Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Open Letter To President Pork Pie

Dear President Pork Pie,

How DARE you call me "confused", you sanctimonious prick! You lying, hang-jowled clown! How fucking dare you!

How dare you send that fat-faced, lying, ass-wipe Cheney to declare that the inteligence leading up to "Operation Iraqi Liberation", (Didn't know that we know that was the first name for your little misadventure! Did you? We're not as stupid as you were led to believe! Are we?), was "flawed" when the evidence is so painfully clear, that you were told MONTHS in advance it was all a snow job! How dare you treat the American People with such disdain!

Just how fucking stupid do you think we are? Do you think we can still be scared by empty threats! Are you so deluded as to think any thing you say has the slightest shred of credibility left? Have you slipped into the wild fantasy that we cannot see the truth? That your derisive sneers, and hollow pronouncements, will not be taken at face value, and seen for the desperate grasping of a despot discovered as such?

How dare you stand at the edge of that yawning pit in Manhattan, where the remains of thousands of American Citizens, and hundreds of NYPD and NYFD personel were reduced to dust and burned opon a pire, along with our inocence as a country, and say that I do not feel the sting! That I do not grieve! That I , because I treasure the civil rights that I as an American sailor, and an American Citzen have fought for, all my life, uphold, and will die for, am some how less an American for doing so! I will not surrender them to the likes of you! I will NOT stand idly by while you and your neocon masters grind under your jackboots, that which brave Americans willingly gave their lives, and their limbs to defend! That because I stand to fight you with my vote, my vehemence, and my vigor all that you are, and stand for, that I'm less patriotic than The Sheople, who bleat fawning at your feet, to have their rights slaughtered! How dare you stand at a sixteen acre hole in the ground full of your empty promises and accuse ME!!! HOW FUCKING DARE YOU!!!!!

How fucking dare you trot out that insignifigant weasel Rumsfeld to name me as an "apeaser" when I say that Iraq was a mistake! When I say you failed in your mission in Afganistan because you went off chasing oil in Iraq! When I say you sent thousands of our young men and women into a sandy hell, ill equiped, under trained, and unarmored! How dare you declare me as "unpatriotic" when I object to your blind squandering of our nation's future on a pipedream in the clouds! How dare you send that simpering chicken-hawk out to label me as someone who "Just doesn't get it", because I take issue with the destruction of America's honor and integrity abroad, so your buddies in the oil cabal can rack up the profits, on the blood and bones of brave American soldiers! You crack-brained ass-wipe, I get it all too fucking well! I've heard such statements before! Spoken by men with names like Gobel, and Hitler to masses of fawning facists! I have seen what you are, sir! I've seen what you are trying to turn this country into, and you will do so over my dead body!!!!

Send your goons after me!!! Send your Haliburton Heavies! Send you Blackwater Blackguards! Send your toy soldiers! You will find that I'm not to be denied! Lock me in Gitmo! My soul will not be caged, and my voice will not be silenced! Bring on the waterboard! You lying sack of shit, HOW DARE YOU SAY "WE DO NOT TORTURE"!!!

Do your worst, I will not be broken! Kill me, burn me, and throw my ashes in the ocean, and my spirit will curse you from the nether world! I fear only what I do not understand, and I understand you all too well! You have no hold on me! You have no threat to use against me!

I am the angry truth that eats at your illusions! I am the horrible voice of dissent that cannot be silenced! I am the rage of the forgotten victims, killed by your madness! I am the wails of the orphans and weeping parents who grieve for those fed into the machine of your making for the glory of Halliburton, and the profits of Exon-Mobil! I am the voice you can not silence! I am the itch you can not scratch! I am all that you fear, and all that you hate! I am the Clear Eyes that see all the way to the depth of your squirming, twisted soul! And I know the fear that hides there! I AM YOUR WORSE FUCKING NIGHTMARE!!!!!!

I cannot be appeased!

