Sunday, June 11, 2006

Asinine Asswipes, And Others Such As Ann Coulter

Ms. Ann Coulter recently released a book whose tittle I will not name here! To name the tittle of this book would give it merrit! It does not deserve merrit! I shall give it none here!

In this book Ms. Coulter shrieks in a banshee wail, all sorts of horrible accusations, concerning those American sisters who had their husbands ripped from the loving embraces of their famillies in an act that this country has yet to explain or even fully investigate! To call these attacks "ugly "would be like reffering to a warthog as "mildly unattractive"! These wild accusations are pattently false and can be seen to be so by any human being with an ounce of grey matter! To repeat them here would give them voice. They deserve no voice! I shall give them none here!

This book also contains suggestions that these widows are actually enjoying their husbands deaths, and were named "harpies" by Ms. Coulter! To discuss these suggestions would give them consideration! They deserve no consideration! I shall give them none here!

In fact, I will say no more about Ms. Coulter's book, except to say that those of us that have heard this vile misrepresentation of Womanhood spew her bile on all and sundry know what to expect from her! In this book, they will not be disapointed!

Instead I shall leave you with this parting comment which comes from an orrator and author of incredible, vision, courage and purpose! A man who achieved more relavance in a single half-hour speach, than Ms. Coulter is likely to have in her entire life! A man who any fool such as I who would write and speak to the public, should hold in warm reverence, and worshipful awe: Dr. Martin Luther King!

I quote from Dr. King's most excelent sermon from 1963 entittiled "Strength to Love":

"There is nothing more dangerous in the world than sincere ignorance and concientious stupidity"


David said...


You have now said what i have not been able too i am applawed at your amazing opinion thank you

stoney13 said...


You're welcome! Come back anytime!

freeacre said...

Here's a website that you will enjoy:
Betty Bowers, who calls herself America's Best Christian, chews up Ann Coulter and spits her out as only one woman can do to another - hilarious! Ann Coulter is a foaming at the mouth scum queen and the epitome of all that is sick in the republican camp.

david said...


I have read your astounding opinion about george bush i could not have said it better myself. you deserve credit for that.


Tom Degan said...

Hey Stoney!
I like you're blog, man! IT'S MAGIC!!!!!!
A little later on in the day, I'm gonna read the whole dang thing!
All the best,
Tom Degan

Tom Degan said...

Hey Stoney!
I like you're blog, man! IT'S MAGIC!!!!!!
A little later on in the day, I'm gonna read the whole dang thing!
All the best,
Tom Degan

stoney13 said...


I loved it! Everybody should check out this lady's work! Outstanding is all I can say!! Thanks for bringing it here and posting it!

stoney13 said...

Tom Degan,

Thanks a lot! I've been reading your stuff on Alternet for quite a while now and I love your new blog "". Another blog I always check into every day is from fellow Alternet alumnus Cyclone at "http:cyclone696,"

Alternet can ban me, BUT THEY CAN"T SHUT ME UP!!!!!

David said...

heres is my blog everyone

Visit My Blog

Anonymous said...

went to betty bowers ,what a crack up,where do these people come from?they seem to be distractions like everything else in the media just to put ones attention on things that don't mean a goddam thing in the scheme of what needs to be addressed,
are there none in the government that would seek the sacred council fire? and maybe get a true glimpse of the meaning of spirit and the purpose of life? cricket and wise owl should travel east and whisper into the ears that live there. but i'm afraid they might be damaged in that quest.happy fathers day stoney.
montana freeman

Anonymous said...

o yea, its good that tom degan found your blog, have loved his comments on alternet for some time as well as yours also, i wonder why your message there was too powerfull for the small minded controllers of the site?hehe
montana freeman

ps they kicked me off too!!

Anonymous said...

guess they don't like wild indians, by the way what band are you from?

stoney13 said...

Montanna Freeman,

Cricket and Owl have visited those than can hear their voices, but the sad fact is that they are all too few and far between. Those that think that Nature is something to be conquered canot hear the spirits' voices. Nor would they listen to them if they could. Mankind cannot subdue Nature, because to do so would mean subduing himself.

Those such as you and I who have the power to see with Clear Eyes, know that Mankind is simply one species floating on a ball of rock, circling a small yellow star among billions of stars in a small galaxie among other untold galaxies, in one universe among many! Nature controls them all! For man in his arogance to think that he has the power to bend Nature to his will is a farce and a fallacy! If he overcomes nature, on this tiny planet, he will destroy himself! And in all The Great Cosmos, nobody will know or even care!

Alternet has webmasters who decide who will be heard or not. These people have strange delusions of Godhood, and like those with this affliction, the find the truth to be inconvenient when it doesn't support their view! Therfore they remove the ones who speak a little too close to the truth! They can do what they will. It doesn't affect me unless I let it! The only reason I mentioned it is I don't want pople to think I was defeated by the Right-wing Whackos that troll uncontested there now! I didn't leave Alternet, Alternet left me!

