Tuesday, November 07, 2006

See You all Soon

I'm in the middle of tracking the United States Navy, and various other countrie's progress towards The Persian Gulf, as well as deployment of certain military intelligenc operatives to that region. I will be posting about this very soon.

Sorry about the time laps, but this is some extremly complicated shit! I'm VERY gratefull to my Belgian friend who has helped me quite a bit by sending me web addresses that are practically unknown here. I have a basic idea of what ships are involved, and what countries, but I'm waiting for a reply form another friend on exactly what they hope to accomplish. When I hear from this person, you'll be hearing from me!


Wilma Lamb said...

Hey Stoney Glad you're BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK!!!!!! Been seeing little teasers about the Gulf-bound ships, think the USS Eisenhower is one of them. Since yesterday's election maybe Little Adolf will back off. On the other hand maybe he will rush to "mission accomplished" before the new Congress gets in office.Let us know before the nukes start flying

Tom Degan's Daily Rant said...

Hey Stoney!
Yeah, all of these Persian Gulf maneuvers have me quite a bit worried. After this week's election results, would he REALLY be insane enough to invade Iran? Yes, he probably would, the silly bastard. One thing is for certain: he is going to try to ram a whole lot of stuff through the 109th Congress before they're dead and buried. That group won't bat an eye. They'll pass it ALL through just to spite the American people for voting the, out. 1973/74 was nothing. This year is going to be REALLY interesting.
Tom Degan

Tom Degan's Daily Rant said...

By the way, Stoney:
Post a photograph of yourself one of these days. You're almost loke an old friend and we have no idea what you look like!

wilma lamb said...

Dear Stoney I have been sending your rant to everyone one I can think of to let them know of your tracking of the task force in the Gulf.

Dr. Rick Lippin said...

Stoney And Tom are among my favorites! Telling it like it is is soooo rare. Only the poets are truly honest with us. That is where (WCW said) you will find the REAL news!

Stay Well

Dr.Rick Lippin

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