Tuesday, January 17, 2006

King George the Dim!!!

Alright folks! I promised something really scary and I will deliver! This is scarier than "President Dan Quale"!

It seems The Comander and Thief signed brand new executive orders that gives him SOLE authority to declare martial law, suspend the Posse Comitatus Act, and suspend habeas corpus! Yep! That's right! George Bush has finally made his grand grab for dictatorial power!

In fact, he actually discussed imposing martial law in the streets of the United States after the 9/11 attacks by the activation of the "national security initiatives" put in place by "Ronnie Ray Gun" back in the '80s

These "national security initiatives" were hatched by Oliver North, and charged FEMA with the administration of executive orders which would allow the suspension of the Coinstitution, establishment of internment camps, implimenting martial law, and turning over the government of The United States over to the President!

How did this sad state of affairs happen? Good question! Let's find some answers; Shall we?

It seems this all started with former FEMA director Louis Guiffrida, who had a great fear of a "national uprising of black millitants"! He came up with a plan to put 21 million African Americans in "relocation camps" He then passed the plan of to John Brinkerhoff who developed the martial law implementation plan following the guide Guiffrida drew up. Ronnie Ray Gun looked it over and liked what he saw. He signed off on it and the initiatives were put into place and forgotten about untill King George the Dim took office.

Enter the Neocons! It seems Brinkerhoff moved on to the infamous Anser Institute for Homeland Security, and following the 9/11 attacks, provided arguments for implimenting "national scurity initiatives" which would allow the implimentation of martial law and the suspension of the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878.

Bush used parts of this plan to send US troops into the streets of New Orleans after Katrina as well as allowing FEMA to hire the mersenary Blackwater USA firm to "enforce security"

The Department of Homeland Security has established the "Northern Command for National Deffence. Which is and incredibly wide ranging program that includes not only FEMA, but the Pentagon, the FBI, and the National Security Agency. Executive orders have already been signed by Bush allowing the Northern Command to send troops into American streets, Sieze controll of radio, and television stations and networks and impose martial law in times of "national emergency"!

Make a guess who has SOLE authority to declare what is and is not a "national emergency"? Yep! You nailed it! George W. himself! Oh and you can forget about such petty annoyances as Congresional oversight! He doesn't have to consult of seek the approval of Congress for permision to completly take over the Government of the United States, and assume absolute power!

I've been trying to get a comfirmation from any government agencies about this but all I get is "We can neither confirm or deny" bullshit. Nobody seems to want to talk about it!


cyclone said...


You are right, the time has come. This madman has crossed every line there is to cross. Now, what to do?


stoney13 said...


I wish to fuck I knew! Hope for the best and expect the worse! That's all I know!

The hope part of it gets harder and harder every day! Get armed and get ready! They won't be hauling me off without a fight! They may take me down, but they won't take me easy!

thedrummer said...


I read your blog regularly and I've only now made a blogger account so that I can post comments.

I'd love to find out more information regarding your post – any directions? It sounds like Dumbya knows he's fucked and is making preparations for the last stand.

BTW, I am an Australian with a love for American Rock, Alternative and Metal and a fondness for those who refuse to accept the perpetually spun bullshit coming from a government that would blind-side its own population. A fondness for those who have the nuts to make a stand, like yourself, cyclone and others.

The current state of US politics scares the shit out of me, considering our PM has permanent residency just outside the butthole of GWB.

Also, I was hoping that you'd be able to clarify a few things for me:

1. What is the GOP?
2. Is the RNC just another name for the Republican Party?
3. Were you employed by the military?
4. Did you play drums in a band?

I'd love to hear from you.

Keep raging, Stoney.

rockpicker said...

What do you know about encryption, and how it works, and how secure and all it is? Can NSA pretty much read anything that's encrypted?

stoney13 said...

The Drummer,

GOP stands for "Grand Old Party" it also stands for Greedy Old Pricks" "Grind Over People" "Go On Preacher" Gaggle Of Pundits" Glazed Over Pomposity"...well, You get the picture?

RNC stands for "Republican National Comitee". It also stands for "Red Nosed Cokeheads", "Reams Of Cash" Rich Old Cockbrains" And so on, and so forth.

Yes! US Navy SEALS

Yes again! In fact I've still got my original set of '68 Ludwigs complete with Avedis Zildian Sr. cymbals! I still play once in a while when I feel the neighbors deserve stern punishment!

stoney13 said...


Encryption is a clever ploy to sell software! The government has all the codes and it's hardly worth your money and bitspace.Itm will keep the phishers and hacks out but that's about it! Most IAPs already have some form of encryption to protect against spyware and the such.

I've got just about everything that's available, but none of it will keep out the Government if they really want in!

If Big Brother wants to know he will know! Personaly, I don't fucking care! I'm not running or hiding from GWB! If he wants me, come get me! But don't think I'm going peacfully! I swore to "defend the Constitution of The United States against all enemies foriegn or domestic"! If he thinks the "Washington Post" is standing in the way of his delusions of kingship, Wait 'till he gets a load of me!


stoney13 said...


Stoney13@hotmail.com. Not hard to find!!! Drop me an email!

Blake said...


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