I cannot be overcome!

I cannot be conquered!

And when all is said, and done, all that will be left, is you, and me!


Anonymous said...

Whoa!!My friend you have voice that i wish i had,do you mind if i print your message and post it around the village? It is crisp and clean and i really do not see how people with half a brain could not get the message,will wait for your approval for this which should be presented to the few that just might start to think about what the fuck is really going on. i await
my friend ,

stoney13 said...

Montanna Freeman,

Brother, you can print anything off this Blog you want! That goes for anybody else out there, too! All I ask is that I be given the credit for writing it, because, well, I wrote it!

murph said...

Whew!! What a post. While Bush and crew are the most visible, keep in mind they are puppets of people and families of imense wealth and influence, far above what the puppets can muster.

I've said before and say again, man you sure can express outrage. Love it.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Stoney!!! A masterpiece, you have outdone yourself this time and it was worth the wait. Sorry you were delayed by your ISP, I understand your frustration with dial up I had it for about a week when my XP had a virus and was getting a dsl port on my 98. I've seen paint dry faster, glad you are back, give 'em hell. Levin did a pretty good job today

Wilma Lamb said...

Sent your latest to a friend in Oregon, he has never commented on anything you have written before so will clue him in. Congratulations!!! A masterpiece, You have really outdone yourself this time Give 'em hell or as Harry said tell the truth and they will think it is hell

jeffrey7 said...

Over the top?!?!?? Not even! I don't think you went far enough.We have to get all the sanctimonious asses and set the People Free. They took it on 9/11 fooling us into thinking we needed security. Bullshit!! Live your Freedom! Live you Liberty!! There's no way they can take it from you if you LIVE IT. That's where it is. Not in guns,bombs,WMD's or George Bush's Ass.
It's in ALL OUR HANDS, we need to just grasp it. Peace,

freeacre said...

Right on, Stoney!
It's inspiring to hear someone express strength and rebellion so eloquently. I'm so sick of these limp wristed mealy mouthed dipshits and their yammering and wining - especially around 9/11. Makes us look like pathetic crybabies to people who are being bombed into oblivion in the Mideast, especially. Can you imagine Barbara Walters in Iraq? "How did it FEEL to have your daughter raped in front of you, Mrs. ..." Why, she'd be beaten within an inch of her life.
All these hushed tones, muted feelings,measured responses, shrunken gonads. I think the government would love it if we were all neutered.
Well, Stoney, nobody's going to be saying that you've been spiking your punch with saltpeter, that's for certain. lol
Give 'em hell.

stoney13 said...


I saw one of those "Barbara Walters" wannabees one day on the Channel 13 News that is broadcst from Ashville North Carolina to the surounding comunities. She stuck a microphone in the face of a six-year-old girls face who's family had just lost their five-generation house to a tragic fire.

"How does it feel to lose your home?" this made-up talking head cackled

The child's response was probably one of the most profound things that I have ever hear from a human being in all my life!

"We didn't lose our home." stated the child with an air of infinite patience, "We just don't have any place to put it!"

Of all the long-winded speaches that I've heard uttered in my 49 years on this planet; Of all the tripe and muck I've heard leveled at men and women, living and dead. I have never heard anything that remotely comes close to the depth of meaning in that child's two simple sentences!

stoney13 said...


Those that pull the strings can't hide for long! Curtains have a strange way of failing right when they're neede the most!

stoney13 said...


We could use Hary Truman right now! As long as we keep the piano hidden!

stoney13 said...

Jeffrery 7,

Good to here from you! Yes we do have it all in our hands! The problem is the powers that be will ramp up the fear untill The Sheople give it all away!

We the People must close our hands with an iron grip and deny them the chance! We must show the liars for what they are, and lay their lies bare!

We will win this one in the end! They will not overcome us! This country is no stranger to this kind of shit, and even though we will lose a battle or two, and I don't doubt that the economic system of this country will collapse, we will win the war in the end!

