pissing into the same pot.

A year before becoming VP, Cheney gave a speech to Big Oil. This outlined an old economic theory that whoever controlled the Eurasian land mass economically and therefore militarily would control the world. The idea was to quickly take Iraq and move swiftly on to Iran, controlling their oil fields, then up through both sides of the Caspian Sea, taking out the Stans along the way and sit at Russia’s gate. China and the Far East could be controlled by simply blockading their oil. As we know it didn’t turn out like that, personally I think it was Rummy’s light highly trained attack force rather then a Powellian swamping them with numbers is where it likely went wrong. Now the whole world can see the intent. Putin has responded by supplying every country to the south including the whole of Europe with oil. The western fleet may be ganging up at Syria’s door but now Europe has become dependant, it only takes Russia to turn off Europe’s oil for NATO to fold. In the meantime Russia; China; most of the Stans and Iran are becoming best buddies, espousing a multi polar world view rather than a globalcentric world view. This group is presently trying to turn Pakistan.

What Bush’s four year fuck up has done is to give Russia mainly together with China and Iran, time to reorganise their strategies and all the time oil is running out. I would imagine that Bushes daddy is upset, very upset and that the big money behind big daddy is even more upset. It is just wasting time whilst a finite resource is dwindling away. I wouldn’t even be surprised if I found out that the big players had offered to take out the bushman’s immediate family if due respect was not given. Everyone outside the White House can see that Iraq is a lost case and that includes both Big Money and the electorate. Now even more time will be wasted bringing the Dems up to speed with the master plan during which time major pipelines march steadily across Europe and Asia.
These are interesting times if only because nothing is certain but don’t put too much hope in the Dems, they are probably holding out an olive branch in one hand with a magnum concealed behind their back and I don’t mean champagne.

stoney13 said...


If it weren't for the links you sent me, I would have never been able to do the research on this at all!!

Contacts are handy, but you have to know the right questions. You gave me what I neede to ask them. Thanks!

That said, you're right! The "Rethuglicans", and the "Dimocrats" , "have their nose in the same trough and are pissing in the same pot" (God, I love the way you put that!), but the Dems are REALLY hungry!

You see, there were at one time in our country parties like the "Federalists", the "Whigs, and the "Know Nothings", (See where honesty gets you in politics!), but now they're gon. They're gone because they tried to sell a line of shit so weak, even they didn't even buy it!

If there's one thing we love in America is FREE ENTERPRISE!!!! Yep!!! It's oh so fucking true!!! And in America when you sell a line of shit that you don't even buy, you are producing an unmaketable comodity! AND YOU WILL LOSE YOUR ASS!!! And they're carting Bush's off as we speak!

You've got it pegged with Cheney and Rummys dreams of plunder! But it all went bad when Bush lost the people. He couldn't wage the kind of war they wanted, in the areas they wanted to invade. The plan was to attack Iran right after Bush landed his big scarey airplane on a carrier deck to anounce "Mission Accomplished!" THAT"S where Rummy lost the ball! They had enough to take the country, but they didn't have enough to hold it. And when I say they didn't have enough to hold it, I mean they had NOTHING!!! They had no means of conecting with the people, neither did they even try! The only thing that bothered them was "How much oil we got, and when can we get it flowing"! And the Bush Administration thinks nobody's going to notice!

Under the watchful, and maternal gaze of the United Nations, Bush has knocked the Iraqi People down, and shit in their lunchbox! If you look where international opinion is on the matter of Iraq, you'll find we have "lost the moral high ground".
And that's nothing to lose if you owe China as much money as we do!

landsker said...

Hi Stoney,
Nice piece. Here is a link to a russian site, which you might find interesting.

"Follow the money", the u.s. dollar is falling fast.
What next? Will the Iraquis call a ceasefire so that the american troops can just pack their kitbags and wave goodbye as they march, returning along the road to Kuwait??
Will the Iranians permit the u.s. fleet to sail within helicopter range of Baghdad?

Incidentally, the russians have their ships and subs in the area, as do the chinese, the brits, the french, even the germans have a few warships "in the region".
The mission looks like it is over, but most certainly it isn`t accomplished.
Phat tribe 1
Neocon tribe 0.


Anonymous said...

From Belgium

Here is an scenario which doesen't exclude yours, it is just a bit more ambivalent.,8599,1564991,00.html

Anonymous said...
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stoney13 said...

Anomymous 6:01, 9:48, 3:14, 11:14, 7:34, and 7:21,

Just what the FUCK do you think your doing?!!!!! This is a POLITICAL BLOG! NOT a place for you to hawk your hard-on pills!

I do NOT take ANY money for advertising on this site, and I am NOT going to start! I will NOT be bought and sold like "Faux News" or any other of the mewling MSM sites fawning at the feet of big business, and I damn sure won't sit idly by while you turn my blog into some kind of free ad space to sell your medication of questionable origins!

In fact I will leave your comments up here just to let people know that I DO NOT give ANYONE permision to sell ANYTHING on this site, and if you see something like this here it should send up a red flag! If this clown, (or clowns), will stoop to stealing advertising space on my blog, then just how safe and reliable can this medication be? Would YOU buy medication from a thief?

I WILL be looking into this matter, and if you think "anonymous" means invisible, then you've got a serious wake up call coming!

You got two choices! Either you can email me a "", and make an acounting of yourself, or I can find you myself. Either way, THIS SHIT STOPS NOW!!!!

To my loyal readers, I apologize for this, and you can rest assured that it is NOT my doing! DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THESE CLOWNS!!! THEY'RE THIEVES!!!

Anonymous said...

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stoney13 said...

Anonymous 6:19,

Alright, fuckstick, I told you once, GET THE FUCK OFF MY COMMENT BOARD!!!


cyclone said...

Go Stoney Go!!!


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