Wild Indians? No I guess they don't!! Wild Indians still scare them because we don't need the Corporate Nanny to survive! We as a people know the truth of the Life Web. We exist happily within it and we make no opologies for doing so! We have learned from an ancient wisdom, and keep it close to our Heart of Hearts. Our Clear Eyes see past The Coyote's tricks! We are not fooled by The Crow's shiney trinkets! We know that all will return to that from which it came, and Mankind for all his ignorance and arrogance can do nothing to change it!

aho! Live long, and be happy,

I'm one of Tsali's Clan from the Eastern Band of The Cherokee Nation.

murph said...


|Great comments on the book man. That lady is so much pond scum when it gets down to the basics. I have caught her a couple of times on the tube and can't believe what I am hearing out of her mouth.

That Betty Bowers is a hoot. Her sarcasm is some of the best I've seen for quite a while now.

Anonymous said...

You all mention Ann Coulter's book as being horrible. But have any of you bothered to pick it up and read it? Or are you just going to listen to those scumbags lefties tell you what the book is about, and they haven't read it either.

I read it, and she makes a solid, clear point throughout the book. It is all backed up by facts. The liberal media is attacking her over small little details about the book, yet they skip the point. Liberalism is a religion in and of itself. You may not like her, but if you read her book, you will understand what she is saying.

People seem to think that the book is dedicated to attacking these few women who become political know-it-alls because their husbands died in the worst terrorist attack of all time. Guess what, she only talks about them for a few pages, she spends more space talking about IQ then these "harpies."

stoney13 said...


Yes, Great Spirit help me, I did read the acursed thing! The fact that you support this she-devil and her cruel missive of hate and bile leads me to believe that you didn't!

Oh by the way! Which "scumbag lefies" are you talking about? Joe Scarborough, or Chris Matthews? Neither of these gentlemen are "Lefties"! Joe Scarborough was even a Republican Legislator! But I'm sure you won't see my point even if In were to tell you that great chunks of that book have been proven to be plagerized, and many others have been proven patently false!

If I were you I'ld quit gettig my news from Fox! I mean shit! Ol' Slick Willie just went in for good old fashioned American oral sex, and look where it got him! Bill O'Reilly wants to get his freak on with falafals! That's just KINKY! Funny how the Right Wing thinks, isn't it! Talki about "Straining at a gnat, and swallowing a camel"!

cyclone said...

anonymous 5:14,

Yes, I did read the book, every disgusting word of it. Though I must admit I didn't pay for the book. I refuse to put one dime into the pocket of a hate-mongering moron. With my being one of the "scumbags lefties" that you refer to, I find it necessary to read and see what the scumbag right wing neocon assholes are saying.

1)Ann Coulter has never in her life made a "solid, clear point" throughout this book, or any other book of trash that she has written, nor during any speaking engagement or TV interviews that are "backed up by facts" in her entire life. The only "fact" that Coulter quotes ad nauseum is "Clinton lied under oath." She probably says that in her sleep, as she can't seem to get past that particular point in history.

2) The "liberal media" does not exist except in the mind of mental midgets like yourself; those who have purchased lock, stock and barrel the right wing talking points. The media is owned by about 5 people/corporations in the US, and they damn sure aren't liberal. If they were, they would be paying taxes!

3) "Only a few pages" of shredding ladies who lost loved ones during 9/11 is "only a few pages" too many. It is obscene, as is Coulter herself.

4) Ann Coulter talking about IQ is like George Boosh talking about how great the Iraq war is going, how great the economy is, etc. Neither are qualified to discuss their particular topic of choice. I'd pay money to have Coulter and Boosh each take an IQ test. If Boosh topped 85, I'd give you $100, and if Coulter reached triple digits, I'd give you my house. She is known as an "intellectual" because she got a few neocon buddies to say that she is. In reality, the only reason she has a forum at all is that she is willing to say whatever the extreme right ask her to, (as long as she can throw in "Clinton lied under oath") and is reasonably attractive, in a vain sort of way. In essence, she is a joke.

Come back and get shredded anytime you like, but why not put an identifier on yourself rather than post anonymously? That seems a bit cowardly.

Sorry, Stoney, I couldn't help myself.


PANTHER said...

and someone told me it was a good book...I guess not??

landsker said...

Ann Coulter and Condi Rice are proof that black and white people can share the same beliefs.
Allthough I suspet that Coulter probably wouldn`t like to think that a black person could be her equal.

stoney13 said...


Ann Coulter is proof positive that if you stack shit high enough, and leave it in the sun long enough, it will turn white and walk away!

Condoi Rice is proof positive that no matter the color of the package it came in, assholes are all the same!

Anonymous said...

Gee Stoney, sorry you are such an idiot. Is it painful?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Why can't you spell simple words correctly?

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