Wilma Lamb said...

Stoney: I thought Michigan Carl Levin did a very good Je Accuse yesterday; while lacking HST,s fire he told the truth and didn't stutter once. As a native Missourian I liked Harry's Missouri Waltz, beats a lying fake Texan all to hell.

stoney13 said...

"Poor George!" said Texas Governor Ann Richards, "he can't help it! He was born with a silver foot in his mouth!"

Rest in peace Mrs. Richards! What a better place this country would be if Texas had only listened to you!

landsker said...

Nice to see you writing , inspirational words, and well chosen ones they are.
America does not belong to the imbecelic bushes, the sociopathic cheneys and the murdering kissingers, its` people are not blinded by the plans and lies of rumsfeld and his head up the ass pro-war pnac hoodlums.
How does it go... "This land is your land, this land is my land..."

Anonymous said...

From Belgium,

Everything the Murphs said. This is the real stuff that needs to be aired.

I was going to send these links to you before I learned you had wind up internet. Between them they are three and a half hours of video and reveal the real people who have their hands up the glove puppets arse. I really do hope you are able to see them.





Anonymous said...

wind up internet?
Shrunken gonads?Freeacre?
Man this place is getting better by the second, whats gotten into you people ?? don't you know we could all be captured and put on some island and left to out own devices?
I have a divers teachers license, i know Stoney could bare hand an abalone, if you could just get him out of the bar, huh Murph?
Steamed lobsters and clams are fairly good eatins, and coconuts are most excellent, but listen up,don't sleep under one of thoes trees because they drop off at night,good advice huh?
Stoney go gittum!!we got your back if we have to travel a million miles to make it happen!!
in peace to you and your family ,we love you man to the bone,make it happen!!!
montana freeman

Anonymous said...

man i hope everyone realizes that the last comment was a stone joke,some times when the conditions are just left, someone cracks a smile and off we go, i had an iguana for a companion for a while and it rode on my shoulder down in mexico,this four green legs was a friend of ours for sure,
man the rain is so awsome and the forest fires are going out ,i hope, at least the air is sweet,

cyclone said...


Wonderful. You just spoke for so many of us. I'm sorry that it took me so long to comment, but life has gotten in the way lately. Things have smoothed out, and I'm soon to re-join the Raging society. Peace, brother, great post.


stoney13 said...

Montann Freeman,

Don't sweat it man! We know it was a joke! I always pried those abolones off with my trusty US Navy issue combat knife! A lot easier that way, and you don't bust the shell!

Take a forked stick, and set them easy on the coals and let em cook, just 'till you see them start steaming, then sprinkle a little sea salt on 'em and MUNCH!!! Clams the same way!, except the clams just pop open when they're done! Coconuts are great, if you know the trick to shuckin' 'em and getting them open! (Fortunately I do!)

Better watch your iquana friend! You know they taste like chicken! Then again, damned near every thing taste like chicken! Rat ain't bad with a little curry on it! Shit! I'm gettin' hungry!

stoney13 said...


Thanks for the comment, man! I know about life caving in on you! Been there, Done that!

Don't sweat the time frame! This is Saluda! We don't get all freaked out over stuff like they do in Ashville, producing certain baseball coaches!

I kinda went snakeshit on Bush, but the son of a bitch deserves it! I'll KEEP goin' snakeshit on his ass untill he starts acting like he's got some fucking sense! (Looks like I'll be going snakeshit for a while!)

Anonymous said...

