Thursday, October 30, 2008

Sarah Palin, and Her Adventures in Anti-America Land

I've been trying to write a post on Sarah Palin, but every time I find something, I find something three times worse! But when I found out about "The First Dude" being a member of the Anti-American "Alaska Independence Party", I thought "NAWWW! Must be some kind of joke" Well guess what what! It's not a fucking joke!!!

Oh the incredible GALL of this corn fed bitch with the voice that could be used as an instrument of torture! Oh! I'm sorry ladies! Did I call her a bitch! Allow me to apologize! I shouldn't call her a bitch! TO DO SO IS TO UNFAIRLY SLANDER BITCHES!!!!!

This vile harpy in the High end wardrobe would stand in front of an audience of the hoplessly deluded "Sheople" that make up her base, and call William Aires a terrorist, and "Anti American" for doing what the Radical Right Wing are in favor of doing to abortion clinics, yet you, not only "pal around" with a man, who up until recently was a member of "Alaska Independence Party", you actually married him, and had him father your oddly-named progeny!

An organization founded by one Joe Vogler who was so anti-American, he actually once said "The fires of hell are frozen glaciers compared to my hatred for the American government." He cursed the flag of the country that Ms. Palin would serve as Vice President, promising, "I won't be buried under their damned flag. I'll be buried in Dawson. When Alaska is an independent nation, they can bring my bones home."! DAMN!!! Sounds pretty hard core to me!!!

The intrepid Mr. Vogler was murdered in 1993 by one Manfried West who snuffed the intrepid Mr. Vogler while in the middle of a misguided attempt to transfer ownership of some illegal plastic explosives(!!!!!) The REAL kicker to the demise of this darling of the Radical Right Wing of Alaska, is that his demise occurred a mere matter of weeks before he was to address The United Nations on matters concerning the secession of Alaska from the United States! An address that was sponsored by... (wait for it!)... IRAN!!!!!!!

A mere year from the discovery of Vogler's freshly frozen corpse in a gravel pit in Fairbanks, "The Fist Dude" joined up with the AIP, and so did Governor Palin! Attending the AIP 2000 convention, and giving the keynote speech at their 2006 convention! She even recorded a greeting for this years convention! This is something that didn't happen when she was eight years old but is happening right now! She talks about bombings, yet what exactly was Vogler going to do with those plastic explosives? I'm pretty sure it wasn't for a fourth of July celebration!

So Governor Palin is paling around with these characters, yet she refuses to call abortion clinic bombers "terrorists"! People who kill police officers, are not terrorists? WELL! WHAT THE FUCK ARE THEY THEN!!!!!!

When it comes to "Paling around with terrorists" Ms Palin has much to answer for! And it's time she started getting asked the questions! Here this Volger character is linked to the country of Iran, and trying to score plastic explosives! Granted he's a dead now, but Ms. Palin, and her husband have no qualms about being CURRENTLY active in an organization he founded, and giving support to his followers! Yet Obama is called repeatedly for what Bill Aires did when he was eight years old! I think it's time to start rooting around in Sarah Palin's past!


murph said...


I read this after the election. Palin should be investigated anyway even though she is out of the running for VP. I suspect she has a very shady past in politics.

Probably would be a good thing is Alaska opt out of the U.S of A. anyway. Hell, I'm in favor of the formation of separate country in the west, could start with Russell Means. I figure it's going to come down to a break up of America into several separate autonomous areas anyway in the end.

freeacre said...

Good post. The double standard and distortions of the lunatic fringe is incredible. Regarding the distortions around Bill Ayers, for instance. I knew him a little when he was a member of SDS in Lansing, Michigan. He and Diana Oughton (his girlfriend at the time), Linda Evans,Jeff uh, I forget... any way they were all from the Michigan State Honors College, and had all walked out in protest of the War. They were doing sit ins and educational organizing against the Draft. Their ideological leader was a professor at Mich. State named Jim Mellon. I was so young and dumb at the time that I didn't even know that the Mellon family is like the Rockefellers. Anyway, as I recall, it was Jim Mellon who convinced Bill and the rest later on to form the Weathermen and to go up against property and get more radical. Turns out that Professor Mellon was later strongly suspected of being a CIA provocateur. Diana Oughton got blown up in a supposed "bomb factory" and the Weathermen pretty much disappeared. Funny thing, though, all the Weatherpeople ended up on the FBI's Ten Most Wanted List EXCEPT Jim Mellon. Now you can't even find a reference to him, and he was a leader of the SDS faction to which all those kids belonged. And, they were all kids back then after all. The government's case against them fell apart, they went back to school and he's been an academic ever since.
To hear the Right Wing talk about him, you'd think he was the anti-Christ. I remember him as being smart, but somewhat pussy whipped.
Palin is a shit for brains, spoiled brat beauty queen. Ruthlessly ambitious, she's just right for the Republican morons. She ran for the Vice-Presidency like it was the Miss America Contest. She's a conniving liar, and if that little baby is hers, I'll eat the Murphinator's hat. Good riddance to her and her whole dysfunctional family.

stoney13 said...



