Thursday, July 06, 2006

President Pork Pie's Birthday

Well!! Today is President Pork Pie's birthday! I should be overjoyed! Guess what? I'm not!

The very fact that we have this gibbering idiot in the White House should scare the shit out of one and all! I'm sure all the pubdits on Faux News will be falling over themselves to be the first ones to blow sunshine up his ass. Bill O'Rielly will probably want to blow something else up his ass! I believe I've talked enough about George Bush's ass!


brunettewriter said...

haha. george bush sucks ASS. just browsing random blogs and thought i'd say hello.

Anonymous said...

Go Stoney.....

murph said...

I guess I don't pay attention enough to such things. Maybe Rove will want another national holiday to celebrate this momentous occasion. May have to wait for that till he is officially coronated.

stoney13 said...


I'll crown the son of a bitch! Just let me get my hands on a baseball bat, and I'll crown him good!!!!

cyclone said...

Good call Stoney!


Tom Degan's Daily Rant said...

Happy Birthday to George
The elections, you forge
You maniacal half-wit
Happpy Bithday to you!

Tom Degan

Anonymous said...

hey stoney,
man is there any way the people of this country are ever going to wake up to the fact that they are going to get flushed? what do i mean get flushed, they are flushed and don't fucking realize it, i mean from the very first breath they take till the grave! i don't know how some of us have somehow been able to pierce the veil of ignorance to the point that we can at least see some of the bullshit that the neo cons issue,and on the subject, where do these people come from anyway?no one could be that way naturally , they really are pod people huh?`
haven't visited for a while , love your post man.
montana freeman

Friend of Saddam. said...

Ah yes, by the grace of the blog, all praise to the internet;

some Haiku-

i met george w bush
at a satanic mixer
he blows me in Hell

Carlyle was my friend
until like Noriega
my world was downsized

I had the bush twins
not an entertaining ride
camels are much better

I hope that didn`t cause offense, or even build a wall...

A little poem now...

"Pussy Boy George"

little georgie bush is my pussy boy
yes, we knew they would win the battle
just as we will win the war.

you cannot win a war waged by a pussy boy;
a pussy boy who was afraid to go to war
a pussy boy who hid and did drugs while others died
a pussy boy who was a cheerleader in college
he has no respect
he is a wooden Indian
he cannot hold Bill Clintons cigars

he is a tin horn dictator
I am a real dictator
I will see little georgie bush again
I will see him without his armies
without his money
I will see him in Hell and then
I will fuck him and I will pass him around

Hell will not be pretty for georgie bush
Hell is for hard men like me.

stoney13 said...

Friend of Saddam,

DAMN!!! And I thought I was hardcore!!!!

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