Saturday, September 09, 2006

TDS Internet Service and Other Nightmares!

Here on the outskits of the sleepy little town of Saluda North Carolina, I have MANY little mindfucks to make my life interesting (no cable TV, dry county, five miles to the nearest rolling papers)! First and foremost is my ISP, TDS! I (and many others) have been trying to get DSL in Saluda and its outskirts for the last seven years! Back in June a big full-color posting popped up in every email box in Saluda! Let there be rejoicing! There was to be DSL in Saluda! Salivating with delight, I was the first to put in my order, and danced with glee! Ah but such was not to be!

It seems that while DSL was available in the town of Saluda, I lived on the outskirts! A mere 1.5 miles from town! I was on a "remote" line, and as such could not get DSL! Ah well! Shit happens!

Since Saluda got DSL, however, my dial up service has been slow to nonexistant, and has been going downhill ever since! I have TRIED to post on this blog SIX TIMES, only to find that the ISP had disconected while I was typing and the whole post had disapeared into the nether regions!

I have some good stuff that I WILL be posting next week as soon as TDS gets finished fixing this problem! For the last two months I've repeatedly called my local TDS office (Which is some 50 miles away!) Only to get a voice mail with a full box! I actually had to get nasty and report them to my state utility board to get anything done! I can post short stuff like a comment or such, but the long posts which President Pork Pie and crew deserve is denied me! I WILL NOT pull punches on this blog! I WILL NOT be constrained by time or anything else to say what I beleive needs to be said! I haven't lost the will, I haven't had the means! So watch for some serious shit very soon!


Anonymous said...

From Belgium,

The law has never really bothered Georgy Porgy Pudding and Pie. In fact he once said that it is the Legislature’s job to write the law and the Executive Branches job to interpret it. So, in keeping with this and very (very) obliquely in connection with your ‘electronics’ problem let me tell you, if you don’t know it already, about the French Government and VHS recorders. When these were very new, it was agreed by the EU that each country could test each model to be assured that it complied with each member countries electrical standards. The French, taking umbrage at this technological and economic invasion by the yellow peril (not that they had anything to put in its place), decided to abide by the letter of the law and instead of testing each model type as was intended, they were going to test every single machine that entered France. For this garganturian task they employed the total resources of one man. Not only that, he had a very small workshop in the middle of a forest. The point of this story is that it is the little mans job to elect these officials into high office and the officials’ job to fuck over the people they represent. So, Stoney, nothing has changed, the system is still working as it was always intended.

Anonymous said...

Its ok stoney.....Your friends are patient....when you can write it we will read it...

Anonymous said...

Yea Stoney!!!
Right on brother,i check out your blog site from time to time and wandered why you didn't have more stuff on it, really glad its up and running,and you will probably get tired of all of us clouging up your page,hehe,
i was aware that the signal was something of a nuisance the futher out of town you lived, but never bothered to find out why, but i thought they had fixed that for some reason or another humm,
There's a heated campaign going on in this county for sheriff, the incumbent is a crusty old democrat older then god and a church going freak that has police in the schools indoctrinating [scaring] the children about the evils of marijuana and showing them pictures and samples of various illegal substances encluding every thing else in the drug market place,which is a good thing maybe because some of them still being curious, imagine that, will know just how to go about finding thoes nasty substances and trying them out,but worse then that, they try to turn the kids into informers, against their parents, friends, realatives,and whomever else with promise of rewards,[money]and tell the kids that whomever they turn in will be given special treatment to make them well,!!!! and will wish no longer to use thoes awful mind altering drugs and other bullshit,
The school kids are divided into several catagories which include the jocks, the rednecks, the stoners[of which my son and his many friends are in that group]and the kiss asses that just want that kind of attention from the brain dead overpaid adults that are actually babysitters,so where was i going with this,hummm more coffee, o yea, the election, the new guy that wants the job is a republigan, and is supported by a majority of the folks that i have talked with, in his challange is to get rid of the get tough on drugs policy and a lot of other antiquated ,ridiculous crap,
i told the supporters that i would bother to vote for the guy if he smoked pot and i get a little wink wink,and a smile , well thats good enough for this old indian, so i vote,'got to start someplace!
o yeh,the underground movement here is really picking up steam and i think i have the kids playing with the idea of stageing a walkout and getting up a list of demands that would make it an enjoyable experience to attend that mind numbing fucked up place everyday, we will see, maybe after the elections,so the pot is simmering,so to speak,
well fuck i think i've used up enough ink for one morning,
again congrats on the dsl, and hope the establishment doesn't castrate your internet connection,
peace and love to you and your family.
montana freeman

Anonymous said...

From Belgium

If I was the pusher for the Stoners I would shop the pushers for the Jocks and the Rednecks, claim the prize and then make everybody come to me for their supply. One the other hand the teachers could solve the overpopulation problem by handing out hits of Smack instead of silver stars. Just a thought.

Love and peace.

Anonymous said...

goddam belgium, you continually amaze me at the hidden stuff in your comments,very excellent, and by the way one of our own is being raided tonight by the thought police but reinforcements are own there way as we speak so all is well, goddam i love this shit, i am really in a confrontational mood, fuck thoes cocksuckers and their shitty uniforms, we will prevail,never fear!!we are growing really fast.
hop a jet and join us, we could really use some brains on this trip.
peace good brother from across the sea, we love you man,

stoney13 said...

Montanna Freeman,

If you're in a confrontational mood, you'll REALLY LOVE my next post! I've already got it on the blog, but blogspot just hasn't got it on here yet!

Peace, and good hunting!

Tom Degan's Daily Rant said...

Ah! Well THAT explains why it's taken you two months to post anything! Welcome home!
PS - Let me know whem the DVDs arrive and what you think.

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