Friday, September 25, 2009

The Horrific Thud of a Crashing Elephant

Yea, yea, I know! It's been a LONG time! But since my last post, but "busy" is hardly a strong enough term to describe what I have been!! I have replaced the floors in my bedroom and bathroom, replaced bad floor joists, re-plumbed the bathroom, rewired the bathroom, rewired the bedroom, rebuilt a bathroom wall, replaced toilet, sink and tub , hung, and stained wall panels in bedroom, painted the bathroom, hung, and made appliance for the hanging of folksy, whimsical, bullshit knickknacks, such as my wife requires in her bathroom! All of this while fighting off the tenth case of Swine Flu in Henderson county, partially sawing my left hand off, and spreading blood, and contagion at the local hospital, which by the size of the bill I got, they seem to think I bought!!

Speaking of health care in this country, I can't seem to escape the Radical Right Wing smear campaign that seems to be echoing out of the Republican Party, who seems to have abandoned all pretense of relevance and pretty much admitted to the country that they are in the business of destroying any sort of health care reform whatsoever, and even several Democrats seem to want to help them do it, including the senator from my home district in North Carolina ,Heath Schuler.

Now I'm aware that Mark Twain, in his book "Puddin' Head Wilson" said that there are three kinds of lies, and they are Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics, and polls are a form of the latter, but in poll after poll, the public option has the support of at least two thirds of The American people, and the Democrats were elected to bring it about! Unfortunatley the insuarance lobby has spent their money well, and in a perfect example of lobbyist money working against the needs, and wishes of the American Public,. the public option is being fought by the very Democrats that were elected to bring it about!

From the right side of the aisle, we hear the same old litany of visionless tripe, lies, and baseless attacks against the President we've all come to expect. Having nothing to offer to The American People, all they seem to be able to do is attack any, and all who do.

Now don't get me wrong. I don't hate the Republican Party. I'm a centrist who enthusiastically supports, and practices my Second Amendment Rights. But right now, I see nothing and I mean NOTHING of any relevance from the Republican Party!

For a perfect example, let's take a look at sudden support of Medicare this week, and ponder how very different it is from their position on Medicare last week! I have a copy of a record album, (Remember record albums? They were played on a thing called a "Phonograph"), that was released by Ronald Reagan saying the same thing about Medicare that the Republican Party is saying about heath care reform right now! The date of the back says 1961! Now the Republicans are going to save it? BULLSHIT!!!!!

I will be going into this subject at some length in a later post, but right now I'm in the middle of researching, so I'll say so long for now, and it won't be for long!


freeacre said...

Damn, Stoney, it seems you have re-built your whole house! You did the livingroom and stuff last year, if memory serves.

Well, now that you've HAD the swine flu, they won't be able to insist that you get the vaccine, will they?

Take it easy for awhile and get healthy. I gotta feeling you're going to need your strength for whatever bullshit is in store for us next.

DaFrog said...

Stoney, you're working too hard. I hope you consumed copious quantities of beer while you were rebuilding you're house. If you were a Republican you'd have just burned the place down, blamed it on Obama and bought a new one with the insurance money.

I used to consider myself a centrist like you. But after the past year I've come to the conclusion that I have to take a more left leaning path. There are too damn many centrists calling themselves Blue Dog Democrats around here and they are playing right into the hands of the GOP (Grand Obstructionist Party). We need to get a public option health care plan in place before the whole country goes under. Without it then this whole Health Care Reform circus we've been witnessing the past few months if for nothing. Political theater, nothing more. The Republicans talk of managed health care and death panels, when that is exactly what we have under the present system. A lot of CEOs getting rich off the suffering and death of the middle class. Damn them all to hell.

But like you I'm a firm believer in our Second Amendment rights. And all the rest of them for that matter. You know, the one's we had curtailed by the last damn administration. It will be a cold day in hell when I surrender my firearms to anyone.

I remember selling papers on the corner when Truman was president. We have been going through this ordeal over health care as long as I can rememer and it is only getting worse. As long as the Health care industry has these politicians on their payroll we will get nowhere. We need to outlaw bribery/lobbying.

When I was a kid there were no Republicans to speak of here in Florida. You were either a Democrat or you didn't vote in the primaries. Then damn yankee carpetbaggers discovered our state and began moving in and retiring here in droves. They began their assault on America down here. They brought their lousy politics in and began "developing" our state. Now we are in a state of ruin and they are trying their best to do the same thing to the rest of this country. They are soul-less, knuckle dragging neanderthals. Ironic that it took a representative from the Bronx, Alan Grayson, to come down here and voice what we all feel in congress.

Enough rambling. I am sure that if you caught the Swine Flu it must have come from exposure to those pigs on the right that run your state. Meanwhile, quit bleeding all over the place and get back to the keyboard. We miss you around here.

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