*sigh* I posted it on before the election. I posted it WAY before the election! I posted it the weekend before the election! Did it get on the blog before the election? NO! It got lost in the shuffle, and if it hadn't gotten automatically saved, it would have disappeared into the place in cyberspace where lost blog posts and comments go!

Maybe it's the boys from Fort Fuckemall! Maybe it's a glitch! Maybe Sarah Palin and the Alaskan Mafia is lurking around the net devouring who they may!

Maybe I need to put another layer of aluminum foil in my hat!

Alaska leave the US of A? Nope! Washington would never let it happen! Alaska is to Washington DC what a far-off maiden aunt with a bottomless bank account is to a college student!

They love it when the checks come in the mail, just as long as they come by themselves! Who wants Aunt What's-her-name showing up while you're dry-humping an arm-chair with a beer bong on your head!

Sarah Palin is Aunt What's-her-name! She's back where she belongs, and Washington wants to keep her there!

She sends the oil, and Washington sends the pork! Everybody's happy except the rest of us, who are getting the shaft!

Russel Means? I wish him all success! I got your email, and I tried to send you one in return, but Hotmail has turned into something bizarre! They said it was like a "new coat of paint"! It was like a new coat of paint. Unfortunately the last thing you want to put on your "Windows" is a coat of paint!

I figured out how to send YouTube videos on the damned thing, but I cannot access my contacts list at least half of the time!

stoney13 said...


Ah the Mellon's Bank! I know it well! We have them to thank for the Marijuana Stamp Tax Act!

I wouldn't trust any member of that family as far as I could throw their bank building!

Yea, Billy Aires got a raw deal all the way around! Mellon most likely was a CIA provocateur!

The funniest thing about the whole "Domestic terrorist" deal is, HE WAS NEVER FUCKING CONVICTED!!!!! NONE OF THEM WERE EVER FUCKING CONVICTED!!!!! The man was found guilty of exactly NOTHING!!! ZIP, ZERO, NADA, EL SQUATO!

They ought to be thankful he isn't suing them for their shoes, because not ONCE did I hear the word "alleged" come from any mouth connected to the McCain/Palin Campaign! AND THERE IS NO CONVICTION!!!!!!!

The baby isn't The First Dude's, so don't eat Murph's hat! I also have more Native-American blood in my little toe, than this so-called "Eskimo" has in his whole body! I know Eskimos! I served in the Navy with an Eskimo! This skinny shit with his greasy mustache is no Eskimo!

What happened, is when it gets dark for six months out of the year, up there, some beds wind up with people in them that shouldn't be there! I guess it's all good in the dark, so who knows!

All I know is "The Wasilla Hillbillies" are back to their cabin by Bearing Sea, and I pray to Almighty God, that they STAY THERE!

Tom Degan's Daily Rant said...


Can you bnelieve how heart-stoppingly close we came to having this imbecilic woman being a seventy-two-year-old heartbeat away from the presidency???

Tom Degan

DaFrog said...

Good rant!
It is interesting how even now, after the election, Sara Palin is still the media darling. This is of course, strictly for entertainment value. She has no real substance. And that is why the Republicans love her so much. They are into appearance, not substance. Remember they brought us Dan Quayle. All looks and no brains.
Now we find out the mother-in-law to be is a meth dealer. Lovely. What do you want to be they have a crack baby in the governors office soon.
All I can say is thank dog they were defeated. Yet, the dumbass diva of Alaska is now focusing on 2012. Heaven help us. Well, actually that could turn out to be a good thing. It would insure a shoo in for Obama's second term.
And all this talk about "domestic terrorist", I thought the biggest "domestic terrorist" of the last few years was the Bush Administration itself. They destroyed our credibility and made us into global villians.
Lets hope the Neocons continue to steer their party into irrelevance.

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