Sounds alot like the sleepy little place where this one resides,easy to lose a day or two, i can look at the calendar but what the fuck good does that do with no reference point,?
You know this talk of food really got me to thinking about the coming funfest of the human race,we take eating for granted and maybe folks do not realize what would happen if the trucks quit coming,and they will quit coming at some point probably,i have been planing and putting together information about the construction of various types of greenhouses and how to heat and cool them without energy from the system,got a great catalog from [www.GrowersSupply.com] ,they have some really good ideas that i intend to pirate and maybe start a business of building them if i can gather enough enthusiasm from the inhabitants of this sleepy ass town,because when the food runs out ....? look out.
This valley is full of black angus cattle and i can just see the people from the cities fleeing into the country looking for something to munch on.
Another bit of strange information, the highway leading from Washington through here on into Kalispell has so many cars from that state on it that you would think that you were in that state!!!
People of wealth are moving into Montana like crazy, like the bomb had dropped there or something and its increaseing really fast.
People from there that read this blog site might be able to shed some light on this anomali.So far only a couple have ended up here but i can see the writing on the wall.
Somehow zero growth must happen, right?
Thanks to Murph,Freeacre and Blgium for the really good info on so many necessary topics.

Wilma Lamb said...

I am so relieved that my right to vote has been saved by the House passage of the bill to require photo id to vote which will save us from illegal immigrants corrupting our voting rights. Here in our Kansas town of less than 2000 people I was worried I wouldn't get to vote because of all the illegal immigrants crowding in ahead of me but I was lucky and got in the voting booth just before last call so this November Humboldt is saved for Democracy.

Anonymous said...

Wilma Lamb,
Thank you for bringing something that is so close to out hearts to attention,the many problems that are assosiated with this world as we live it each and every day require a little something more then the so called teachers that were supposed to help us reach our most best gift given to us by the spirit. nstead,most i think derived great pleasure in sacrificing us to their own partictular brand of maddness and egotistical brain death.
You Wilma [of which i have a younger sister named Wilma Mae] seem to be facing a really tough choice in your young life to choose between your rights guaranted by the puppet masters and the love that you feel for your fellow brothers and sisters
we all go through this and its anything but easy,but if you follow your heart you will not be disapointed to much i hope,
my brother that sustains this site is one of the most powerfull that i have ever encountered but you know what ?? He can take care of more things that have heart then you could possibly imagine,and i have never met him face to face yet we walk the same red path.This is a person that would take a spear through the heart rather then let a child die in his presence.
i don't know what this all means to you but you are welcome to walk the red path and find us along the way, we will not hide.
The tribal ways of which this entire country consisted of were more less peacefull and agent orange and depleated uranium were just some of the stuff that we brillant humans have come up with to show how big the dicks are in this country,we will fuck the world.. and were not mentioned two hundred years ago very often.that is.
So its good that everyone gets to hold the talking stick that information that might save the tribe from who know,will be made available,
thank you Wilma for voicing your voice in this most excellent of places amoungst folks that love you.

Tom Degan's Daily Rant said...

Good one, Stoney!
How dare that contemptable, lying sack of shit, indeed! One thing is for certain: Bush and so many of these bitches and bastards will end up doing serious prison time. Why do you thing he's trying to change the law with respect to the Geneva Conventions? As if he could change the meaning of an international treaty!This whole thing just keeps getting weirder and weirder!
Tom Degan

Anonymous said...

Hope your leg is ok, my mother had so many hurts stumbling over her goddam cat, i hated that cat, her arms were so bruised and still she would not let me throw the son of a bitch on the barbeque,whats a motherfucker to do i ask you?
The women in the western band [my greatgrandma] were the rulers of the roast and the guys would mount up and get the fuck out of dodge,!!
Its no secrete,men get in the way because when they are not on the hunt the big y gets the attention and production goes down and birthrate goes UP

Stoney want to exchange back grounds ?i have till 1895 on paper and the rest in whats left of he lsd cells that took the place of reality,
got some rich memories of family and how we took care of each other and god help thoes that fucked with a family member and the christians called US heathens, what a laugh.........everyone on this sit knows i will burn every bible and every american flag that i come across ./.
/peace '

Wilma Lamb said...

Hey Stoney, lets hear a rant. get a hammock and suspend your monitor above it and RANF|T!!!

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